Is there a way to know if you have a soulmate or twinflame?

  • I'm kind of confused. How would one know if they had a soulmate, if they were with their soulmate or if they were with a twinflame (what is a twin flame?). Thanks... Can you "see" if someone is meant to be with a certain person or who they are suppose to be with?

  • I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me understand this (if you have time). I've had some very insightful advice from a few of you and I'd love to pick your brains on this one :0). I'm half wondering for my own personal future but also wondering just to satisfy my wonder... thank you in advance. :0)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Gladyouwroteme,

    Please take a few minutes to come by the Enchanted Pond . You will find us waiting for you under the " Soulmates Part2 ". As you embark on this journey please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like to the Queenies Sistas that visits the Enchanted Pond. You will be happy to know that a glass of delectable nectar and gooey eclairs await you as arrive to the Enchanted Pond.

    It is warm around the Pond and the sun rays will beam down on you to keep you warm right down to your heart. If you are sad the warmth of all the Queenies Sistas will keep you comfortable.

    But to answer your question: A soulmate can be anybody but in my case it was my beloved husband, Keith. How do I know? At first when we met I got this warm feeling inside my heart,mind and soul. Then as the relationship grew into a marriage our live would be describe as " stickier than tape and tighter than twine". Everywhere you would see me you would see my husband. As the years passed we became one...we would speak the same thoughts at the same time.

    So please take a seat on one of the rock to begin telling your story.



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