Lonely for Unconditional love/friendship/companionship (Repost w/ better title)

  • I have had romantic ties between to Aquarians and consistent dreams (over the past 2 years) which indicate to me I need to make a choice. I know one, first initial B (February 17, 1973) revolves around a past life circumstance and is, at times, unhealthy. We have had an on again off again physical relationship though it is currently off. Yet, we can't shake each other an it is our fears which lead to unhealthy aspects; fears which I have begun to overcome but I believe he is currently stagnating.

    The second has not gone beyond flirtation but is a healthier person who is an absolute male feminist while still being masculine (I have long been drawn to effeminate men who feel inadequate and this is partially why I have been in so many abusive relationships: the key word here is partially). Both men are highly intell9igent but while B is an artist who often questions his successes and value, D (Aquarian number 2: January 21, 1980) is an activist lawyer who has done so much good for those who are underprivileged for any number of reasons. His views are in line with mine and this is shown through both words and action (B, it's just words). I also know that I knew D before (I am clairaudient and my Grandmother keeps telling me she "sent me that Campbell." D and I are both extraordinarily proud of our Scottish Campbell ancestry).

    I am not in a place to get involved with anyone at this present time but when I am ready, are either of these candidates going to be in a position to get involved with me? Are either going to want to? I feel it could go either way and while B is unhealthy now, this isn't always going to be the case. Who should I choose or should I forget the pair of them?

    Thanks for any info. If further info required (ie: names, pics) please email me privately so I can keep everyone relatively anonymous.

    My birthdate is 15 September 1977 and first initial is also B, if this helps

    I also want to add that, despite knowing that I have much healing to do before I can enter an intimate relationship, I am incredibly lonely, For reasons I won't get into my son lives in another province and I haven't any other family. I certainly do not have friends ( I prefer a small group of close friends over a flock of superficial ones). I am surrounded by love from people who have passed but sometimes it would be nice to have someone on an earthly plane to talk to, have coffee with, to hold and lend a should a shoulder to as they could for me.

    Does anyone see anyone coming into my life? Even as a friend? I know my healing process depends on me and the work I put in but I have been working so hard and solidly for three years. Just today at a Healing Touch session (I have only been going to someone other than working on myself for about 2 months) commented on how much stronger I am. Can I find unconditional love (not necessarily intimate love) from either of these two (I have always had more male friends than female) or anyone else? Anyone see anyone at all entering my life who is healthy for me. And who shares my interests (most of my friends have been male because of my interests; most have never been and neither party wanted to be lovers).

    Thank you again.

    (while I am intuitive and use my own gifts as well as tools, such as automatic writing and tarot etc, like many I have difficulty truly looking at the knowledge from my higher self and sources with unbiased eyes).

    Thank you again

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