A reading please

  • Pisces lady interested in

    Aquarius gentlemen and getting know feed back .Could someone please do a reading.birthdays mine 2-26-53, his 2-10-54

  • You two have a great deal of understanding and appreciation for one another. Because of the extreme sensitivity your relationship involves, you have the potential to overcome tremendous cultural, age, or personality differences. The relationship takes little account of conventional barriers and in many ways gives the impression of making a statement about tolerance or lack of prejudice. Actually, you two are just acting naturally towards each other, without any preconceptions or doctrines in mind. A main focus in this relationship is humour. Laughter, or the lack of it, is an immediate barometer of your prevailing moods.

    A love affair or friendship is often lively, flirtatious, and infectiously funny. The mood here is decidedly unserious and upbeat. Your friend contributes his irrepressible energies and you your vivid emotional expression to what others may view as a zany and idiosyncratic relationship. You two can get really crazy or goofy together and on occasion may even convince other people that you have totally lost it. The more serious or conservative souls can certainly find you offensive, and may come away from encounters with you two feeling insulted. Make sure other people besides yourselves are enjoying themselves, too, and don't monopolise the space. Tone down your act if necessary and don't be too demanding or needy.

    A marriage will be quite unconventional yet this matchup makes the sometimes severe demand that you two function well. You may insist on certain types of food, furniture, workspaces, colours, and a whole host of peculiarities that allow you both to feel comfortable but that often get others in the neighbourhood quite uptight. Learning to compromise just a bit will help tremendously in allowing everyone to get along without constant friction. The main problem is how to get you two to stop once you have gotten really wound up.

    This is a good love relationship with strengths of openness, cheerfulness, and sensitivity. Weaknesses can include demanding attitudes, peculiarity, and obnoxiousness.

  • Thanks captain Your insight has been really helpful. If there are any pisces ladies out there invovled with aquarius gentlemen, would appreciate any feedback you have

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  • Laithano, Thank you for you good wishes. I hope you guys are right. I think if we can get past the initial communication gap we seem to be experiencing., we might stand a chance. Again thanks . I welcome other feedback. It's the first aquarius I've ever been interested in.

  • Captain, I have thought about your last reply. Do you see this man coming back into life and what energies are you picking up surrounding the type of relationship it would be. Thank you in advance. Me.2-26-53, His.2-10-54

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