My boyfriend´s chart

  • I am very worry lately for what i have found in my boyfriend´s birth chart:

    He has Mars in Libra and Venus in Sagitarius, which seem to be very bad as they say the men with that signs are cheaters and sleel around and are very promiscuous and are not able to fully commit cos they like freedom too much, and will like to try new people for sex all the time

    This is my boyfriends birth chart:

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown

    Sun Capricorn 10.13

    Moon Sagittarius 19.56

    Mercury Capricorn 7.30 R

    Venus Sagittarius 0.28

    Mars Libra 24.55

    Jupiter Sagittarius 26.02

    Saturn Scorpio 13.59

    Uranus Sagittarius 11.10

    Neptune Sagittarius 29.23

    Pluto Scorpio 1.48

    Lilith Pisces 2.18

    Asc node Gemini 15.42

    What do you think? Does he has a cheating tendency?

    Thanks in advance


  • well am sorry to say that u cant judge your boyfriend according this stuff,are u ready 4 relationship with this guy really?then just give him a chance to prove u wrong!!this kind of ideas about men being cheats its all not true!there some gud guys out there... ,i believ u should love a person for who they are...n not according to some things that women sometyms say.come to reality! coz how many guys will u loose just coz u spend tym on this stupid horoscope stuff?many...n what if one of them was suppossed to be your future hubby?so if u really want to know your boyfriend give him a chance and if u dont then u are probably gona fight coz thats how u will have tuned your mind coz maybe u are lookin at something he isnt.

  • I think it's a good idea to check out potential partner's charts, as long as you really know what you are doing. Seeing what the planets are ruled by can at least tell you more than just the sun sign, though. But in that light, know that there could be much more information that you aren't comparing your chart to his, seeing what houses the planets are in, etc.

    What's his rising sigh? But, as a real layman in astrology, I think that his Capricorn Sun would tend to make him more stable and reliable and less likely to be untrue. His moon in Sag may ligten up that capricorn sun and make him warmer and bigger-hearted, but fairly light hearted and not wanting to get too deep too often. As for your worry about the Libra/Venus infulences, what's the problem? Libras are known for wanting partnerships most, not sleeping around! Give us more credit then that! 🙂

    The Libra in Mars could indicate a less aggressive and more thoughtful personana, and the Venus in Sag could look like he might be someone who would want to explore other relationships...but then again it could simply make him very generous in the relationship he is in! This is where looking at the whole chart is valuable, just as you should look at a whole person before judging them.

    Look at the positive side, and don't believe everything you hear. Best advice, give HIM time to prove himself. Blessings.

  • I think your fella is possibly very outgoing, socialable and laid back ...he doesn't get hung up on insecurities and doesn't get jealous. He is faithful and trustworthy ...but you have to trust him and not try and "box" him in or question his movements all the time. He probably values time out with his mates as well as time with you....he needs that freedom. I don't see the cheating tendency in his chart - he may indulge in a bit of harmless flirting or enjoy looking at the female form but that is all.

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