Help? Unsure on tarot reading...

  • Just received my tarot reading & wanted more insight to The Ten of Swords in The #8/Loved One position. Does this mean the person is at a dead end with me or with another aspect of their lives or what?

  • I guess it would help to know the other cards in the spread, so here it goes. (If I get the possition numbers wrong, I'm sorry... I'm so new to this.)--Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    11 Card Celtic Cross Spread

    #1 Love & me (The Magician)

    #2 Challenges (Wheel of Fortune)

    #3 Situation (Page of Swords)

    #4 Background (Eight of Swords)

    #5 Recent Past (Two of Cups)

    #6 Near Future (Page of Wands)

    #7 Issues (Four of Coins)

    #8 Loved One (Ten of Swords)

    #9 Love Advice (Six of Swords)

    #10 Long Term (Seven of Coins)

    #11 High Power (King of Coins)

  • Help anyone?

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