Good Intuition? or psychic abilities?

  • Hi, I have always thought i have good insight into people and what is the real truth of situations. I am wondering if i am just logical or do i actually have some psychic abilities? can anyone see ?

    things usually seem to work out the way i think they are going to, and i can be calm in some bad situations because i just "know" its going to be OK.

    Recently I seem to be losing it a little, i know am in a situation that I want to work out in a certain way so i am wondering if how i feel is what will really happen because i have some abilities or just cause mi fooling myself cause that's what I want ?

    the same thing i think happens when i try and do tarot cards, I can do them for myself but to try and do them for my ex and his new woman or just him I seem to get reply's for me ! Can anyone tell me how you manage to "tune " yourself out of a reading so that is is only for someone else??

    even when i went to my wonderful tarot reader last time she said she had difficulty seeing work or future for me as all that came up was this particular situation! Is this maybe a temporary thing or can i do something about it ?

    would appreciate anyone's thoughts and advice.

  • Hello Spalma! I read Tea and let me tell you, if I'm not totally relaxed and haven't done my breathing exercise to clear my mind...I won't channel in! And if my friends need a reading, they cannot rush me.....we need to prepare our body/mind/soul to be able to read for someone else. I truly believe that we develop our psychic abilitities by utilizing our intuitions every exercise. Memory games help keep you centered and focus for readings. Hope everything works out!

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