Really Need Help, in turmoil..

  • To anyone that can help,

    'I am an emotional mess right now and just want some honest answers and honest insight about what is going on with this man that I have known and been involved with. Everything was fine, I talked to him Sat., except he acted weird and I just have a funny vibe. He has not returned any phone calls or text messages. I feel like I am getting the silent treatment and for what , I have no clue. Usually my first thoughts would be " is he interested in someone else?" bc I have had enough bad apples that they all have done the same pattern to me and usually it was another female. Or is something else going on? I don't care what it is, if it is drugs, alcohol, or a woman and he is an asshole thats fine just I want to know so I can cut it off. If i said or did something wrong, that's fine I want to know, so I can fix it. If he is a cheating whore, then I want to know it. what is going on with this person? their birthdate is 32778. I am on a totally different playing field this time and I can't handle nonsense in my life and I just need to know. Thank you

  • be strong.. thats the best advice.. he will either pop back up when he wants something or hes just bored and doesnt feel like entertaining the situation any longer. depending on his sign maybe its a pattern that you havent sen yet in him in his personality. dont blame yourself men cant be explained to us and men will never understand us. your right you dont need nonse so take a deep breath look in the mirror and SMILE.. do something for yourself something you enjoy to take your mind off of someone that obviously isnt thinking of you.

  • hmmmm, Be cautious, wait and see and stop calling. 🙂

  • Trust what you already know -- sounds like he has backed off for some reason. It's so difficult to not know exactly why but it may not be anyting in particular -- perhaps he is not sure either. Give him some space. Spend the energy you have been putting into wondering what's going on with him on yourself. Do some wonderful things for yourself.

    Let him go for awhile. That will relieve pressure on you and him and free up the energy for both of you.

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