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  • Hi, Im Ashley. I've always believed in psychic energy but this is the first time im reaching out to an online community. Anyhow, what brings me here is I have noticed that i have a strange connection with a particular number. I don't know much about numerology but i thought this would probably be the best place to come with my concern. It seems, that ever since i was 18 years old i have had an odd connection with the number 52. I first saw it in a dream, and when i woke up, the clock displayed 12:52 am. Since that day, i've seen the number 52 either before or after some very significant times in my life. It even pops up at some not so significant times. Just wondering what it could mean...and why this particular number?

  • Hi I'm new here! I'm 28 and from TN and a college student. I'm a gnostic Christian and very into the spiritual side of things. I've been more into numerology especially since it seems I've been getting messages. I did some research on them and came across this site. It looks very informative and I look forward to many discussions with people. 🙂

  • Hello !

    I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

  • I am a new member and have never been engaged in an online forum before. Am much interested in knowing all the stuff about numerology and how it works. How to translate my name numerically, get to know my expression number, soul urge number and how it describes my future life.

    I hope i'll get to know how to play with numbers as time goes by.


  • Hi there! What kind of a relationship is there for a 7 man and a 3 woman?

  • the best medicine-forgive and forget instantly all hurts done by both parties to each other/misunderstandings.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting&dramas.go to him and love him, take care of him.stop neglecting him.NOW


  • Hi,my names Larry.Im a pisces that is very attracted to numbers,I think about numbers all the time from lotto to exits on road.Also money and mileage,was wondering if any other pisces are like this.

  • Hi Larry,

    I'm a new member and this is my first experience of joining a forum. I'm also a pisces and I've had an intense interest in Numerology since childhood. The subject can be approached simply on a fun basis or you can delve as deeply as you want. I personally think that the fun stuff begins at a deeper level where it starts to resemble a plotline from the Da Vinci Code.

  • Hi to you all. During my early teens I began to count off in a specific numerical sequence, especially when I was impatiently marking the passing of time. I included a set of 3 numbers into this sequence and purposely excluded another because I felt less comfortable with it. Through Numerology I subsequently discovered that the numbers I had included applied to my my Expression, Desire, and Destiny whereas the number that I excluded referred to my Life Lesson. This suggests to me that on a subconscious level we are all self-aware and that we simply need a symbol to help us to translate the events that take place in our lives. I have studied Numerology ever since that time.

  • Good Evening, My birthdate is 8-5-55 and I need prayers, direction and motivation. I'm at wits end I am always helping others but dont know how to help myself. Today is the beginning of my new life, I can feel it and I somehow ended here. I click on this arena for some unexplainable reason, I have been at this site for years but I have not come here...well here I am and I am grateful for this newness, thank you for listening for I know that you hear me calling my angels.

  • Hi everyone, I am a 33/6 and came to this forum looking for other 33/6s. I think I have finally woken up and taken on the power of the master number 33 to be an incredible leader. Everyone has always told me I need to be a leader, but I have refrained due to my own fears and insecurities around authority. I have been a pushover a lot of my life because I am ultra nice, helpful, and supportive to everyone I meet, including those who do harm to me. I see the good in all people, which makes it difficult to see the bad. But I feel like I'm finally taking a stand and becoming the leader I'm meant to be. I have always felt like a passive leader in every crowd, speaking my mind, motivating others, and giving people the power they need to stand up for themselves. But now, I have overcome my own fears and limitations, as well as my youthful naivety, therefore finally feel like I can stand up for everyone around me with intelligence and conviction.

    What I am looking for though, is those who can help and support me on my journey, or another 33, 22, or 11 who understands what it is like to take the world on one's shoulders and be a teacher/healer/helper/etc. Through my years, I have remarkably felt little need of help from anyone else, always giving, teaching, and supporting others without ever feeling drained of energy or th feeling of needing anything in return. But now I am taking on bigger and better things, and find that I need support and strength to continue on my journey and break through the much more difficult challenges I face.

    So if anyone is a 33, 22, or 11 and think they could be a supporter as well as need some support themselves, let me know. I'm open to other life paths, but I never seem to find anyone who understands the challenges I usually face. Those who understand the most are usually other healers. But sometimes I don't need the nurturing, I need the motivation and strength to keep going. Or the slap in the face to snap me out of thinking too much. 😛

  • Hi

    can u give a reading on myself..dob 6/2069 and my son David ..dob12/5/90..

    Thank you,


  • I'm always seeing numbers and counting numbers in names that relate to people in my life around me. I keep numbers in my head pretty well. I am interested in learning more from this site and the forums. I read about my number all the time in magazines and I think numbers connects us to people and our surroundings more than we know. 😉

  • Hi, Libras

    I've been interested in astrology since I remember myself. Lately more than before. I could never find the combination of my zodiac sign with the year I was born. It seams that the combination must be rather contradicting. By the birth year I am a monkey.

    Another question I have is if someone knows if the numbers of my last bday carries any meaning?

    It's 10-20-2010.

    Perhaps, someone could help me to find the answers?

    Thanks to anybody who'd help.

    SPJL. 🙂

  • I have memories that go back to my toddler years. Human nature and what motivates people has always been fasinating to me. I was a ward of the state for some of my childhood and that fostered in me the need to learn as much as I could about others for survival reasons. I also wanted to know how others preceived me as I had learned to be a very good actress. I knew what was acting and what was real but only showed what I needed the other person to see.(because of the level of trust was- what it was. ) We all do this to a degree but with me I took this analytical approach and did deep thinking and judging of each relationship. I kept quiet for years and years and only thought and planned my next acting scene with each individual that I anticipated meeting the next day. I was so careful with how I showed myself. I decided that acting less intelligent than I was would help in my early years to throw anyone off base who might want to cause me any kind of ill will This worked very well. People can be easily fooled.. I also began studing numerology, astrology, tarot to access any close relationship better. It was fun and I could see the truth in so much of it. All of these disciplines can be deep so knowledge is constantly growing. I know this sounds paranoid and I assure you that I am not. I had good reasons to do these things. Those reasons however are not to be shared as they would only rain on your day. Today I am happy, well adjusted, and a prolific reader. I do respect and value veery life. But I only allow certain people in my "karass", to quote Vonnegut. I might have misspelled that word.

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  • I have been reading the Tarot since I was a child. Since then I have learnt astrology, numerology, runes, dream symbolism and the Kabbulah just to name the main subjects. I no longer read the cards professionally. But after 40 years am still fascinated by them.

  • I have been really quite interested in numerology..I longed to know the meaning of my name and birth date..And I am so glad to have found the site..Hope I could acquire some friends from here too..

  • Hello all!! I'm new to the forums!! My mom has studied numerology and astrology and tarot for over 20 years and taught me a thing or two haha!! I found it amazing and fun and accurate!! understanding the personality is the first step to realizing our true identity =D

  • Hi I'm Ace (well that's what i go by here) and I have a bit of a problem with master numbers. I have a ton of them, in fact all three in one place or another and really wondering how or why the cosmos decided to give me all this responsibility. My Life Path is 11/2 along with my destiny and soul number, My maturity and success number is 22/4 and my growth number is 33/6. I am still pretty young (23) but I want to know how to handle all of this. If anyone could lend a hand it would be appreciated.

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