Can someone explain what these cards mean or what they are telling me

  • I done the love celtic cross on here and also the celtic cross. I don't know much about reading the cards and would like some one who can read them for me. The love celtic one is as follows

    Love and me- 3 of coins

    Challenges-ace of wands

    Near future- The hierophant

    situation- eight of swords

    recent past-page of wands

    background-2 of coins

    higher power- ace of cups

    Long-term potential- strength

    Love advice-king of swords

    issues- 7 of cups

    the celtic was as follows

    recent past-2 of cups

    situation-queen of cups

    self- knight of coins

    Higher power- temperance

    foundation-the sun

    challenge opportunities-queen of wands

    near future- justice

    long term- 7 of cups

    advice- 4 of coins

    allies- 8 of swords

    blocks and inhibitions- queen of swords.

    Really not sure in which order these go so would some one please help with this.Thanks

    Love and peace to all

  • Hi libralady, Yes I would love to read these for you, I will have some time in a couple of days or sooner, Lola, Elizabeth.

  • Hi libralady2008, I would like to try a new approach to reading, my last readings were so long, I hope this info helps. [Love and you] The 3 of pentacles, Memories of the past will begin to fade away, freeing you to accept new opportunities.

    [Challenges] The ace of wands, You won't want to experience life alone or have a "part-time" relationship, you will want a full-time partner and though you will be receptive to those who advance, the time won't be ripe to reap the full harvest.

    [Near future, The hierophant, Romance will enter your life, but the relationship won't get off the ground because you want an elevated love and will not settle for less. You will sacrifice love altogether rather than have a relationship that isn't right.

    [Situation, 8 of swords, You want to get out of an oppressive situation or change your line of work.

    [Recent past, Page of Wands, You wil fear that you and your lover are not going to get together, or that even if you did, it would just be a superficial relationship with no real depth or giving of one's self.

    [Background, 2 of pentacles, You will be trying to maintain emotional control when faced with upsetting news or circumstances; yet unbeknown to you, your lover feels the same.

    [Higher power, Ace of Cups, A call, v isit, or union with an admirer will bring a refreshing change and a fresh start. A marriage could also be indicated.

    [Long term potential, Strength. You may not be ready to commit to or become totally involved in a new relationship.... this could be because of an emotional attachment to the past.

    [Love advice, King of swords, Dwelling on the past only causes pain, so you'll release it and let it go. This could concern someone who's in a legal or law-enforcement profession. Or a Libra.

    [Issues, 7 of Cups, You will experience a lot of vacillation in matters of the heart, and will be looking for the right approach or the right mate. Or, you will have so many other things on your mind that love will be the furthest thing from it.

    I will work on the Celtic spread soon. Lola to you and yours and have a wonderful night. Also I hope this has clarified things for you, if not let me know, this is how I can learn. xoxoxo. Elizabeth.

  • luv2laf,

    Thank you very much... Would love it if you done a celtic and love celtic for me. The one I am curious about is my ex his dob 11 02 71 and mine is 10 22 69.. We were together a little over a year and been apart for about 4 months now. Just would like some input. Have gotten other readings from others but would appreciate yours as well. I have been keeping my readings so I can go back and re-read them when I need to. THank you so much for you time. If you would, will you do one for my daughter as well.celtic that is ,, her dob is 8 8 94. Wondering if Her talent, which is singing, will go anywhere. and what is ahead for her.thank you again. love and peace to you and in all you do

  • didn't really get the love advice part about the person cause I am a libra and don't know anyone in any of the other professions.

  • Thankyou for your reply, and I wish you and your beautiful daughter all the best. When I get some free time I will look into this, thankyou for asking, Have a glorious night. Lola. Elizabeth.

  • Hi libralady2008, I think that the love advice was meant for you being a Libra. Lola. Elizabeth.

  • Luv2laf

    just checking in to see if you have had any time to do the rest for me as of yet. Love and peace to you

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