Tarot interpretation

  • Hi, i made this topic before, but somehow it disappeared, or i cant find it.

    Anyway, i asked if i should follow the interpretation given in the mini handbook that came along with my deviant moon deck or the traditional(Rider-Waite deck) when conflicts occur.

    Also, (this is new) i got tower for my "hidden forces" on my first general reading, with the circular spread (lunatic spread) that was included with the deck. The reading was friday last week, it just came to me that maybe i been cursed. I know its probably not the case, but, can i be sure? I got devil for "spiritual" btw, it fell out while i was shuffling the deck.

    The spread goes( i dont remember all the cards): Present day(Hermit) -> Past influences(?) -> Subconcious influence (Six of cups?)-> Secret desires and wishes (two of cups)-> Hidden forces(Tower) -> Events Yet to Come(Ace of Cups) -> Surrounding Environment (?)-> Influence on others(Chariot?)-> Spiritual Forces(Devil) -> Final outcome(?).

  • bump?

    how bout at least telling me what you think of y reading

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