Hi Hans I am really sad and struggling

  • dear Hans

    I wondered if you could help me again.. The situation is still on going with J. The further I step back emotionally the more he advances but I am so upset tonite - he texted me asking if I want sex with him. DOnt get me wrong sex with us was always great but I feel what he asks is so disrespectful because he is still living with N. In fact the question made me feel sick. I responded no to him and questioned him about whether he really appreciates the effect his actions are having - particularly on our two very young children. My son who is two wakes each night crying for his dad - it breaks my heart. What is going on? Am I playing this right ? I am actually beginning to feel like I dont want him back.

    thanks for reading

    UBB x

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  • Hi am so sorry to keep bumping this up but just hoping that Hans may see this

    🙂 x

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