What Signs Do You Attract?

  • littlelioness>>I've read some of the Men of Zodiac thread & it is alot of fun. I don't know how to let go like those ladies do but I do enjoy reading it

    Sandran712>>It's not you.I'm not married and I find alot of the models posted offensive.Looks more like a Porn site tnan anything else.

  • Coffeegem>>find Geminis very entertaining

    Sandran712>>My dad was Gemini.He was 2 faced and could not trust him.And I do not trust Gemini males

  • Looks more like a P-O-R-N site than anything else

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  • Hey Laithano,

    What are you trying to say? Yea, you're right. Speaking for a Leo female, our minds are always in the gutter. One track mind usually. We're cats. What can I say. lol

    It's that part of our nature we have to get under control.

  • even tho i dont let many in or too close, i reviewed, and i attract and repel all signs equally. i guess it just depends on the person themselves....

  • Venus in Aquarius is very confusing to me. They go hot and cold with me.

  • Littlelioness>>What are you trying to say? Yea, you're right. Speaking for a Leo female, our minds are always in the gutter. One track mind usually. We're cats. What can I say. lol

    Sandran712>>Us Cancers are just like Leos.. We use innuendos/insinuations.And we attract Saggittarius because they have a gawdy sense of humor...LOL

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  • how about air signs, laithano?

  • I'm cancer ,I seem too have the same signs, different relationship too me, for instance sag mom, sag best friend, two good aries friends, a leo dad, leo/cancer cusp boyfriend, two virgo grandparents married too each other, two aquarius siblings with the same bday, two libras,

    I use too attract scorpio, pisces, cancer males moslty,with one taurus in there, but ended with leo, worked for me! I've always attracted sag, aries female friends, I'm getting too know more cancer girls on here though, I've ended up liking them a lot!

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  • hello im a cancer

    and ive had different relationships with a cap was married too aries a pisces those were not good matches the virgo and scorpian i was in love with . just what will be a good match for me

  • Being an earth sign, Virgo, I tend to attract other earth signs like Capricorn and Taurus. We get along very well in temperment and physically. Sometimes I think we are almost to much alike! I need a little more fun and spontaneity in life, I think I am more emotional and feeling than the typical Virgo definition would have it. Also, Cancer men are very interesting, I seem to draw them in, not sure why. We are quite different but somehow have a deep connection, very enchanting and easy. Interesing topic!

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  • some of the girls i have attracted the most are aries, sags and leos.. i am attracted to them as well.... gemini girls are supposed to be my best match according to some test ive taken. i havnt had much response from gemini girls until they get to know me really well, then may show a little interest..... libras are supposed to be a good gemini match but havnt had one that i know of ever attracted to me.. i agree with coffee gem on the age phase thing too there seems to be a relationship there. as far as friends, i seem to attract all signs and able to get along well with every sign except for a couple of cancers ive ran accross.. ..know it all, me me me types that dont mind stepping on people to get what they want.. my best male friend growing up is a cancer and acts like that now as a well as a broker i had a few years back who was also a cancer but, i now a couple other cancers that are cool so i dont know if thats a pattern or not. my best male friend now since my late teens is an aquarius.

  • I attract all kinds. I'm a Pisces so.. yeah...

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  • Sadly I usually attract Capricorns - 9 times out of 10 and I don't understand why 😞 I'm a female Aries. I"ve attracted Pisces men a lot as well and one or two Libras. I wish I could find a Leo, but even they get on my nerves atimes.

  • Almondee,

    You wish you "could find a leo but even they get on your nerves". So funny! I've been married to an aries for 30 yrs. I read your reply in another thread offerering advice on aries. Your reply sounds so much like the female version of my husband. Don't express feelings and don't interrupt work. My marriage has been a lesson in tolerance for both of us, sometimes a love/hate relationship but wow, the passion. Hope you find that leo. It could be magic.

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