Please tell me it isnt so

  • I got a reading, and i'm praying that none of the things will come true; moving to a flat,2nd floor with people above/below& next to me, sharing that flat with someone i havent met yet, & to top it off back working in an backstabbing/hidden agenda's admin job.

    These things would be in my top 3 of worst nightmares, being wide open to all peoples energy, giving up my privacy,& being stuck in an office.

    Please can you tell me if every reading comes true or is there something i can do to prevent it.

    Awaiting an solution eagerly, thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Hello dwarf1010:

    Dont worry to much about what your reading was. Everyday we make choices. Tomorrow you might turn left instead of right and change your future. You might be meeting a new man? Or a new friend. We can interpret cards all we want. It totally depends on the persons gift doing the reading. Do not be afraid everyday is a new adventure you may think it will be a nightmare but, on the other hand you dont know that.


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