Need Help Figuring Out If Someone Is Using Magic Against Me

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    I called a few psychics where they give free complimentary readings and all they do is pretty much tell you how they are here to help and how much stuff is.A few of them had tried to convince me of letting them do a cleansing or love spell. The bad thing with spells is they come back at you times 3 and the last thing I wanted was 3 times more bad luck. I have had some tell me that I will win money from a lottery or something. I am convinced with the psychics on here.They are really good and in-depth with everything and have impressed me 100%

  • I'm sure there are good psychics out there, I just got one that is out for the money. Good luck to you, wish you the best.

  • toni>>THe psychics in here are great, I go by what they say, they are very generous in giving us advice.

    Sandran712>>I don't believe that some people in here are psychics.Some of them give general information that anyone can say.You can't get a real psychic advice for free.You are getting free general advice. In here..I was told I would not have anyone in my life.Even my gut feeling doesn;t feel that.Long Term I mean.I have better intuition in here than others.But, I am not a psychic.But, I do have psychic abilities.

  • Yes I respect the psychics in here, they have given me great advice.

  • toni>>Yes I respect the psychics in here, they have given me great advice

    Sandran712>>I am not holding anything against them.I just said not all of them are true psychics.And I am sure everyone wants a free reading all the time.You get what you pay for...Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

  • Well - if you really want to do a "cleansing" Take some rosemary and lavendar and put it into a mesh bag. Draw up a nice warm bath. Put some sea salts into the water. put the mesh bag into the water. Before you step into the water say "All my negativity will be washed way". Say this again when you get into the bath. Submerse yourself as fully as you can and say it again. Scrub yourself with seasalts and say it as you wash. Before you get out of the tub let the water out of the tub and say "all of my begativity is going down the drain". Then get out of the tub and drug yourself. Rub lavendar all over. Heh - if all the negativity doesn't really get washed down the drain at least you will smell good. 🙂

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