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  • Hi All.

    I believe that I have had a "walk-in" experience on 10/22/09 at 4:22 PM.

    The spirit that had inhabited my body, to the best of my knowledge, was

    there since birth, 11/30/51. It had been a very tough road for the first spirit,

    but I feel that it has reconciled itself, and was able to move on. I am trying my best

    with the "new me", to do things right. I had been given many indications by

    the numbers that appeared prior to 10/22. Oddly enough, the odometer reading

    at a very crucial moment on 10/21 was 221951.4. I also arrived home at exactly

    4:22 PM on 10/21. I understand this to show the 22nd day, the original

    birth date: 1951, and the time 4PM. A specific healing session was finalized

    at 4:22 PM on the 22nd, and I believe the transferrence of spirits was complete.

    I have tried my best to straighten out what I perceive to be a dark force continually

    placing obstacles, roadblocks, miscommunications, and missed communications

    in my path for even the simplest of tasks. Through prayer and guidance, I was directed

    to the healing session. Up until that time, I knew nothing about walk-ins. Now, I feel

    that I have the opportunity through the "rebirth" that this body is released from the

    bonds of the past spirit, and can move on in the New Me. I welcome any and all comments

    as I am completely new to this subject, and this life. Thanks

  • Greetings to all - I 'm also intrigued with repeating numbers - here is something that has my mind churning: My Life Path # is 33/6, my Birth Day is 22, and my Pinnacle number is 11 (the 4th Pinnacle) - and my name(s) consist of repeating letters: 3 - Cs, 3 - Es, 3 - Ns and 4 -As (this had to be different) Now - I just need to figure out the What - When - and Where of it all (that's all..... :).

  • Hi All ! Have had an interest in everything on this site since the age of 12 ( 47 currently) The community here seems kind, helpful, without any bad vibes so I thought I'd join.

    jharker: love the enneagram and have had husband and 4 kids take simple tests. curious what you find!

  • My Knowledge in numerology is nothing. I am here to explore and learn.

  • After fasting (no food, only water) twice for 20 days in1995 and doing numerology every day since then, I have written the definitive numerology book:

    Numerology by Ed Peterson

    available via Amazon

  • I'm so happy to have been found our site.Every one around me and my family are so close minded there fore I have no I can talk to. I look forward to the help I will receave so as to help others also . The Dr. said I could never work again, but , I want to own my own company . I told him I would prove him wrong. I feel as if I've been in a coma for the last seven years, but , I see how my numbers guilded me safely thought my dark days, so , I know my company will be ...I know a lot of hard work , but , i see only light ahead ... So I look forward to your help.

  • I have been a member of the site for a while, just never joined the forum.

    I am a total cancer woman, have even been told I am a double cancer because of certain alignments or my rising and moon signs or something like it.

    I know a bit about tarot and runes, and numerology.

    But as most would, id like to know more. So here I am..

  • Hi

    I don't want to sound stupid but I need to ask this question. Recently I had a reading and was given six sets of numbers for the next six months. I really don't understand what they mean or what I should do with them if anything. Please help me with this.



  • Hello...I am very new to the computer world... I am entering a new phase in my life and I am looking for ways to prepare me for this journey. I'm hoping this site will shed some light to help me find the different paths along my journey. I am open for direction... if any one feels so inclined. Thanks

  • Hello everyone. I am new to this site, but not to numerology. I hope to share my stories and knowlege with others who share my passion for numbers.

  • Hello,

    I found this forum and find it fasinating! I have always believed in the idea that we are all interconnected and ruled by forces that are not in our control. I am an Aries, through and through and believe me, life is never boring. I recently started a New Life for myself, moved away from my family for the first time in my life and am a bit at odds with finding myself , yet again in my life. I have made many discoveries in the last several weeks, things that I had forgotten about myself. But, I am scared. I feel very alone at times, I miss my family and for the first time in years, I yearn for a life partner. Any suggestions????

  • How do you join and talk to people. I'm

  • hi all of you!im new in this forum and in numerology science!im very confused and i wanna know my birthpath number!my birthday is 8/5/1996 or 8 may 1996!!if i add these numbers i get 38 and from 38 i must be a 11!!but many many links and some ppl i asked said that my number in fact is 2!!plz plz help me i wanna know my number because i dont feel so much a 2!!plz again help me.

