Question for Hans Wolfgang ..please and thank you :O)

  • Hello Hans ,

    How are you today ? I was just wondering if there was anything in the cards for me taking up a different Job in the near future or maybe even working for myself one day .That is something I would really like to do ( Working for myself that is ) Which I am sure everyone would love to do lol .:O) (Not that I am not grateful for the job that I have) . It is just not what I want to be doing for the rest of my working days . )

    If so , which talent/s of mine do you see , would be the best avenue for me to take that would generate a source of income for me or if any of them is really worth putting extra money out to accomplish such a goal . I am hoping for great wealth here lol .I am not a materialistic person . Just enough to even out the budget and any necessities in between .If anything comes to mind I would appreciate it .

    Have a great day and thank you for your time !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


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