Is it true you are more compatible with the star sign that your rising sign is?

  • ahh i hope that made sense.. lol

    my rising sign is pisces does that make me more compatible with a pisces?

  • nope

    compatibility involves a lot of factors

    more than astrological, for sure

    it's not impossible to be attracted to those whose Sun is your rising

    I wrote on your thread before that Sun is who we are inside

    Rising is the face we show to the outer world

    but doesn't mean you are more compatible to Pisces

    both charts have to be considered

    then factors outside your charts, like upbringing and life experiences, and then transits

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  • Actually quenkath, your opposite sign of Libra is Aries, may want to double check that. And yes there is an attraction to your opposite. I am Scorpio and my long time partner is a Taurus. We are like night and day, but it works.

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  • well attraction with anyone is not impossible

    but compatibility doesn't rely on attraction only

    attraction to the opposite is possible because opposites do attract each other since they really are not too different from each other

    Cancer and Cap are both cardinals, but Cancer is about nurturing and Cap is about discipline

    Scorp and Taurus are both fixed, but Taurus is about value (self worth etc 2nd house) and Scorp is about the essence of the matter (mystery, death, s ex etc 8th house)

    attraction to those whose Sun is in your north node is not impossible either because if Asc is the face you are showing to the world, North Node shows your purpose in this life time.

    simply said, if you want to be smart, you will go to school and you will be drawn to intelligent people, instead of to those who seem stupid and ignorant to you. Not saying some signs are stupid and others are not, but this is the best example I can come up with

    if you want to know more, drop a line on Highpriestess3 post or ScarsandStars

    they are both astrologers

    I'll let you know where tor each them if you can't find their posts

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