Oh my Goodness! I am so sorry!!!!! To Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To everyone on here at Tarot.com, I am so sorry!!!!!!!! I didn't know when someone asked a question, or if you read something and had a question or comment you weren't supposed to post. I NOW see on RCDreamers post, people apologized for addinng in, and this is not proper or excepted.... No wonder I felt not wanted here! OMG! I posted a few places!!!! I AM VERY SORRY! I am sorry to Gemmni I actually commented or spoke to you on your post, I am Very sorry! And to everyone else's post I commented on, I am so sorry! I didn't know..... It's different here than some other sites. Again to everyone, Very sorry. Some exceptional people here, I am sorry I didn't have the chance to get to know you. Again sorry, and the best to all : (

  • I dont understand. We aren't allowed to post under other peoples questions or comments? DreamingLeo, that was nice to apologize! If you could clarify this I would really appreciate it :0) I hope you have a great day!

  • If the posting is for giving anyone readings all are invited to post. If someone has specifically asked for a reading then if you want one to you can start your own thread. Many of the threads here are for all and not necessarily a single person. I don't think anyone is going to kick you off the forums for not understanding so please don't leave because of that. We are all here to grow and we all make mistakes. I found one myself last night that if I had read the whole thread I shouldn't have posted my birthday. It specifically asked a couple times but because I wasn't paying attention I did anyway. Hmmm....posted one again without and apologized. If someone is doing a reading on a personal thread and they don't like it, they will tell you to start your own thread. Stick around and learn more. We're all here for a reason. Blessings.

  • True stick around and learnsomething? you never know what you might learn.That's why were here to figure out somethings don't be so hard on yerself!enjoy life alittle

  • Dear DreamingLeo,

    I have done this too. I didn't know the rules either and I don't think the rules apply everytime. I think it just depends on who's thread it is. On RCdreamers I did it and was definately out of line and needed to apologise. But I have done it along with many other and I don't think the person who started the thread minded at all. I wouldn't mind if I started a thread asking for a reading and other joined in asking for a reading as well. I think maybe we just need to pay attention to who does mind and be respectful of their wishes and those who do mind might just need to let us know if we are out of line.

    Please don't leave the forums because of this. The reason I love coming on here is because everyone is on a spiritual journey and so welcoming and loving. I don't think anyone would want you to feel unwelcome.

    Love and light xx

  • Thank you Gladyouwroteme & I hope Everything works out the Best it possibly can for you! & do please be careful~with love 🙂

    Thank you AuntBuck, I have read some of your posts and you seem very nice 🙂

    Thank you Thunder07, you are very insightful I like your posts!

    Thank you Spiritualchild, you seem very sweet and I wish the Best for you!

    I know when I have been blackballed, it's okay 🙂 So there is no use in me being here, It would feel useless/bad to ever post, if I ever decided to post again.

    The Captain gave me a reading and one of my lessons is to learn is detachment. I am getting much better at that, so much better I have very little problems with it (Specially when things are taken from you and you don't have a choice, ex. one mentioned probably where I shouldn't have posted?) so it's okay, I took Tarot.com off myfacebook already, and going to use up my KC's if I can stay awake long enough tonight. I feel stupid for staying up wayyyy later than I ever should have thinking I might have an idea to share that could have helped someone (I work 13-16 hr. days with abt. an hr. drive to and from. Well on a positive :), tho maybe I shouldn't have posted where I did, maybe it will help someone.

    Wishing everyone a Great rest of their lives & The G-d in me, does Honor the G-d in everyone.

    All the Best & Thank You All 🙂


  • Dear DreamingLeo,

    It really saddens me to think you have been bullied off the site. And yes exclusions is a form of bullying. I would love to see you stick around and I don't think your posts would be useless. We all have a little to learn and a little to teach. I think there can be such a thing as too detached, I hope you are not taking this to the extreme.

    If I could ask, would you do me a favour and ask Angelreader in her topic questions for heaven before you go for good? You ask her a question and she puts it to God and then types what she hears. What have you got to lose???

    I haven't seen the posts you are talking about but I really do hope you stick around. If you can uplift even one person, isn't it worth it??

    Love and light xx

  • This post is deleted!

  • DreamingLeo...no biggie...and no problem. It's just that whenever someone asked for a reading on their own thread, it's like a conversation between that person and whomever reads for them. When others started posting as well, it got confusing. So to simplify things, we all started asking that folks start their own threads when asking for readings.

