Gemini Woman & Cancer Man

  • Here's the deal people...I'm a Gemini and Ive met Cancer man about 3 weeks ago. Ive dated Cancer men before and they always tell me what they think I wanna here, try to romance me, and just be a dream come true. I feel like hes a player doing what he does best, play girls but at the same time he comes over everyday since I met him. I don't know if its intuition that hes cheating or me scared of being tied down. He is very sweet guy but i feel like he's trying too hard too fast and he must want something in return that I'm not willing to give him(relations). We get along good at times but sometimes i just wanna hit him! We are too young and haven't known each other that long to be having all these problems. What should I do? Give up or stick it out? Please help!

  • First, how old are the two of you.

    Second , you mention some intuition of him cheating. Whay do you say that?

    Cancer men are pretty bizarre sometimes when they have romantic feelings they feel will not likely be returned.

    A player?

    what do you mean? He's single and playing the field? That is a perfectly legitimate thing to do if you are not engaged inmarraige or married.

  • I am 17 and he is 18. It could just be me and trust issues though. He tells me that he wants me to be his only one but its just hard to believe hes so sure this fast.He has A lot of the same ways as the other cancer man I dated before so I'm very cautious of his words. I feel like hes player because he says all the right things, does little sweet things, maybe I should have said "Lady's Man". Also he's rushing when there's no need, I understand life is short and all but there's still values and respect he has to recognize. Every since the 1st day we met hes been telling me he wants me to only talk to him no one else. He told me he had some "friends" but he hasn't spent anytime with them cause hes always with me but that made it worse cause I had a feeling. He said hasn't done anything with them and I believe him there. Hes here with me almost everyday and he stays for hours too.

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