What Signs Do You Attract?

  • As an aquarian on the cusp I may add relationship wise I attract Capricorns & Leos. Lately I am fascinated with Scorpios...something about them is so endearing to me. I really look for something different to that of myself. I always love a challenge too.

    that happens to me too...this year was filled with scorpions....and i really don't know why.

    I find them challenging...secretetive and tough to handle..and analize:P.maybe thats the thing that atracts me to the.their open open mind to sexuality is realy a plus.

    but still i find it really weird that about 5 scorpions were interested in me this year.

  • A sign that i have offten attracted in my life is the ram Aries. i guess this is because my rising and moon sign are both in Aries and i also think that i attract aries because i am a virgo on the cusp of leo. However, one sign that i just cant seem to get along with is Sagittarius. I don't exactly know why but whenever i get around one conflicts always arise. I have two Sagittarius aunts (one a little worse than the other) lol.

  • I attract a lot of Leos and Cancers for the most part. I think it's because i have a Cancer rising for the cancers and Aries moon for the leos - One sign that i sometimes attract that i don't really care for: Gemini - somehow, someway - it never ends up good. I also attract Scorpios a lot...so earth some water and fire signs... (Capricorn Sun/Aires Moon/Cancer Rising).

  • I am a Capricorn and in my younger yrs I only attracted Aquarians, I have Pisces Moon, Ascendent, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. I read that's the reason why. However at 30 yrs old I married a Leo and we stayed married until he passed away in 2007, I had never even given a thought to being with a Leo man. I had always known Aquarians, Scorpios, Aries and Librans,. My dad was a Libra and I loved his drawers. My mom a Virgo used to always say I was just like him,,,and I was os proud to hear that!

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