Libra Lady and Sagittarius Man

  • Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been reading some of the remarks and I find them very interesting and helpful. My DOB is 10-9-48 and I am a truly a Libra Lady. I have been dating a gentlemen whose DOB is 11-25-48 for approximately 5 weeks. Both of us have shared some information regarding our past relationships and we both have been devastated and heartbroken a few times. Needless to say, we both had falls of defense surrounding our heart. However, somehow we seem to be drawn to each other and have been in contact constantly by phone and in person. We know that we care for each other, however, there is still some hesitation to let ourselves go for it completely. I am a very passionate person, lilke most Libras, so I have began to release my affection and my passion simply because it is difficult for me to suppress it. He begins to release his passion, however he will withdraw his affections after a certain point. He stated that my lovemaking is drives him to a place where he feels like he is loosing control and that's how he was hurt before. So he minimize his caresses (he will hold me close and when I begin to respond he might pull back). It is like he is afraid to love again completely. Needless to say this relationship is moving very fast. This is scary for us both. He says he loves me to death and I feel the same way but I want to release my passion to the fullest and I need him to feel confident that I will not hurt his heart. I need some advice as to how to handle this strong man who has been wounded badly.


  • Hi Everyone, please respond to my topic that was posted under Libra Woman/Sagittarius Man. It will be good to get some advice from a Sag Man and maybe a reading on the compatibility of these two signs.Thanks.


  • I'm about to retire and will not be back a will squeeze this in as I am drawn to the hopefullness presented to you if you choose to really change the script this time.. I was tired already and read your post and coulfd feel it dragging the life out of all the love between you two. You are working too hard at this relationship--too much tug of war. Leap and see where it takes you--honestly--be yourself--honestly and let it be what it is. If you are ready to love naked andl with all the vulnerability that comes with it than you must not hold yourself back to suite this man. Perhaps you are both halfhearted in your loving. If this is the case to keep this relationship from becoming toxic you both must committ to working together to get over your intimacy fears even if it means counseling. You could really help each other heal--if you make at least that committment. Blessings.

  • Hi, I'm a sag and I'm into this libra boy whos into me to. One thing that I like about him is that he will defend me no matter what!! So show the boy that you are worth his love and that he can trust you!

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