Thought I'd stick my neck out for the last time - Blmoon do I have spirit guides

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I am fascinated by your posts and have to ask if you know who my Spirit Guides are? I know that you're dealing with a few issues just now so I'm not sure if I will get an answer. I am digging deep and really would like to know. Many thanks for reading this. I think in the next weeks I need to step away from all this, it becomes all consuming.

  • You are right somewhat--like watching the pot boil--seems to take longer when standing there watching it than when you step away and dang if it don't go over in no time! Also watching the pot boil for some is really a preocupation safer than real life. Spirit says you fill your head but then it goes stagnate--doesn't materialize --there is a slowing down of energy and then a cycle of craving and seeking. Very tiresome circle--emptys the vessel low--invites sickness--constant battle with lowness--depression sets in. There is a contradiction in wills--the will to touch--be part of a group yet there is a will to be safe--not be close. Again when forces fight it uses energy. Energy is an important mission for you--how to fill your own cup. You are timmid with your truths--quostion yourself--not sure. You DO soar at times but then the energy issue comes into play and you get low--illness distorts your thinkings--depression sets in again and again you feel not yourself. Spirit says know yourself and feed that self and be energy conceise. Understand your body mind spirit connection. Know when you are losing energy and rest. Practice regulating your invironment to keep you positive. Avoid clutter and any form of stagnation including relationships. A guide steps in--a nurse--older woman--starched hat --wearing all white--urges you constantly on diet issues. She says watch your carbohydrates--blood sugar spikes. You sometimes cause sedation by too much sugar and white flour. Breeds bacteria--frequent infections--puts your imune system in constant battle mode--drains adrenals. Drink lots of water and keep up with minerals and nutrition. Another spirit steps in--native american woman--she pulls you outdoors--hates when you hide in the dark--wants you to go barefoot more--says she knows your environment is difficult right now but you can make paradise out of the smallest patch of earth. Make yourself a serenity corner outside that invites nature--the guides often visit and bring messages when you are most intune with nature. Another spirit jumps in a older man who says laugh kid--he is the one who says he's "joshing" you when something funny happens when you are most alone--he's the jokester or the trickster that comes to the rescue when your aura gets dim. You work him good he laughs! Last spirits--two children--little--boy and girl hand-in-hand beg you to play all the time. When your wheels are turning circles they tug on you--you see flashes but nothibng there--they blow your hair--tickle your ears for attention. They spill things when you get dry--lose your joy. Water brings them around and they say they work hardest at pushing you towards love with childlike open heart.

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  • Blmoon, very interesting message for Intriqued.

    Blessings for being able to convey this message for her.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Blmoon - Many thanks for taking the time and trouble with my message. Wow, that is me! The condraction of wills, the will to touch- be part of a group - but then the will to be safe - not be close!! It is interesting to hear about the Spirits, a Nurse, (I have always been interested by the caring profession, did try it myself once and I was young, a lot of people dying and it frightened me), who talks of my diet. Yes, I can see that I have too much sugar and white flour. I have cut back recently and am eating more soups. I've given up chocolate for lent, but it seems I'm replacing it with sweets and alcohol at the weekends! Funny, yesterday morning I didn't feel good. I noted back that I'd had white toast and marmalade, not a great combination for me. I don't drink enough water! The Native American woman, now this is very interesting, a Native American man used to come through to my Grandma for my Mum! Very intriguing. I love to be outdoors too and yes, my environment is difficult right now. We are surrounded by houses, close to town. I find it claustraphobic and feel like I'm in a goldfish bowl. I do take myself on cycle rides and there's a huge wood a ride away. I go there often and feel refreshed and happy. I fully intend on making a serentity corner, I already had plans to improve the garden with flowers. Lovely to hear that there is an older man who is a jokester, he sounds like my Grandad. He was always pulling at my neck with his walking stick when I was watching tv at his house. I wonder if that is him. I do need to laugh more and not take life too seriously! The last two spirits brought tears to my eyes, the little boy and little girl holding hands. Yes, I need to play more!! Wow, so insighful. Thank you so very much Blmoon, it was very kind of you. I always seem to be searching just now, I don't know how to be still and just be. I keep practising a bit of just stopping my thoughts from racing, trying not to get caught up in drama and being patient with myself and others. Big thanks to you yet again!!

  • Julianna Lovingsilverwings - Many thanks for your message to Blmoon, how lovely that you stopped by to give thanks to Blmoon for me. I hope all is well with you.

