Spirits and guides

  • Can any one tell me who my guides are and if there are any spirits around me.

  • Hi gemmini,

    Good question, I have often wondered about the same things 🙂 I know I had a male with long black hair and reminded me of a huge sparkling lake. He was so peaceful. He was my, guide from before age 4 and many years. Tho I sometimes feel him every now and then, different pitched understandings came from different and more than one when or abt. the time I was a teen, it was confusing, it was not my old guide, the one I knew and loved. I was a bit sad, but also had the understanding these were different it was okay. I called my old guide Lake Superior 🙂 As a child of 3 or 4 what did I know 🙂 I just knew he always told me exactly what I needed to know and was with me when I meditated (Didn't know that I was meditating when I was that young lol & I would meditate for long amounts of time) and saved me from most likely being eaten by a momma bear with here cubs which passed between my rock in the woods and the cabin! I knew I was supposed to be back at a certain time, as I got up to leave (I think I was about 5yrs. then) to go back, he said stay still, Stay Very still until I say it's okay. I stayed very still, when he said okay you can go now. I got up and left, thinking on my way back, boy am I going to be in trouble! Yep my Mom and Grandma were running down the driveway to me! Boy am I in trouble! They came running up to me !Are you okay?! Um yeah.....bracing for my paddling lol.... Oh my God a mother bear with her cubs just passed between your rock and the cabin! Aree you sure you are alright? Did you see her and the cubs?! (As everyone knows you NEVER go near a bear cub, momma is close by and you will be dinner) No, I didn't see anything, I said. They went on about how happy they were I was alright and on and on... Whew! No paddling lol!

    But I do wonder why he had to go, and who these new and changing guides are...and more. Thanks for asking this question, it has been on my mind Alot lately! I am sorry I couldn't answer your question very well, as this is all I know my experiences. Maybe someone can help us more 🙂 All the Best!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank u for trying .I ish i knew what they were trying to say .Because i cannot see or hear anything but i do get the feeling some one is nearby.

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