What Signs Do You Attract?

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  • lol Coffee Gem, yeah that sounds about right. My mother is a Gemini and my baby sis is a Taurus. They bump heads all the time. lol @ ur brother talking himself in and out of trouble. Yeah that sounds about right too. haha No comment. 😜

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  • Just kind of an after thought - you know - it's weird for me - Every sign that I'm suppose to attract... I never do... And to be quite honest - I'm not drawn to them either lol - I dont know what that means - but I just thought it was a little interesting - Have any of you ever experienced that before?


  • Lisa Scorpio ~ GEMIES n idk WTF?!!!!!!

    I am NOT really thrilled wth any of em but they pop up all the time since my childhood! Both guys n girls! But heyyyyy! We do have fun until...it's not so fun!!!!! Lol!


  • Hey, oh yaHHHH!

    Lisa again, Scorpio who has always met Gems...

    I CAN TELL the person is a Gemini ~ before the fact...

    Intriguing to me and I'm glad this topic got brought up!!!!!

  • What's the sign for just plain crazy?

  • Hey SP!

    Idk? What are you saying, Leo head!!!! JK, I love Leo girls!

  • Score,

    That's obviously what I attract. (And my line in the sand for crazy is waaaaaay beyond that of most people.) To the point of subbing at an alternative school, to see if it was a 'sign'. (I learned a lot, but now it's summer, school is out, and it's still going on.) And it's NOT ME making it that way. 🙂

    No, wait, sudden epiphany, maybe it's my tolerance/acceptance of it?????? oh crap.

  • **** was c-r-a-p.

  • lol wat are virgos attracted too?

  • sara10,

    Every Virgo friend I've ever had said she wished she was a Leo. It made no sense to me. One was singing show tunes in my living room at the time.

  • Iv'e always attracted Cappys and Aquarius. Husband #1 - Aquarias (2years) and Husband #2 - Capricorn (26years)

    but in the last four years Iv'e been attracting Geminis, Scorpios, Piscies, Aries, Capricorns, and Aquarians. Most of the men I'm attracting are Capricorns...but I don't go the romantic route with them...not after Husband #2. I will never get romantically involved with another Capricorn as long as live.

    As far as friendship relations...I have friends in all 12 signs. I'm very outgoing and love people. 🙂

    Currently I'm in love with a Gemini.

  • ew...sorry for all the typos. 😞

  • oops forgot to add, that I have recently attracted 1 Sagi...but I made it clear to him that I am in love with Mr. Gemini, and He was so gracious about it all and now we are very good friends.

  • , I feel i have more LEO

    qualities then Virgo qualities & Mainly attract LEOS. I was reading a topic

    on the site someone posted that revealed REAL ASTROLOGY

    depending on which day your bday falls on, it was altered

    and the date of my birth I would have been considered a LEO.

    Even though im clearly a virgo.

  • I am a Pisces and seem to be a Leo magnet. My husband is a Leo and ALL of my very close friends are Leo! (Husband situation is very rocky.) Any ideas what is going on? Why am I so pulled to Leos?

  • Leos Are very magnet people, with a magnet auro

    that attract many people!

  • Lifer,

    And I can see where your 'swimming against the current', idealistic thinking, and unconventional ways would pull a Leo in. It's all so interesting and deep. And the mystery! The things you leave unsaid, that spikes our curiosity! (See, we can sense it's there.) My dad, and one of my very best friends, is a Pisces. It's fascinating to brainstorm with them on projects, as they always have a different approach. And I've never known their advice to be wrong. They always seem to look beyond the problem, and never have a personal agenda. And just trying to break the ice, initially, is such a challenge! We want to know what makes you tick, what's in your brain. Oh, and the restaurants you pick! The strange things you eat! The events you choose to attend. The things you know how to fix. It's all so exotic! I can always depend on a Pisces to break me out of a rut, or throw out a new perspective, even if I don't completely understand where we're going...

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