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  • Hi

    I have currently finished a book which I have sent to f our publishers, and I am anxiously awaiting their reply. I feel very close to my guides (at times) these days, but I am also nervous. If my book gets published, which I am convinced it will, my life will change completely. Which makes me want to do everything in my power to make sure that it is a wonderful change.

    Patience seems to be my middle name these days (and it is driving me absolutely crazy) because I am also waiting for a man to sweep me off my feet. I meditate, send love, paint (my book is illustrated with my own artwork, and that part is ingeniuos if you ask me) - and think way to much.

    I was hoping there might be a gifted claivoyant, tarot, someone out there - who can give me a few stepping stones - maybe a date that the publishers will answer - or the man for that matter!

    feb. 22 1976.


    A writer.

  • Hello AWriter -

    I can't help you in the claivoyant, tarot departments, but I do want to wish you LUCK!! I'm sure your book will be published and I will remember you in my prayers! Just wanted you to know that someone saw your need . . .

    Have a good day! 🐵

  • Thanks Jacqueline!

    Maybe just letting the thought of my book out in the open with good energi - will bring tons of luck!

    You have a wonderful day yourself!

  • Hello AWriter!

    I noticed no one else ever wrote to you, how sad!! I was just wondering how the book was coming along, have you heard from any publishers? Let me know when it's published, I'd love to read it.

    Have another great day!

  • AWriter i admire people who write i do good to write my own name but i do some art work i like making furniture and i do my art work on it i will draw it out then carve it into the wood nothing like the smell of sanded wood i like to keep as much of the natural look as i can maybe sometime after your book get published you can let me know so i can get a copy of it i bet it will be a no one seller and you have a great Day. Delbert c

  • Thanks Jacqueline and Delbert!

    I am still waiting for that reply from the publishers, but i guess it could be any day now! 🙂

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  • Thanks zephire. I hope things will change - for the better! 🙂

  • AWriter, I can't help you with clairvoyance, although I would be glad to do a tarot reading for you. You might try Twinsoul's weekly readings thread for a direct answer to your question... I work in publishing and just want to remind you that many authors experience dozens of so-called rejections before they find the right publisher. if you don't have luck with your first feelers, don't lose heart! And if you want more info on the publishing world or to search for publishers and/or agents who specialize in your subject area, check out publishers marketplace (google it). it's a paid site but has a free subscription newsletter as well, and last I knew you could still get a trial month free. blessings and light, gd

  • Graceful: if you could, I would love a reading! I just might look into the publishing world, through that site - for my next book. I am living in Denmark, and my first book is in danish, which makes publishing and so on, a bit easier. I have already had a couple of nos, so I know about the rejection thing. 😉 darnit. However, the two publishers who have it now, I think may have more interest, the book fits in better because they are a bit bigger.

    Right now, though, I am working on a new book, and I haven't quite decided whether it should be in english, or danish. (I am american born...)

    Blessings to you, and thanks for the help!


  • AW, how great that you can write and illustrate or use your own art within the book. I'm on that learning curve where I still don't consider myself exactly psychic but know when something feels right etc. I have the distinct feeling by mentioning your book and awaiting the publishers response you have opened up the flow of energy to get that task achieved positively. I wish you much success. I myself love to write and have found visiting here has freed me from some long standing blockages. Keep us posted. Hope you get the readings you desire.

  • Hi Rc! 🙂

    Thanks a lot! After a lot thought stuff, I asked a clairvoyant, and she said I would be signing a contract in July. Soooo my fingers are still crossed!

    As far as writing and illustrating are concerned, I have in the past weeks found out that, that is my path. Like William Blake. My next book is in the oven, and I am (at the moment) absolutely sure it will be aaawesome"

    It might even be published in english. 🙂 (not living in a english speaking country)

    I will keep you posted (probably though there will go a looooong time yet)

    Thanks for the support!

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  • Thanks a Lot zephire! Wauw. I will keep working and gladly await any change. The best to you - too!

  • And by the way Zephire: The life mission, and that you say I should not hesitate, applies very much. I have delayed things a bit the past couple of weeks. I had a friend who read the first three chapters of my new book, and critisized things. That would be a good thing, if I were at another stage in writing, but right now, that is disastrous. So I have been fighting hesitation and thinking again, about if I really can pull off what I want to accomplish. Your words have given me faith in that I can.

    Thanks again. Have a great day and best wishes.

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  • Thanks again Zephire! Wonderful. Just what I needed. My cards say to concentrate on my positive me, too!

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