Need help, was insulted by a medium, as I tried to help another

  • Hi, I am reaching out to the community now for some help in trying to understand a very rude and thoughtless comment made from a so called medium who thinks that she is a specialist in love, romance and the tarot cards. I spent 4 hours on a reading for someone and went step by step with her to show her in detail what the cards may have implied, I am a student and woke up today to find that this person wrote to the woman that I was reading for. This is what she said' I am a medium and specialise in love and romance and the tarot cards, I laugh at the other version of amateurs". I wrote a post awhile back on negative teachers and now it is happening again! Please refer to the post from a few days ago called Disappointed reading, it is on the 3rd page where this ignorant person attacked me personally! I am trying to understand why others feel the need to undermine all of my hard and caring work, am I such a threat? Or is this a jealous person? What about all the others who are sharing with eachother, what gives Mtstique the right to laugh at anyone, and if she was a spiritual person her ego has consumed her. I would appreciate some help with this please because I have been exposed to these types for far too long!

  • Mystique, I did not appreciate your laughing at us versions of amatuers! How dare you insult me or anyone who is a student and explains this from the start! If you are a so called spiritual medium who specialises in love and relationships then maybe you should meditate on your ego for awhile. You may get away with this kind of rude insulting behavior in your mind, but you are lucky that you did not laugh in my face person to person!

  • Sometimes luv2laf you just have to consider the source. People like that won't stick around all that long because they think they are above the rest so just look at it as everyone has an opinion just like they have that brown spot just under the tail bone. And sometimes they both stink!

  • Luv2Laf,

    This is simply petty immaturity,

    you done your work and said what you had to say

    obviously she understood, her mistake and probably knew she

    had made a mistake..These types of people you wish them well

    because not only did she make one mistake she made two..

    and we all make mistakes But her's was self explanditory,

    if your such spiritual then why arent you looking at the situation from

    a spiritual point of view, so i say let her be and insult her with Kindness!


  • addictdtoriches, I don't appreciate your comment about this being petty immaturity, but then again I will not bend to your insults either! I hope that you feel better now that you have put me down. And if you are being insulted after you worked so hard to help someone, wouldn't you feel like sticking up for all of the other students as well?Spiritual or not, there are times when I will not put up with this crap or sugar coat it!

  • Luv2laf,

    Immature, arrogant and snobbish! (that's her)

    She is giving me negatives vibes and I wouldn't want a reading from her.

    Her attitude will certainly influence the reading (not that my life is so great that my reading w

    ill all be positive and perfect but I certainly do not want my reading to turn for the worst lol)

    Don't let her get you down, stay above her level.

    Thank her for her comments and carry on with whatever you are doing.

    She did that to you because of her own self doubt.

    (I also leave you a post in the other thread - Disappointed reading)

    Hang in there! Keep smiling 🙂

  • Libraslair, thankyou so much for your opinion, I'm sure there are alot of us out there who feel the same way, you see the truth and I appreciate this immensely! Lola.

  • Luv2Laf,


    Excuse me, i phrased that wrong..i meant to say shes the one being

    immature & petty..If shes spritually Grown she shouldnt delt with the situation the way she did and should have considered you input besides its only help just like i was trying to help You and from what it sounds like you've done what shes did to you lol but its no prob

    & i didnt mean to put you down huh, Really

    However you shouldnt let her or anyone else comments offend You

    and im talking future refference, maybe you miscommunicated with

    this person like with me.. dont be so quick to shoot the gun ask questions

    im not out to make you look bad sweetheart just a little advice.

  • Hmmm Luv2laf,

    I don't think addictedtoriches meant you when she said immature & petty...

    She must meant the other person...

    (I had to read her comments a few times too, to understand it)

  • Emergence, thankyou sooo much also for your support, I really needed it today! Lola and really, I can't thank you and Libraslair enough!

