Any News On These People?

  • These people are on my mind today as well as still in my prayers. I wondered if there is any news on hisbablove's John &/or Ahliyah. I know there are many others, but these two are really on my mind today.

  • Hi Ragbag,

    I spoke to Hisbablove a little earlier and also asked about John, we couldn't talk for long but I did ask and she said that there was no change and John had been moved to a nursing home. The doctors think he may stay that way until his body gives out. But I reminded her that miracles DO happen and will continue to pray for him.

    Ahliyah I have an email I have started to her sitting in my drafts box and will finish that this weekend and send to her. I have also been thinking of her. I'm sure she would appreciate some kind words and thoughts from people who care about her.

    Have a great day Ragbag, I've got to get some sleep. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Wenchie. Please let them know they are remembered daily in prayer.

    How are you? Its so good to see you posting again. Hope things are looking up for you. Maybe we will 'bump' into each other soon!

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