How do I access my intuition?

  • This may seem like a stupid question, but I have always acted based on thoughts and feelings... finding out that intuition lies in neither of these was kind of a shock, since I always thought intuition was integrated in the ''feelings'' part.

    For some reason I think I am blocking my own intuition, and this leads me to have doubts in plenty of situations in life which should be very simple and not pose problems at all.

    I'd like to know if there's anything I can do in order to make my basic intuition have a stronger effect on me, or how to shut down the thoughts and feelings during my daily life, in order to act in a more intuitive way.

    Thanks for any replies 🙂


  • HiddenDiamond,

    Heeyy Doll, I was going through the same situation!

    Intuition can be very hard to use, for people who use logic to problem solve often,

    Its the thin line between Knowledge and Knowing,

    Knowledge is simply a source of accumalated facts from outside of You;

    Knowing is a sensing of Experience, from the inside.

    most times when intuition kicks in to help us, I usually hear

    that loud voice in my head voicing out all the facts However your intuition

    just tells you, if your like me I'd try to research both answers and would eventually

    choose knowledge over knowing because it has facts so you think.

    but intuition is our first instincts that we should always go with.

    It is very possible to shut down your intuition, which is our sixth sense,

    just as if you close your eyes you cant see, many dont believe but

    we are all pyschic but at different levels you must go through stages of

    evolving your intuition but like babys go through stages of walking...

    if you ignore your powers they wont prevail.

    Anna, many blessings

  • Thanks Anna!

    I noticed we seem to share the same sun sign... perhaps it's related to the fact that we rely too much on intellect.

    In my case, I can't discern anything other than the thoughts and the emotions... I truly need to learn, once again, to ''detect'' my intuition, and let it control me...

    I do not know how to do this, however. If you(or anyone) have any tips on how to do it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I think ''activating'' my intuition once again(although it is probably already active, it's just that I am unconsciously ignoring it...but you know what I mean) would solve most of the questions I come across in my life, when trying to decide on what to do or not to do at each moment, and how to do it.

  • HiddenDiamond

    Yes i am a Virgo, i totally know where your coming from,

    i tend to be very analytical & too overthinking to things...

    i have a big issuse with loosing control, control of situations, and things so i'd overthink it

    & it would only make things worse i guess, the thing is just to let things flow

    go with your heart, also Change if your on your way home on your way from

    school take different routes stop at a store and not buy anything, There has been

    days with me when i was working people would stop by the job and we would start talking

    and they would be like i dont know why im here,i dont haven any money lol many of these people would pray for me; you see so go with your instincts. Dont ask yourself why...

    I know its hard to do that where in society all we use is Knowledge.

    Dont overthink things i know how it feels, & i hate the feeling besides your not

    in control Fate is.

    Suggestions: You should talk to Captain on one of his threats or Angelreader

    & ask how could you increase your intuition they're both really good with advice giving

    as well... Its cool here because everyone basically uses thier intuition or at least

    is trying... so your not the only one.

    many blessings,


  • HiddenDiamond,

    addictedtoriches is right. You should try to consult TheCaptain or Angelreader. They should be able to advice you on this matter. They have certainly helped me a lot.

    Leoscorpion is great too but she is kinda busy right now with her personal life. She helps me with my meditation process ( I am bad at it! ). My mind tend to wander whenever I try to meditate lol. She told me that meditation can help me with my concentration and slowly I will be able to separate between intuitions and mind chatters.

    Just a thought......

    Whenever you are asking yourself something, the first answer or feeling that you have or feel, trust it. Do not linger on it for too long or your mind will start to chat and emotions will start to interfere, deterring you from the original "answer". I am still learning and this really works, in my case at least.

    I am the kind of person who loves to dig deeper than what is necessary. I love to find an answer from an answer or question an answer or feelings lol! I don't need to do that. I am just making things difficult for myself. I do believe that sometimes, the answer is right there in front of me but I chose to investigate it. Well, I am trying not to anymore now. Hope in time, I will totally get rid of this habit.

