• yes,i heard about that you guys got walloped pretty good eh?up here it is just about all gone,nice sunny weather.So are you a Cancer then?just wonderin?

  • cancer moon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so i feel all the sensitive things but i dont lash out i hold most things in side and deal with it on my own! my best friend is a cappy! ahhhhhhh glad you are getting the snow bye bye!!! yes we were shut down here fir a week at one point not good for the pocktes huh?? im still trying to catch up on bills!! I HATE SNOW!!

  • welcome the club,hate snow and always get the-40,-30 stuff that stuff really kills

  • i know, that really bites!!! i not gonna complain any more! heck i coulda had a canada winter all winters but i dont so ill stop whining!!!! but on the goood side for you , you dont have our dog days of july and august!! so ill be envious of you in summer!!!!! canada is the good place in summer!!!! lucky you!!!

  • shatz>>"Drink Metamucil.They have orange flavor."I'm curious on this topic as well, how many teaspoons or table spoons.

    Thanks, sorry to jump into ypur post Mestiza

    Sandran712>>1 teaspoon to 8oz of water/ gotta drink at every meal.Has to give your body a chance to adjust your bowel habits

  • Up here in alberta we get tornadoes in the summer alot

  • a very good recommendation from my acupunturist is to drink warm distill water moves thru your large intestine,small intestine,and creates faster bowel moveents,but you have to drink at least 10 glasses daily. on the other hand it really does nothing for your colon where the junk gets stored,and just sits there your whole life until you do colonics,and infrared sauna treatments if you do that you'll a different person,inside,andout no mood swings either feel like your 18 again!

  • ok kkkkkk!! il be verrrry happy to live here in the arghhhhhhhhh no tornadoes for me! i lived in japan and had those also the earth quakes! in school your desk would shake! but as a kid it was fun!

  • wow! that must to have been different eh?if you like stclaire you can go on my thread "where's the love at"?,or "where's the love at?part 2.i see that sandran712,and aunt buck are there now!

  • oh yeah stclaire you can find the above mentioned threads at the anything goes catergory.hope you'll check it out even tho i'm a cappy guy

  • YEP K!!

  • stclair>>has chips with a pic of a crab on them

    Sandran712>>I think I have seen chips like that.I zeroed in on the beady eyes.And yep! that is my cousin on those bag of chips..LOL

  • Thunder>>your colon where the junk gets stored,and just sits there your whole life

    Sandran712>>>So you know Phillips Colon Lady? When you drink that distilled water "Do You feel the Instant Cool Sensation?????LOL.Junk being stored just sitting there.I think alot of us are tired of our bodies feeling like a garage sale...LOL

  • hey sandran ill meet you at the love pt 2 lnk if ya want your a rip!!!

  • stclair>.hey sandran ill meet you at the love pt 2 lnk if ya want your a rip!!!

    Sandran712>>I hang on both part and 2 Where's the love

  • Also try Goji juicw total 100!great stuff helps to promote weight loss,good for eyes to i know i use it quite abit good for libido too.

  • so thunder the goji makes you go....ji !!! welll go go go ji!!!!!


  • Thunder>>know i use it quite abit good for libido too

    Sandran712>>Oh really.You have to have reason to increase the libido.Oy vey!

  • sandran go to wheres the love and vent with us

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