  • Luv2laf,

    No worries 🙂

    I hate it when someone gets all arrogant and snobbish!! ( that's her)

    No matter how great she is, she shouldn't behave that way to others.

    I feel sorry for her, hope she will do well in this life.

    (Ask you for a reading in the other thread)

    Have a good day!

  • O.K everyone I understand, My mistake and thankyou both for clearing this up for me, I will change my attidude and play nice again. And I am so sorry that I yelled fire then aim. I hope that every one will understand that I was in a state of shock at the time, but will make ammends with her. I really appreciate all of the support and in my heart know now that this forum is not against me. Thank you all. Lola.

  • Thanks so much for that Emergence,

    & for understanding my terrible text, texting fast im so used to phones SMH, &&

    I know how it is when someone upsets You, not only

    that but when your trying to help their @ssz & they brush you

    off being arrogant and rude! it really gets to you & sometimes

    make you take it out on others, thats why im learning to caution

    how i talk to people two words can ruin friendship, partners and potential

    friends or like me... Business lol

    I totally apologize if you thought i was offending you Luv2Laf,

  • addictdtoriches, thankyou you are a sweetheart, and I am sorry too. Lola, xoxo

  • I have copied below 3 of the 5 posts that Mtstique has posted on this site. In my experience the people who ARE really good (whether they be professional or not) are the ones who don't blow hot air up their own backsides. Mtstique you keep reminding people of how good you are and what you can do and that you are a professional......what makes you the all knowing all seeing over and above everyone else? Professional you may be......I would not in a pink fit ever pay to have any kind of reading with you. Your attitude and arrogance astounds me, to put others down who have reached out a helping hand to another simply out of kindness and generosity......and you call yourself spiritual??? You may want to rethink that. A true spiritual being gives from the heart, not because they think they are better than everyone else and are the only person who could possibly be right or have all the answers.


    any 1 can talk to them but they wont hear them in return. and only a medium can do that. i am 1 so i know. you may see little signs that spirit are around little vague things or smells related to them. but unless youre a medium you wont hear them speaking to you

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    i am a medium and read tarot proff n youre all wrong/ the tower is always major change/ a sudden happening or event that comes out of the blue/sudden shock or catastrophe from any area. can mean accident/ etc or a shock within your relationship its almost always bad news and a card that strips away any illusions you may have/ as the cards depicts everything crumbles and is rebuilt again from scratch/ the moon is a card of deception. secrets being kept things hidden from you. or yourself deluding yourself over something. or some 1 or their intentions can also mean danger you cant see. and or hidden enemies not many good things about the moon card. can also mean that if an illness is being investigated. that something is hidden. that hasnt come to light yet but it will after some delay/ 2 coins that means change.change of residence maybe. but changers are always looming if you get that card usually good changes/and the sun is1 of the most beautiful and hopeful cards in the deck it promises happiness within a relationship/ a good outcome if going through rough patch/ if career its promises success/ if health it means recovery/ can mean marraige / and 1 thing but only rarely. it can indicate a sudden death/ as a rule its always a positive lovely card hope thats helped lnl mystique x

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    hi shannon this is mystique im a spiritual medium/ n i specialise in love n relationships also experienced in reading the tarot. and on reading your post my heart went out to you/ n i laughed at the other versions of amatures.

  • addictedtoriches and luv2laf,

    no worries 🙂 just trying to help.

    also, it might be my sagittarius thingy lol, love to butt in whenever I feel right 🙂

    It sucks to be misunderstood, I get them too.

    Sometimes, I meant well but I worded it wrongly, then BAM..I got fired!

    I am very cautious with my words nowadays, my mouth can get me into trouble sometimes!

    Wenchie, thanks for the post and keep us updated 🙂

    Have a great day ya'll!! Sun is shining and its St. Patty's day!

  • You are all so wonderful to help me, and I wish for all of us students to continue our studies. As for the teachers thankyou from the bottom of my heart which you are helping to fill with love and faith again, not trying to sound too dramatic. Lola.

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