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  • This post is deleted!

  • I think I recently discovered my life path. I want to open an animal rescue. And have something for the employees too. It was a thought that just popped into my mind about 5 days ago and now it sjust a full blown obsession. I'm not exactly sure where to start. I will look into grants but I don't know how much it will cost? I have taken care of animals all my life! On occassion, I will try to make people happy too. I figured, on the same time every day, I will go into (like a confessional) a room so people ca talk anonymously if they need to. People never come straight out and say something. I am here for a secific reason and I hope that this is it. When I was 23, I worked at a vet clinic. The vet was administering an IV and I almost passed out! My whole life flashed before my eyes. I have done far more disgusting things to animals but I couldn't watch it. I was heartbroken. This makes perfect sense though. I want at least 3 acres. I want to help livestock too. Anything but insects! LOL I know alot about animals!

  • Well a little update: FINALLY I have an interested publisher. They want some major changes, and I have decided to go along with that, but also ask for a literary consultant. Someone to help with the changes. I think perhaps a compromise can come through something like that.

    I am optimistic! If anyone can feel or get anything on it - It is welcome advice. 🙂

  • Just thought I Would freshen this up a bit, as I am ringe to the publishers tomorrow. 🙂

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