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  • I am a Gemini Woman Born June 17 1988. I am currently speaking with a Leo August 14 1987. So far everything is so perfect, but I'm a little nervous just because of my previous experiences with men. Any ways, I wanted some insight from maybe people who are in a gemini-leo relationship. I will very much appreciate it. 🙂 Thank you!

  • At its best, this relationship is understanding, empathic, and persuasive. At its worst, it can be ineffective, vacillating, and manipulative. It often works best as a friendship. This relationship is a study in complex emotions and power struggles. The central theme is likely to be a mixture of persuasion and manipulation - it is often hard to say where one leaves off and the other begins. Within the relationship, you are usually the master in both of these activities but your friend tends to take the lead in dealing with work, family, or marital issues involving other people. In these situations, he will treat you as his right hand. You are not averse to playing such a role, for in freeing you of responsibility and the obligation to fill the top spot, it allows you more liberty.

    Feelings are the main preoccupation here - many contrary emotions will swirl around in this relationship's emotional mix. A difficult blend of interest and apathy, desire and indifference, sympathy and hostility, is likely to dominate at any one time. Understanding and empathy are generally constant factors however. Aim for consistency and stability. Solve power struggles by leaving them behind and take responsibility for your actions. Work out what you are afraid of in this relationship.

    A love affair may continue for some time, or at least until either your friend or you suddenly announces an interest in getting married - when you may as easily separate as proceed on together. In either sphere, sex is unlikely to be a crucial factor; you two enjoy each other's companionship in a wide variety of activities, and friendship is usually the underlying basis of all your personal relations with each other. You might even be said to agree that without friendship, you have little else together. In work and family settings, you two may be emotionally close but are not always effective in getting the job done.

    There’s often sacrifice required in this relationship. Your friend's intentions are all in the right place, however, he is quick to lecture and point his finger at any faults you may have. He won’t think twice about telling you what you should be doing better. To the end, he will never admit that he himself needs praise or respect, but you know better and will do anything to shelter him from harm caused by others. Your carelessness and mood changes will bug him. When you become needy and he is busy with work, or a project or even just trying to relax, you’ll become restless.

    Although you are extremely compatible, bouts with rebellion toward each other are inevitable. You will be slow to anger him, but when successful his fire is not easy to put out. You will use this against him and lash back with words, cutting him where it gets to him the most, his sense of self image and ego. Still, with some work and effort on both sides, this connection can be one of passion, a sense of desire, and protection.

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