Looking for a reading on a permanent home.

  • I recently have become homeless. It is effecting more than just me. Can anyone give me some insight? If so tell me everything you can plz.

    With love Serious.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you moona 🙂

  • serious7,

    I am so sorry to hear this. May I ask if this is related to the thread of yours - Anyone who can relate?

    I hope you stay strong during this difficult time. Aren't there any family or friends who can provide you a temporary shelter or help until you are back on your feet again? Please keep us updated.

    Sending positive thoughts and angel's prayers to you.

    Good luck.

  • In a way emergence, it is connected. I have temp shelter for about a week, so I have to see after that. It's just one big complicated mess.

  • Hi serious 7 so sorry to hear that i have been missing you and your wisdom what area are you at you not alone i am living in my travel trailer in my daughters yard i will pray for you if anybody would of told me i would be were iam now no way but i am here and so far my needs are being met not my wants my needs and i really try to see the positive in the now and learn and from the people on here and what they are going threw i believe we are being weened from the things we put a lot of importance in and learning how to do with out. I was use to bringing in 1500 to 2500 a week and now i am own unemployment and i am grateful for that and i have never went longer than a month with out work and now its been 15 months but i am very grate full for this forum it has allowed me to want to keep going i hope and pray things get better for you. You have a lot to give and you are a very giving person. Thinking of You Delbertc

  • Thank you for your wisdom dilbert! it means alot. It always is a learning and growing exp. And your in my prayers as well! 🙂 ty

  • Hey Ty have you talked to Captain she sure has helped me and for the first time in a long time i am tired my 3 year old grand son and me mowed my daughters lawn and cut up some limbs . I was laying on the floor putting or trying to put drive belt on riding mower any way i was getting up and grunted and then that grand son grunted just like his paw paw i say this to remind me to what is really important . You know i do not know what tomorrow holds for me but like finding a job i try to leave the results up to my higher power i just need to do the foot work like putting in resumes if i had 5.00 for every email i have sent in i would be in pretty good shape . But being tired today feels good i feel like i got some thing done ,i am the kinda person i like to stay busy but it hard to stay busy most of the things i want to do cost so i have to make do with what i got and try to enjoy the time i have i can tell you one thing for sure we had a beautifull sunset this evening and as long as i can be grateful for that i guess i am doing pretty good and i hope you had a good day. Delbertc

  • It was a pretty good day del. Just a bit on edge, but I'm learning and excepting that thier are things more important than just myself. Its beautiful how it all works, even the pain turns into a beautiful song once you look at it from a different prospective. The love is there and Im grateful for that! I havnt even reached close to my potential yet :). Best of love to you and your family! and yes captain is a great help and earthly guide ! God bless


    Plz pray for my friend, hes going into surgery in A couple of hours. ty

  • Good morning my friend glad you had a pretty good day and i sure will pray for your friend .Its great to wake up to the birds singing and the sun shinning its going to be a great day and you have a good one Delbert

  • Thank you all for th kind and positive thoughts. Can anyone tell me if they see me getting into something permanant?

  • Hi Serious,

    Sending prayers for you and your friend. I do see a small apt or room, light (from windows) and clear, (no furniture) I sure hope its for you, if thats what you want. I see things but have never done a reading,, so take this with a very small grain of salt.., just felt I should let you know. You can picture what what you really want and that should help the manifestations begin :). Many blessings, peace, light, and love to you Serious 🙂 and lots of great luck too! GJay

  • Thank you GJay, I appreciate the positive thoughts!

  • Thank ya'll for all the thoughts and prayers! Im finally in a permanant home!!!

  • Serious7,

    Good to hear that congrats, I supposed to tell you your welcome at my place need some company sometimes..Lol Just kidding I know this is not a good timing for me to drop a joke here.But anyways I find you interesting and I had few question if you don't mind me asking it for you .I read that your from Texas right and currently residing at UK correctly if I am wrong and your Cancerian anyways I would like to hear your approval if you allow me many thanks

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