Dont want her to be in same boat as me

  • her birthday is 8-22-51 his is 5-9-56 Please give a reading on this . Im hoping she wont be in the same boat as me

  • This is often better for friendship than love. At its best, the relationship is sympathetic, understanding, and intimate. At its worst, it can be suspicious, threatening, and closed off. The strongly sympathetic and understanding attitudes here give the relationshiip an atmosphere of trust. Private matters can be kept that way without threat of revelation. The downside is a heightened sensitivity to betrayals of confidence in any form, so that as trusting as it is, the relationship simultaneously contains a suspicious undertone; for the most part, however, confidences will be regarded as sacred and honoured completely, and these two together will be generally trusted by others. This in turn allows them to persuade, teach, and lead in whatever field suits them.

    Whether or not these two have common interests at the start of the relationship, they will develop areas of sharing, pleasure, and growth in their everyday life. In most respects this is a healthy bond, but certain tendencies will have to be monitored closely and carefully, notably those leading to excessive privatization of feelings and consequent isolation from social interaction. Widening the circle of friendship to include others is essential here, not only to enrich the primary relationship itself but to learn the lesson of sharing in a wider social and universal sense. Any secretiveness could arouse suspicion so these two must try to be more open and build bridges out into the world..

    A love affair, though understanding, may fail to ignite flames of passion or touch deeper layers of emotion. Marriage may not be all that successful either, partly because the Taurus has a need to nurture and the Leo-Virgo cusp person has difficulty doing so. Having children therefore is not recommended, for Leo-Virgos tend to make their own needs paramount and demand preponderant attention.

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