What Signs Do You Attract?

  • I did some reflecting on my whacky love life since I started dating and realize that I attract certain signs. For the most part Aquarius and Capricorn men seem to gravitate to me but lately I've been in relationships with Aries men.

    But I also attract Virgo women friendships.

    Just wondering if anyone attracted a certain zodiac sign to them at various points in their lives?

  • Funny you wrote this. My girlfriends and I were discussing this yesterday. In romance - I only know 1 ascendant - the sun signs are all different - capricorn (double), Leo, Pisces, & Libra.

    However, in friendships, I've started collecting virgos as well. My three closest and dearest friends for the last three years - 2 are virgos and 1 is virgo ascendant. I am virgo ascendant too.

  • Hello,

    Im a taurus and I attract Gemini's, Aquarius, libra's, pisces, Scorpio's, Aries, and I really can't seem to get along with any of them. My husband of 13yrs was a SAG....SAG and Gemini's, Aquarius's I stay away from.

    But I could really get along with a Pisces, we could be friends and lovers, but they get on my nerves with their pickiness.

    I dated a libra, we hit it off pretty well, but he didn't last long...he started out fast and pooped out in about 2mos....easy come, easy go.

    Now I really like Gemini's but they dont like the total package just the sex.

    I also like Scorpio too, haven't found one yet. I do have LEO (BF) and her husb is a Taurus.

    Now my sons are earth signs.....Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

    so not sure what to think really...its the people not the sign I believe.

  • I usually attract Gemini's and Leo's. But I am more attracted to Gemini's. Love them.

  • i attract all the wrong signs lately

  • I seem to go through phases where all I will attract is one certain sign. I think I've dated every sign. my own sign is the worse for me. Then Sagi's. Taurus' bring a lot of heat to the relationship but there is usually a lot of drama too. All the ones I've had in my life have had other women BEFORE me that they still go and see or actually still lived with. I liked Aries because they are very truthful. They tell everyone's business including their own, they don't mean harm by it, it's just in their nature. Virgo's have always been too self centered and not realistic for me. One that I went out with maybe 4 times in a year, asked me if I loved him. I told him I didn't love any man at the time. he asked me if I was capable of love. WHAT???!! With Gemini's it always seems that one of the twins in them like me but the other one doesn't. All the ones I got are usually habitual liars, " I talk about a thousand minutes a day!" Man didn't realize that I know that is 16 hours and 40 minutes. I've been on a Cancer streak for the last 2 years. They are different when I first met them but, there are similar traits. I say that upbringing has a LOT to do with how a person is. My 3 Cancers are totally different when it comes to being reliable. the one that has the lesser education and developed an alcohol problem, self centered. The other two are very reliable. Both have very close families, both had both of their parents in the home while they were growing up and their parents are STILL together. They both went to college and have responsible careers. One talks a lot, loves to please, loves family and wants to marry again and the other is quiet, moody, suspicious and doesn't want people to know his business and has no plans to even be in a committed relationship let alone marriage. i have figured that it's not JUST the sign for me, it's the education level and how they have been taught to treat a woman. I like African American men that are Nerds and Geeks!!

  • Interesting topic and yes I attract certain signs more than others--first would be Scorpios--they have been very important in my life. Second would be Geminis as well as Pisces and Aquarius. I seem to have lasting bonds with these signs as well as my own sign Taurus--in fact in my younger days I had so many Taurus friends and relatives that every year we had a big birthday Taurus bash--we of course invited the whole world! Always plenty of food and a keg. When I ponder where my youth went I remember oh yes that's right I WORE it out, that's where it went!

  • 2knowmeis2luvme,i agree with about the gemini's at least the 1 i knew was a big liar maybe not all gemini but this was truly nuts!

  • It sounds like you get along with a lot of people. I would consider you a people person. That's a good thing. Out of 12 zodiac signs you get aling with atlease half.

  • I am Aqua and my worst sign is Scorpio. It is somrthing about those Scorpio's that just rub me the wrong way. I know for a fact that they do not tell the truth and I have a problem with that. I work with one and I cannot stand her. I have 2 sisters that is a Scorpio but we get along just fine. I have never known them to lie to me. But other people outside my family or realm I just cannot trust.

  • Has anyone read the Men of Zodiac thread. That is the best site on the Net.

  • Worthy1248,

    I've read some of the Men of Zodiac thread & it is alot of fun. I don't know how to let go like those ladies do but I do enjoy reading it. Maybe because I'm married & pent up. Not sure.

    This thread is about what signs do you attract. I can make friends easily. However, the gregarious and the very negative are attracted to me. Perhaps that's because I'm a fire sign. I worked in a small office (20 people) for 20 years. Many were in the Libra to Scorpio range. They were quite stable & go with the flow type of people. One Pisces was very intelligent but tried to irritate me to no end with inuendo & avoiding doing any work whatsoever. I didn't mesh well with a Gemini (Taurus)cusp as she was into one-up-manship. My childhood best friend & neighbor was a Taurus. She was into crafting & I wanted to go to the pool. She was more persistent than I was as to what we would do that day but we always had fun. She kept me out of trouble & she is a golden friend.

  • I attract Virgo, Cancer, Gemini, Aries, and Pisces....husband is Pisces and so emotional 😉 I love it!

  • Ima Virgo,

    I Atrract Leo's more than any sign!

    i wont lie, I have a thing for them, although

    its said we have nothing in common!

  • I'm a Leo and when it comes to men, I attract Capricorn's though I'm married to an Aquarius but my best friends (2) are an Aquarius and Leo. I sometimes attract Virgo's if they are cusped, otherwise..it's a no go at the station 🙂 I assume this because I am on the cusp, the 22nd. Capricorn men fascinate me, 2 of my best bosses/mentors were Caps. My mother is a Capricorn and she drives me looney 🙂

  • My Venus is in Aquarius so I would never know even if they told me bluntly to my face they were attracted to me. You have to be my friend first :O)

  • CoffeeGem>>Just wondering if anyone attracted a certain zodiac sign to them at various points in their lives?

    Sandran712>>signs I attract..Mostly Aries.But, I have attracted Capricorn~Pisces~Saggitarius.

  • Sandran712>>signs I attract..Mostly Aries.But, I have attracted Capricorn~Pisces~Saggitarius

    Oops..Sorry I am a Cancer

  • This post is deleted!

  • Worthy>>Has anyone read the Men of Zodiac thread. That is the best site on the Net.

    Sandran712>>I have and I won't go back there.

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