  • tarot cards interest me alot and i believe in them .So i love to get to know more about the subject


  • Hi everyone! I'm a newbie that found myself here while in search of astral projection info. I've always had a curiousity about numerology, but could never find consistent interpritations. I've run into a bit of a quandry...I took advantage of the sample numerology personality profile, and it was practically opposite of 'me'. No self aggrandizement; I'm not full of myself; I don't look through rose colored glasses. But of the entire reading, only "you are affectionate and giving" applied to me. With that in mind, it makes it difficult to trust the validity of any future readings. Any imput?

  • I'm not your typical Aries. With Scorpio rising, a Libra moon & 3 planets in the sign of Pisces, most people don't peg me as an Aries when they first meet me.I'm quiet, unassuming, patient,and not in any hurry.Aries in my chart is in the 5th House-the house of creativity & fun & play.You want to see me in top Aries form, spark the kid in me who loves to bike up huge hills, go to a carnival, or be let loose in a totally unfamiliar city.But nothing in my chart can put a damper on the Aries flame to tell it like it is or not give a hoot what others think of me.The only thing I need from others is honesty and to be yourself. I hate the masks people wear or the stupid, petty games they play.Aries gift to humanity: Be okay with yourself. Its up to you to put yourself first. Because if you don't, then no one else will. And you'll have nobody to blame but little old you.And unlike the stigma that Aries run all over poeple( the self-hating, unevolved ones do) we actually want everyone else to win and have a blast while doing it!!

  • Honey, you are BOTH. You have been blessed with a Master Lifepath number. 38 does equal 11, which is a Master Number. And that in turn reduces to a 2 . A Master number requires a great deal of strength, courage, patience and most importantly, FAITH in YOURSELF.I'm sure you do not see the world as others do and have felt out of place most of your life. I'm sure you are quite sensitive to the energies and people around you and can't figure out why.Don't worry, you aren't crazy. Due to your Master Number 11, you are vibrating at a very high frequency that can access the higher realms and dimensions, therefore, I'm sure you're quite psychic.and when you feel overwhelmed and on the verge of energy overload, you switch gears to the base number of 2 so you don't burn yourself out. My advice is to get any number of books on numerology,especially ones that give in-depth descriptions on Master Numbers.Good luck.(I'm a fellow 11, trust me, I know its hard.But worth it)

  • Hungrygost...My # is 12/06 1942. This has been some year! not to mention the last 8yrs! A lot of up & downs. VERY overwhelming. Everything from the past completly vanished, a broken relationship , the loss of a parent & a loss of a job. I have now relocated to a different state. I am managing some how. What is happening in 2010.

  • hi im a mamavirgo with 5 kids im unto a lot of financial problems and i find myself trying my luck through numerology, as in i want to try my luck with mumbers i bet on lotto but unluckily haven't won yet. our parents died years ago. my father died of cancer and my mom died of brain tumor which lest uf with debts, but slowly we have paid them them off, now that i have my own famliy now i am experiencing again this problem of financing as i wans't ablr to work because my first child was a hearing impaired and i have to accompany him to school since his prep days until he was in high school, in which way i too has learned about sign language. now as things are so hard.up i almost can't support the younger ones to school, we are financially ahrd.up these days so i tried myself mith lottery. WHO CAN HELP ME???

  • hello, im new to this sight. I need some ffed back on love .

    First of all i ran in to my very first love im mean first in every way. me 15 he was 17 bit had id saying 18. Well anyway im still in love with him im am married fir 15 years to a wonderfull man. he my x is also in a relation never married, he says that he told me when we were kids he would only marry me. he felt that deeply about. Well in our get togethers we speak of the same things we both wonder how each other was and doing married kids etc. now im or have for the last two years have been having problems w/our marriage mind you this was before i ran in to him. my husband and i dont sleep together any more hes on couch im in our bed room.This has been going on for acouple of years he says its cuz i sleep w/ a fan and he doesnt like not being able to hear anything. also mind you the first 10 years this was not a problem. well to get down to it im not happy any more, i beleive we both try to be polite to each other but our minds are else where if its another person or not. im ready to find my own olace w/ the next 2 month. i guess what im asking if my firts love wants to try again should i ofcourse only when the dirvoce is final. i do beleive dating while seperated is cheating leagaly your still husband and wife. any advice could it work or move on its in the past???? help denver2010

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