• WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW I totally haven't checked my thread but I'm happy you guys are having good conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll try the fiber out! I did not know that extra virgin oil would help out? I always try to stay away from oil, I mean it's just fat isn't it?

    I heard about the colon treatments, but it seems so scary!!!

  • contrary to popular belief. it does werk it is not fattening that's the important thing,and if you should try organic raw cocnut oil extra virgin there is no fat in it.also,you could try coconut water as well.or yet try a partial fast simply with juices such as bluebery,pomegrant, celery juice atrtesian water with these you should drop weight like crazy i know because i tried these methods all the best in your weight loss&diet program.

  • Great Idea, I'm going to hit up the local fresh market tomorrow to find some of the stuff you listed. Sounds good šŸ™‚ I'll try it out!

  • go for it!if you have any questions please feel free to do so.and let me know how things are going.all the very best to you!recommend you go to a health food store to get the best products educate yourself,and you'll be a changed person,more confident,and more energy than you ever thought possible good luck!

  • Thunder>>celery juice atrtesian water

    Sandran712>>Won't plain celery juice work?I have a juicer at home.and also...You say you drop weight like crazy...I wonder how much of this weight is actually solid fat weight and not just water retention weight.

  • a lot of it caused by candda yeast infections in the colon everyone has candida yeast in their bodies i was told that it stays in the colon walls and just sits there until you do something about it.A juicer is great it can help with many other produce at home such as cabbage juice as well tastes awful but does the job.Sorry Mestiza for the long speech,but hope you get something from it as well!

  • I SO want to back up what everyone is saying about the virgin coconut oil on here, it truly is amazing stuff!!!...I recommend a couple of is by Bruce Fife called "The Coconut oil Miracle". and Cherie Calbom, "The Coconut Diet"....both of these books are very informative...I was one of those who feared eating all the "oil" at first, but these books really put your mind at rest and explain the misdiagnose tests done on it years ago....COCONUT OIL IS WONDERFUL!!!!!....I am just a coconutty woman....LOL...




  • And since I've managed to lose 48 pounds in 5's my two cents. Diet, exercise are the foundations to weight loss. The kicker?? Loving yourself. Being happy. My best friend pointed it out to me last night. I have been so happy since coming here that I have continued to lose weight because I am happy. Exercise has kicked in my metabolism so that I can now process foods much easier and faster. Staying away from junk is good but impossible. Loving myself? The pounds are coming off steadily and that also in turn...make me even happier!

  • .Auntbuck>>'s my two cents. Diet, exercise are the foundations to weight loss

    lose 48 pounds in 5 months..

    Sandran712>This all may be true.When I talked to the lady at the health food store.She said she tried all of this.She tried everything and nothing was working until she used the coconut oil.Because she had thyroid issues too.It seems awful weird that I used to ride a bike everyday and didn't budge an inch for weight loss.But, the clothes were looser.And another thing.I haven't been on a regime longer than 2 months.Where something comes up and hinders it.Noting that I broke both ankles and my son having a stroke.I think what is going on is...Maybe my time span spent with my program is not long enough.You mention the 5 months.I was reading in the paper about a lady losing 65 pounds in 6 months.Nothing mentions her have a thyroid issue.But, I know I am not giving up.I will still keep on riding the bike.

  • remember also sandran712 coconut promotes healthy hair it becomes stronger,look for agood organic shampoo maybe to help you with yer hair?

  • WOW, I did not know you can lose weight from Tomatoes. As much as I love,love Tomatoes I have never lost any weight. As A matter of fact that on fruit they say you don't eat whilr your trying to diet. What else goes along with that?

  • Sandran - Definitely keep riding your bike. Swimming is another good exercise and with Summer coming up and well being Cancer and all....I plan on taking advantage of a girlfriends pool this summer for exercise. Remember that when you lose fat and gain muscle, muscle weighs more than fat. BUT....muscle also helps burn fat so its a good thing. You notice your clothes are getting looser but the weight isn't coming off. By riding your bike, you are gaining muscle. Its all good. Like I said...focus on how you feel. Another thing that I was told, stress will make it hard to lose weight also. Sounds like you've been under a lot of stress with the broken ankles and your son. Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep depriviation will make it hard to lose weight too. Add the Coconut Oil to all this....sounds like success to me.

    Worthy1248 - A lot of what I was eating was cucumber-tomato salads with rice vinegar. Love it! Eat ALL you want of it. I found that I was I was actually limiting my calories too much and stalled the weight loss so I started adding a protein or whole grain with it. Summer is coming up...fresh vegetables galore. Can't wait!

  • worthy>.As A matter of fact that on fruit they say you don't eat whilr your trying to diet

    Sandran712>>I don't call it a diet.I call it portion control.That is really what it is.You can eat your goody stuff.But, not all the time.But, in moderation.I seen somewhere .You do not deprive yourself of sweets because it makes you crabby...LOL.And you may fall off the wagon.Just don't go hog wild on anything.I am keeping up on the bike.And looking into somehing else for indoors.

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