Reading please :)

  • My birthdate: 12/04/1979

    His birthdate: 07/01/1985

  • Is that 12th April and 7th January or 4th December and 1st July?

  • Oh right, you're a Sag so it must be the 4th December one - your relationship can be a fruitful one. There is a high and an enthusiasm that you two can use to initiate new endeavours, and that can do wonders in dispelling your negative moods. Both of you have unusual qualities that in relationships with others will often mark you as strange and make you misunderstood. But with each other, you can experience the fulfillment of meeting a kindred soul. Your acceptance and appreciation of each other's unconventional side often frees up the energy needed to initiate projects together and to carry them through to completion.

    A romantic relationship either clicks or it doesn't. There are few grey areas or ambiguities here; you two seldom beat around the bush, and are rarely indecisive about whether or not to continue together. In such an all-or-nothing matchup, being able to be honest and direct about feelings will be a relief to both of you. Marriage can work out wonderfully well or end up in confused disaster. Before getting carried away with enthusiasm over how marvellous marriage could be, or seeking to solve all your problems with a single throw of the dice, as prospective partners you two would do well to sit down and talk long and frankly about the advisability of such a step. Staying objective will be hard but it will save much pain in the long run.

    Without a deep love, friendship between you will be unlikely. And without new projects to initiate or shared interests like a common hobby or artistic/athletic pursuits, your relationship may lack strength and purpose to bind it together. Such interests can do a great deal to overcome temperamental differences.

    Enthusiasm can be your downfall - take your time and exercise good judgment in making decisions. Be prepared to follow through with what you begin.

  • Wow.... thanks Captain.... that says a lot 🙂 and means a lot too 🙂 and yes it is July 1st and December 4th 🙂 thank you so much for responding 🙂

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