Can anyone offer some (psychic) advice?

  • I just moved and I'm completely out of my comfort zone. Before I moved I visited a psychic and she made predictions that I feel now may be inaccurate. I almost feel duped in a way. Not a good feeling. So now what do I do? Can some one give me some honest insight? If any one is interested in adding their opinions feel free to reply.

  • Dear wowweee,

    I'm not a fortune teller, but can speak to your angels and see what they have to tell you. Is there anything in particular you are wanting to find out about? Or is it something more general?

    Angel blessings,


  • It doesn't mean you had an inaccurate prediction. A psychic can only predict things for your future if you remain on the same path and do not do anything different to how you have been behaving. If you change your way of doing things or thinking, this changes the future outcome. It's like looking through a telescope - if you look in the one direction and don't move the scope, then that is one particular outcome of 'looking' that way - if you move the lens in another direction, you can expect to see (and attract) something different.

    In what area were you looking for insight?

  • Thank you Beth and Captain,

    Well, I'm interested in knowing pretty much all areas but mostly work. Ive been doubting my decisions about relocation and my job. I'm not sure if I'm on the right path or if I might have missed something along the way.

  • Are you doubting the job or the relocation?

  • I am doubting both. I feel that this job wasn't what I was expecting and I'm unsure of what the future is for this current employer. I am seeking different avenues but nothing has really panned out yet.

  • I, too, recently moved and felt totally out of it for the first few weeks. I downsized from a two bedroom to a one bedroom and I have tons of books. I had to move stuff, unpack and put up books before I could move anything else inside. It was awful, and I understand how you feel.

    My solution was to take compass readings and Feng Shui my apartment. My bathroom ended up being in the North corner of the apartment (you must FS the place as a whole first--then each room individually), meaning it symbolizes water--using decor to boost the chi and get it moving in the right direction. Although I had a balance of the elements in there, it also symbolizes my career, and to "boost" the energies, or "remedy" the imbalance, I replaced a red picture (fire) with the remedy of more water (a picture of a ship moving in the open sea). Two days afterward, I got hired in the field of my choice.

    This is only one option.

    I've had the same experience with psychics who "guaranteed" their accuracy, and they were totally off the mark. Some are much, much better than others, and it takes time to find them.

    First of all, rely on your gut instincts. They will never steer you wrong. If something feels "off," there is probably a good reason to feel the way you do. Clutter adds to the feeling of frustration and can be eliminated by using Feng Shui principles of finding balance in your environment, which is a reflection of your goals and thinking patterns. At your local library, there are books on the subject, which may interest you.

    However, for the short term, I have to agree with the Captain. We are masters of our own destiny, and if we want it to change for the better, we must own the ship, so to speak.

    There is also a possibility that the psychic was referring to future developments within this company, and this is often the case. Three years ago, I was guided by a psychic to accept a position that caused me some problems, but it ended up being exactly what I needed in order to move up the ladder. Sometimes, we cannot know if what psychics tell us is true or not until we allow some time to pass and practice the art of patience.

    Making decisions in our daily lives can cause ripples in the pond of life, such as deciding at the last minute to go to a different bank branch location and finding out later that the store was robbed that same afternoon. What was "meant to be" was put off kilter by your decision, and your future changed in that precise moment. We must, therefore, be true to ourselves, first, and practice taking responsibility for our own decisions.

  • I feel you have deep doubts about your choice of career. Did you choose it or was it chosen for you by others? That is, are you really doing what you really want to do and what you have a talent for? What is your first priority in your career - job satisfaction, meeting new people or experiencing new situations, freedom, financial security, being of service to others, or something esle? Finding your priority will be a clue to your current dilemma.

  • Sorry for the late reply, been kind of busy. The career I'm in was chosen by me, its a college job and its meant to be temporary. however i'm worried that once i get my degree i won't get a job that i actually like. thanks for the advice firefly and captain they are duly noted. just trying to get through day by day.

  • Dear wowweee,

    Your last posting answers your own question if you go back and re-read it. You are already preparing your "way" to not get a job in your degree field. And guess what? You won't. Why? Because you are telling the universe you won't get one...and you won't. It's like the whole want thing too. You "want" a job? Wanting is a perpetual state. You will never "get" it because you "want" it. Semantics I understand, but the universe doesn't split the hair. You have to stop thinking this way and living in fear of your shadow. I assume you enjoy your career path because you chose it. If you hate shouldn't be in it and need to change your course. That is just common sense.

    But, you are getting your degree now. And education is terrific if it propels you in the direction that you enjoy. You can't really judge your "career" at this point if you are still gaining the basic requirements to even enter that profession. Your joy is gone. It seems like you are resigned to your decisions and just have to deal with it. That is the furthest thing from what you have to do. Don't like it? Change it. Make a new decision to replace it. If you need the degree, then know that the situation you are in is temporary...that it's not "forever" -- it's a short term path to get on a longer term path. And instead of fighting it, embrace it. There is a means to an end.

    If you haven't done this yet, ask your angels for guidance. Tell them what your concerns are because I still don't know exactly what they are. If it's the future, then start thinking about, dreaming about, planning for that job you covet. What is it? Then see yourself having that job. As you daydream about it. Send those thoughts and feelings out to your angels to work with. What they see now is what you don't want or are afraid of. Help them help you. Change your thoughts to be what you are working towards having in your life. You are "progressing" towards it. They will help you. Ask them!!!!!

    Angel blessings,


  • Angelreader, thank you for the advice, I understand that attitudes make a difference. Thanks for taking the time write everyone!

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