Longing for Ex preventing me from moving on

  • Hi,

    I'm new to this forum but perhaps thought someone could offer some guidance. I've been reading junemoon26's readings and i've found them very interesting. Was wondering if someone could shed some light for me.I was in a serious relationship with a man ten years my senior, who broke my heart nearly a year ago. The relationship was healthy and wonderful but in the end he felt like he just didn’t see us getting married. He’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus so I understand we may not have been the best match. However, I feel like we were great for each other and covered one another’s weaknesses. I’m still sort of devasted almost a year after the break up and keep thinking of him. Its preventing me from moving on and I know he’s not wasting his energy thinking of me. Why do I still have this haunting longing for him? I need some help or for someone to tell me we have no future together so that I can just move on. My birthday is 5.5.1985 and his is 2.1.1975 I believe. Someone please help.

  • There is a very good thread on Love vs Desire. It gave me a lot of insight into what the two mean. I found after I was left that I started working on me and working on what my purpose is. I had so many worries when I came here and I was so scared about all the changes in my life. By spending time here and really trying to work on myself, those fears are gone and instead a sense of excitement towards my future is there. I still miss him...but I'm not lost anymore like I was. It's very liberating.

  • Hi,

    I've been through the similar situation.

    I'm Aquarius and the guy is Taurus. He's 1 year older than me.

    Trust me, it's not a good match even if u try to make it up.

    Taurus and Aquarius approach life very differently.

    Taurus tend to keep the relationship of the two. While Aquarius is extrovert and outgoing, they belong to the whole society.

    My Taurus was kind, sweet, he gave me security and great deal of care, which is good at first but then became annoying. Well it wasn't that bad and i appreciated it very much, i did. But problem is, he cares without knowing how to care. He wants to understand me without being able to understand.

    I may disappoint you by saying this, but Taurus can'[t keep up with Aquarius, to the level of conversation, thinking as well as action.

    I've found my Taurus guy was too simple, and that turned me off.

    Simply because we're different. Worse, completely different.

    In conclusion, the characteristics are just completely conflict.

    The only thing we have in common is the attitude of taking care of love.

    But you know, that can't be enough.

    Move on, my dear! For all the better.

    And one thing for sure you may count on him is that: if you give him space after the break-up and emailing him a very nice goodbye showing you guys can be friends, he would appreciate a lot. Then comes the right time, you guys can be friends again.

    Aquarius appreciate the good in people and remain friendship with their ex.

    5 days ago, when i broke up with a Gemini, my 1st love (my ex) came to me and we had a great chat and drink. The ex are my best friends.

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