    Please stick around and enjoy the company, because we all certainly enjoy yours! 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings! 🙂

  • Hi Dreamimg Leo,

    I agree with Quenkath, we need nice people like you on this site, everyone is learning in here, no one is better or less than the other. Please stick around and meet the nicer folks in here, don't let some few run you out of here. Hope to see you round.

  • This post is deleted!

  • DreamingLeo,

    Just as you, I am new to this site. When you first start reading the forums it is very confusing to use. I've wrongly asked for a reading on a post that someone else had started (asking for a reading)I think I requested a reading on like page 3 or something so obviously there a A LOT of us who are not sure of the rules. So you see, you are not the only one. I came to this site to find guidance in understanding how to better utilize my own intuitionI have found so much more such as it all begins with self love and self respect. Yesterday I was reading blogs and I read a blog that was titled something likeif you don't like me I don't care, keep it to yourselfit basically said when someone says something negative about you or toward you it is a manifestation of their own faults and if we let it get us down then we are allowing our Ego to take over. As I said I am very new to this but it's my understanding that we have to learn to let go of our Ego and follow our concious.

    Instead of the person who started the thread you requested a reading on slamming you badly enough to make you want to leave maybe they should have offered a post concerning use and etiquette. In fact, to those of you who have been here for a while and are aware of the do's and don'ts that would be greatly helpful to those of us who are new~~~

    A POST WITH INSTRUCTIONS~~offering the correct way to start a thread, adding to a thread that is already started and my own personal question what does Bump mean??

    So........please don't go, stay and learn



  • DreamingLeo

    The blog is written by Paul O'Brien and it is titled "It's none of my business what you think of me". You need to read it. There are a lot of very insightful and helpful blogs there to read.

  • For those worried about when and where to post stop worrying--this is a spiritual site--which means no accidents and following your intuition so stop worrying so much--I have wandered around myself stopping where spirit calls and on occasion I've said woops didn't mean to jump in when didn't notice it was adressed to someone else but really no one has ever been offended. Also for those wondering if there is an order to answering posts, it's true that some offerings put out there go in order but for me--no order--it comes when it comes and spirit speaks up or doesn't so please don't feel dissed or offended if you ask me something but get no answer right away. It takes energy to do a careful reading and I can't possibly answer all. Some days are better than others. Also I pass some because there might be someone else with an answer and it usually works itself out. Demanding order in a spiritual setting is not going to happen always as we tend to follow our intuitions and spirit has an agenda all their own! All you new comers relax! Blessings.

  • Ahhhhh, you all are great. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love the amount of encouragement that just flowed because of this thread! I'm new at all of this so it was nice to able to read through the responses so I can navigate the forums without feeling like I"m treading on someone else's ground. Just an FYI: if I ever post anything to anyone and anyone else wants to jump in; PLEASE do! :0) lol.

    I even begin to tell you all how many of you have touched my life already. I think we end up at a certain place at a certain time for a reason. I came here and I've learned so much, had my angst eased and I've seen love flow and it is amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Hello All,

    We would like to chime in here. If someone claims there is a rule about posting to someone else's topic -- that simply isn't the case. There are no rules and regulations about WHERE and WHEN someone can post in a topic. We're big on free speech and trusting your intuition. We want people to feel free to share their opinions with one another.

    Our only guidelines deal with WHAT people post:

    No spam

    No personal contact info -- for your own protection

    No insults

    No offensive language

    No posts intended for personal gain (ie to make money for your business)

  • Hi All, I see my post was referenced here and I just wanted to clarify, I've never in any way to my knowledge jumped on someone about posting anything. I'm with the rest of you, I love that we have this place to come to, where we can speak openly about things that in other places may not exactly be acceptable conversation (to the non-believers anyway). I realize a couple of my posts may be more individualized but I don't ever want anyone to feel they can't post and if acknowledging someone else looking out for me was wrong well then I'm sorry about that too. I so don't want this place to ever have a negative feeling for me or anyone else. So please if I in any way offended someone kindly accept my apology and let's move on. Let's get back to what's important here a great place that allows us the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings and learn from one another. That's why I'm here. I enjoy your company and love that we can say the things here we may not openly be able to discuss elsewhere.

    Hoping for blessings for us all.


  • Thanks, RCdreamer!

  • One of the main problems of posting on someone else's thread is that you run the risk of not being noticed if everyone thinks the problem has been solved for the original poster and have moved on. I frequently remove threads from my topics if I feel I have answered the question posed - so I would not be notified if anyone new posted on it. That's why it's best to start your own thread, to be noticed more easily.

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