Lost friend

  • Hi, I'm new here and just looking for some advice/guidance. I've upset a person in my life who is very very dear to me, certainly not deliberately though. I have done all I can to apologise and this person has said they will speak to me but are not happy, but they haven't said when. My instinct tells me that I should just wait for them to contact me, but I am driving myself mad wondering if they will forgive me? Am I right? Is there something I can do to promote forgiveness maybe?

    Any guidance would be welcome, I am feeeling so lost without them in my life (thats selfish i know), but if I knew they will be ok it would help.

  • Let them come back in their own time - any pushing on your part will make things worse. This is not someone who can be rushed or forced to act. Just let time and space work their magic.

  • You've made a decision of choice in following your own path and not theirs unless that person decides they can fit into your choice it cannot be forced. This person has a choice to either see it as abandonment and in that perspective they can see it as your intention to hurt them or they after having enough time to get over the disapointment will trust you would not intend to punish them but are just following your own path. Give it time--otherwise the hurt will cause things to be said that could end things badly--the other person needs time to digest their disapointment. I

  • Thank you both for your comments, you have confirmed what I thought. Captain you are certianly correct about my friend, they cannot be rushed. I will just have to deal with my loss quietly and hope my heart doesn't break in the mean time and I will learn from it for the future.

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