  • Blmoon - I felt so comforted and safe since I had your message, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.

  • Your welcome--and be sure to thank the spirits who came forward on your behalf and continue to feel safe knowing you are never alone.

  • Hello Blmoon - I am so impolite! I didn't think to thank them. I shall do so later in the peace of my bedroom. Thank you Blmoon.

  • I have posted a message which I have been compelled to give. THEY WILL NOT LET ME BE.

    Since I am not sure how to copy and post from one site to another, I am rewriting it so you may send it to all you know within your circle. This has been first post on TWINSOUL's forum

    "ANYONE NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVICE". As I was reading the reequests, I got this message.

    Spirit is using me, as from their view, there are some who have forgotten, the messages they receive IS FROM SPIRIT and not them, which is EGO.


    I am sensing there is a trend among a lot of those who are very gifted. Their health and personal lives are being affected. The symtems are very similar, for many of you. From some of

    This is the message:

    May the UNIVERSAL LIGHT shield and protect each of you.

    My question for you is, "Are you rembering to keep yourselves shielded with the LIGHT?

    Are you remembering you are a CHANNEL for the messages which you convey to those whom you are giving these messages?

    If you are remembering, then with the power of the UNIVERSAL LIGHT, may your love, and environment be filled with this LIGHT.

    Twinsoul, will you please forword this to all you re in contact within your circle, as I am not part of your e-mail group.

    I am being compelled to send this message.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • BUMP

  • Interesting message--just as I sign off for a rest and restore break! You are right--we can always use the reminder. All empaths deal with this juggling act. And yes it is challenging to resist responding from ego. It is why messages get muddled. It is sometimes the best of intentions--wanting to give answers to pleading questions--even though there are no answers. Another issue is each of us has a different rule book. I try to direct my energy more towards messages that have possibility for healing. Sometimes people ask for specific future telling even hough the answer is not going to help at all towards healing. I have noticed others have no problem with giving all they can. I don't have that kind of energy--actually I do but as you warned it would have a price that would affect my other life goals. Giving too much is forgetting to love ourselves. I have not always been so wise! It is a right of passage for most empaths. We who are driven to be of service must govern that urge with healthy boundries. The shield is not a magic event it is an action we repeat as needed to keep the nessasary detachment required to insure we do not absorb the energy of others as well as maintaining our own energy. Remember the more you empty your own cup the more room you leave for unwanted energy to make itself at home.

  • Lovingsilverwings - Thank you.

    Blmoon - Do you see me getting over the 'hump' which is me?! Thanking you for your time and patience in advance.

  • RCdreamer

    Just popped in for a second--not doing readings right now but spirit has clarified something that might be confusing everything--seems I was reading the top picture as two related people instead of one--male and female --seeing them at once--can't tell you at the moment as I need my energy right now but will look when I'm back for readings to see if the two are the same spirit in different lives or that they are two people tied so close in life they overlapped. Enjoy your rest-- and feel secure that bits and pieces will keep connecting. Buy yourself those flowers. Loving is as loving does. Blessings

  • lovingsilverwings I don't know if someone has told you how to copy and paste yet. Click and drag your curser down the part you want to copy. Then click right and click on copy. Go where ever you want to paste. Click the curser and then click right and click paste. It's that easy. Sorry for the interruption.

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  • LibrasLair, thank you for the information on copy and paste.

    Can i paste to another forum site.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings.

  • lovingsilverwings you most certainly can. You can copy something from here even and paste it to compose on your e-mail place. Any of them. Have fun with it. I copy pictures from something I am reading and paste it to some of my friends. Enjoy it. Sorry for the interruption again everyone. I have been on here longer than they started this new deal with make your own thread. Anytime you can offer help to another you had better do it. Karma has a way of biting you on your backside if you don't.

  • dmick59 I am sorry I will tell you how I feel and what I think. Everyone has guides you may not realize it cause there is too much chaos around you and you just may be like myself and receive and give a message without knowing it. Until after the fact I realize it didn't go through my thought process. It took me many years to realize this and why I said things. But just because you aren't aware of being helped you are. If you have a gut feeling that is your guides and you should never ignore it because it will never lie to you. It will leave the choices to you but it will guide and warn you.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    Just stumbled on your post. do I have any guides. Whenever you get around to it, I'd appreciate.

    Thanks much

    Love and light

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