How do i read Scorpio?

  • What does it mean when a scorpio starts calling you baby?

    so i've known this guy for a while and we talk all the time sometimes for up to 8 hours on te phone or online and he always says really sweeet things like that im important to him and i told him i loved him and now he says he loves me too sometimes even before i say it and has started calling me baby and honey. but he hasnt said anything about a relationship. i just sometimes dont know if its real or if he knows its what i want to hear

  • How do you read a Scorpio? You don't! But you can ask them point blank what's on your mind. They do not have thin skins. I'm assuming what you are wondering about is if he loves you as a friend or a lover. Just ask him. If he says-- WHY do you ask? Be honest. If you are hoping for more but don't want to loose his friendship you must tell him. Best advice for dealing with Scorpios in general is HONESTY.

  • ok thanks yeaa i guess im just worried if i come out so strong it might push him away.. lol im a bit of a coward when it comes to emotions i guess

  • If indeed you are a coward about emotions the Scorpio is the man to challenge that--you could grow with this relationship--be brave--grow outside your comfortzone--expect a sting or two or three with the Scorpio but like any good bootcamp you will get stronger and wiser. SPEAK UP! Never stifle yourself for another--it attracts abuse and in the end strips you of your power. Be yourself and expect others to love you or not but be yourself and don't ignore your needs. It gives permission to the wrong people to take advantage of you.

  • Blmoon hit the nail on the head! It's always better to be honest with us.

  • yea thats great advive Blmoon and i guess i know that deep down i think i am getting better i do feel i have grown so much from knowing him he always does say things that make me thing differently. lol oo i surely dont want to be abused i think i will speak up when it comes to that i can be tough when need be i guess i'll just learn to be consistantly strong

    thanks soo much guys 🙂

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  • yea liathano you guys are able to read people wayyyyy to well even when you sound happy they can catch a hint of stress

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