    Good luck!

    Hope this helps and all the best! 🙂

  • HD, you must begin a process of communication with yourself. You are not asking your Guides what decisions to make, because they are not going to make them - you are. What your Guides are going to do is to help you think and to help you feel the energy of all of your options. They will help you get in touch with your Higher Self. You need to know the voice of your Higher Self, because that is where you will receive your guidance. You need a few minutes each day in which to be silent. The reason for the silence is to quiet your personality and allow yourself the opportunity to hear your inner, Higher, Self. The important thing is to quiet your mind from its day-to-day activity. You can have music if you wish, or silence if you prefer, whatever brings you peace. You are seeking guidance about something, yet during this time, do your best to eliminate all thoughts. Try not to think. Allow your mind to become silent.

    It is during your silent moments that you will begin to bring forth better awareness of your intuition. You must practice in order to easily recognize your intuition. You will know when you succeed. It is a different feeling. Your thoughts may say, “I think this is right.” Your emotions may say "I wish this would happen." Your intuition will produce a feeling that just feels right. But, of course, the feeling is not forcing you. You always have the right to reject those feelings.

    When you hear yourself being warned with lots of negative concerns – with many fears – it is always your personality, not your intuition. That does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t listen to those thoughts. But optimally, what you are looking for is when your gut intuition tells you something and your own logic and emotions do not rise up in rebellion. If you think you are being told to do something, and after your meditations you feel this even more than you think it, listen to that.

    It becomes a “knowing.” Many times you will say, “I don’t know how I know, but I know.” When you know how you know, that is your logic. Again, that is not necessarily to be disregarded. I am just talking about how to know the difference between the two bases for making sound decisions. Intuition can feel like it came from nowehere - that you don't know how or where you got the information. For example, if your logic or emotion tells you not to risk something new to you, but your gut intuition disagrees, you may be receiving spiritual urging to walk farther into or through that fear and take a chance. You may at least want to meditate more before you make your decision. If your logic or emotion is telling you to go ahead but your gut intuition is trying hard to hold you back, listen to your intuition and hold off on making that choice until you can discover why your inner self is so uncomfortable with it. If you seriously want to learn to recognize your gut feelings, your intuition, you will need to make repeated efforts to do so; and you will need to practice following it. If you do this, eventually you will be able to “check in” with your soul more easily, for you will recognize how that communication feels when it comes into your awareness.

    You will know you have gone against your intuition when you make a choice that turns out with different results than you had hoped for and in hindsight you find yourself saying things such as, “I knew it! Something was telling me not to do this. It just felt wrong for me.” (Or “something was urging me on, to take the chance. It felt so right!”) But then I thought what if….” Or, “But then I was afraid if I followed my hunch…”

    It is very important, though, that you learn the difference between your wants, or your hopes, and the spiritual leading of your intuition. If you don’t, you might convince yourself that something like selling your home and laying the proceeds all on a bet at the roulette table is intuition. Rarely, if ever, would that ever be an accurate reading of spiritual guidance. What you are looking for is to be able to think something through using the logic with which you are created and then have the results of that thinking confirmed by your intuition. Or if your gut feeling comes into your awareness before you have thought about it, then having that feeling confirmed by your thoughts. Your emotions can help you get in touch with what you want but aren't reliable when it comes to making a judgment. You want your logic and intuition to work together to help you make wiser decisions. You will still make mistakes in judgment, of course, for as long as you are there in your classroom. But if you work to use your intuition the way human beings are intended to, are created to do, then your mistakes caused by not being aware of and heeding your soul’s leading will greatly decrease, I promise you.

    So first use your emotions to decide what you want. Then use intuition to tell you if that's really beneficial to you or the right way to go and, if it is, use logic and thought to figure out how to get it.

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