Scorpio Woman/ Aries Man.. ???

  • I am a triple Scorpio lady.. and there is an Aries man interested in me.. he is a ' first-decan' Aries..HOWEVER..; I am finding he is a bit ' harsh"..sometimes rude, even.. I cannot understand this, because at other times, he is swwt and caring..I actually was beginning to wonder if he i s' Bi-Polar' or something..he loses it over the smallest of things. I am not sure about this, as he is serious about me ,..but I am unsure about the whole thing..

  • wait...get to know him better...we Aries can be very tricky...sometimes the sweetest..but watchout dont make us mad!

  • WELL..I was correct on some of it...he DRANK and that made his mood swing. I usually discount Aries men ( my being a Scorpio, a triple one at that) And I know why...It is not a good combination. I appreciate the nice reply.

  • Hello 🙂

    Are you still with him?

    I have 5 planets in Scorpio and aries rising :O..yeah terrible isnt it? 🙂

    Have been seeing an Aries man for 2yrs, luckily its long distance. He is very sexy, passionate and warm at times (he has Scorpio/Aries comb. in his chart like me), but sometimes he is SO rude, arrogant, remote and cold

    He drives me mad!! Aries men can be very selfish, childish and arrogant....but very sexy?


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