• Hi TheCaptain,

    I wanted to get your advice on my situation. I have been trying to move out of a lot of negativity and I feel that I am slowly getting there. I have tried to meditate on a daily basis and feel that I might be making some progress. But I'm not sure. I know it is a long process that takes patience. Do you feel that I am on the right track? Are there other things I should be doing?

    Thank you very much for any help!

  • The only thing holding you back is self-doubt. Focus on dealing with the things (or people) that make you doubt your ability to move forward and to grow.

  • Thank you very much for your help : )

  • Hi captain I'm sure how to go about having a reading from you. In have been reading with interest the many issues that people have posted andit has help me and informed me. You have havevery sound and informative infomation. I wonder if you will be able to do a reading for me?

  • Hey Gemair4,

    The best way to get a response from The Captain would be to start a new thread because she might not look back on this one. If you address it to her, I'm sure she'll look at it.

    Good luck! : )

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