What Signs Do You Attract?

  • lol @ Little lioness

    Thanks 🙂 I wish me luck too, it's a hard find in MD apparently lol ! And you got a loyal person on your corner for life missy 🙂 Aries are the greatest most emotional people you'll ever come across lol the older we get, the more we learn balance 🙂 but yes, work is everything!

    leos are great- loyal, dramatic, overconfident, mouthy, outgoing, jealous, hard workers.... just like aries 🙂 lol

  • I tend to attract Capricorns and Cancers...which are said to be the worst matches for an Aries. Go figgur! I know a lot of Leo males, and supposedly we're supposed to be a good match but ive NEVER actually been attracted to one. THey're all great guys and I love them to death as friends (and they're goodlooking, too.) but for some reason that spark never exists. Man, maybe, deep down, I like drama. Apparently we get bored easily...LOL.

  • Almondee, it's a good thing we fire signs find balance as we get older, otherwise , we could get into some serious trouble. I'm sending positive thoughts your way for that handsome, mature and balanced leo that you need in MD. Perhaps he's in Gaithersburg. There has to be alot of them in DC. : ) lol

  • haha thanks Littlelioness

    Maybe i'll have some luck tonight in DC... i'll start it out in silver spring first 🙂 a lot of people don't know that balance, it takes trials and tribulations with rational thinking to get there... and of course, being able to know when you're wrong.

    Happy Friday!! Thank goodness lol

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  • CoffeeGem,

    Yea, I've always came in second to work to my aries but he makes me know I'm important. Except for the one time I broke my arm on my way to work & had to ask a coworker to take me to the ER. Husband was in the middle of a meeting & didn't show up until 4 hours later. Mind you, I had never been to the ER for myself before nor did I have the habit of calling him at work. He thought I might have exagerated my injury. LOL However, he is such the strong, silent type & not one to complain about anything. I think we both have learned a great deal from each other & that is what has balanced us.


  • Interesting question. I fell hard and in both cases almost instantly for two Capricorns born on the same day two years apart (and met them more than a decade apart). One was LTR and intense, the other short and also intense. Perhaps Venus in Scorpio, moon in Taurus were involved? Married a Virgo, disaster. Among friends, especially close ones--but not romantic partners--most are Gemini or Libra. Have dated Taurus, Cancer (2), Sag, Aries (2), Aquarius (2). My first two childhood best friends were Scorpios, but I've never dated one. No Leo or Pisces either. odd...

  • Well I'm a cancer, and I attract aries more than anything, intimacy, friendships, which turned out to be the deepest relationships I've ever had. Sag's would be second in line and 10 times out of 10 scorpio's fall head over heels for me >.> same with leo but not as intense. Friend-wise I attract more pisces and aquarius (aside from aries).

  • It is quite interesting:)))There is a point related with signs I guess...

    I am cancer...

    I also attract especially libra men****And I had some relationship with them before.

  • MariaRia,

    I have to agree with you about Aries getting bored and that we like some drama. The first serious relationship I had was with a Capricorn male too lol. They are a little bit of a challenge and I think that's where the attraction comes in. I haven't noticed a pattern in attracting a certain type of sign. There are some signs that I have not come across and it makes me wonder about the compatability factor for that reason. It's true that Aries is supposed to be best suited for Sagittarius, Gemini, and Leo. I have not had encounters with Leo or Sagittarius. The Gemini's I've had relationships with were both too moody for me. One minute everything is wonderful and the next minute they are bent out of shape about something/nothing. Guess that's why they have the sign of the twins. I have to say that I find Aquarius to be intriguing. They are creative individuals and good at getting one to open the mind and eyes to things around you that you haven't noticed before. And they are sensitive as well.

    I have been pretty infatuated with a Scorpio male for a while now. I know, God help me lol. I can't read him at all and it makes me nuts. We work together so it's hard to get to know someone in that environment. Especially where things are fast-paced and there is little time for conversation to get to know someone. I find myself feeling intimidated and somewhat insecure around him. Yet, I am drawn to him at the same time. WEIRD, huh? We rams don't get intimidated easily either so this is an odd situation to me. He's veryyyyy attractive. Beautiful eyes and smile. A nice distraction from a busy work day I suppose.

    Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a bit lol. I am just not sure about the validity of the signs we are supposed to be attracted to, or are supposed to be attracted to us. I am not saying there isn't some base to it. There has to be or the information wouldn't prove to work for a large number of people.

  • I am currently in a relationship with a Virgo,and Im a Gemini.

    For some reason,I have always attracted a lot of Leo's and Scorpio's.o.o

    It never ends well with Scorpio's.And with Leo,I don't know.They get too possessive about little things,which is something I don't like.

    My best friend of 3 years was a Virgo,then she became a total bish to me.:/

    I really love the Virgo Im dating now,will he also do the same to me?

    Thats what Im worried about.._.

  • Aquarians, mostly. We get along like gangbusters and then I go and get all serious and spoil the party. When will I learn to keep it light? My ascendant is at cross purposes with my sun-sign. And my moon is sooo serious. Such is life...

  • coffee gem: crazy at it may sound, i married a scorpio who was a great guy and still is. we were just too young for me to have a sky-rocketing career that was moving me all over the country when he had a thriving business in one state. stopped communicating for over 25+ yrs. and when we reconnected, it was wonderful. married a gemini w/ 3 teens over 20 yrs. ago who puts me on a pedestal and adores me and vice versa. happens he met my out of state ex and they really get along well.

    reconnected with a true college love recently, a sag. and it's a roller coaster FB ride and i don't know why really. my planet is uranus and his saturn. he's a chariot and i'm a hermit. we should get along, but i intuit him so well and that may be the problem. i'm a cap. and love to dance on the precipice. neither the scorpio ex or current gemini husbands minds; but this sag. freaks. it's people, but also their astrological make up and what's going on w/ the planets. i'm convinced of that!

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  • Oddly enough, I tend to attract Pisces men born in 1964, My ex-husband was born in feb 1964 and my children's father, whom I fortunately never married, is born in March guess what 1964. I am a Cancer born in 1959, and the younger man thing appeals to me some, just these two out of a few just stand out, don't seem to be good matches, however. Maybe I am just not attracting the good ones.....LOL But I have met about 3 other men born in 1964 and are Pisces. I have wondered about that!

  • Where do I start?!

    I dated a Pisces boy for 2 years.

    Then I dated an Aquarian for 2 years or so.

    There was one Librian I was with on and off again during Highschool.

    But I've found my home with a Sag boy, who makes me laugh so hard I cry, and loves to snuggle. We have a 1 year old daughter, who is a Taurean. We are both cuspians - I'm on the Cancer/Gemini and he is on the Scorpio/Sag cusp.

    I've learnt over the years not to be too clingy. We have an understanding - he can go out and hang with his friends, as long as he tells me when he's coming home and if he wants me to cook him dinner!

    A lot of love in this house!

  • I'm a taurus and it seems I mostly attract libras then pisces then cancer there are a few other signs but these are the most common...libras I noticed come on really strong then piddle out. Pisces just feel sorry for themselves way to much and are almost as good of liers as gemini haha...and mr moody cancer WOW. But I have found a lasting relationship with a cancer man...and what is weird is one of the most loyal friends I have is an aries which I usually find detestable alongside leos...

  • I am 44 and have just thought back to when I first truly dated at 16....first boyfriend was a Virgo; 2nd was virgo; 3rd Leo; married Leo/virgo cusp...lasted 15 yrs (he cheated); next came a virgo; married 2nd and current husband who is a Leo. So I guess you can say I've attracted Leos and Virgos. I did have 2 small "friendships" with a pisces and a scorpio before my 1st marriage but both lasted a few months.

    When I looked at my address book of friends they were mostly aquarius with a sprinkling of a Libra or two.

    What's even funnier my ex married another Gemini and my husband's first wife was a Gemini too!

  • i seem to attract A LOT of Taurus and Pisces. mostly Taurus. don't know how, don't know why....but my closest friends and family are under these 2 signs. Taurus is not in my chart.....mostly Sagitarius, Pisces and Libra. but damn those freakin Taureans, man.....a lotta trouble they are LOL. i love 'em.

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