I am thankful for things that most of us take granted everyday

  • It is hard to imagine in times of economic difficulty to keep the head up when you are trying to figure out a way to pay a bill or spend sleepless nights worrying how you are going to get a job. However, with thanksigiving holiday coming around, each of us have a cause to thank. Everytime I wake up in the morining I compel myself to think of three things I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family who provides unparalleled support in difficult times, grateful for having my friends who care about my well-being and are there for me. I am also grateful for being healthy because without good health I cannot accomplish anything. Above all, remember to be thankful everyday for things you take granted...and stay optimistic because hope is the lynchpin of living a good life.

  • I am grateful for all the magic in my life and the angels, and the warmth of a comfortable warm-hearted home.

  • I am thankful for three beautiful children, one of which is a Guardian Angel over the other two. I am thankful for a sister who took us in when we had no where else to go. I am thankful for two loving parents who never failed to say "I love you". I never realized how much that meant until I got older. At least I was able to tell them before they passed away. I realized this one day years ago while in a store, my five year old said ,"I love you" and a lady heard him say it. She said it was so cute and wished her child would tell her that. I was astonished. Still today,I hear this at least a dozen times a day, between my husband and my children. Our children are 12 & 14. My parents told me they love me, and my husband and I passed it on to our children. My husband came from a broken home and was raised by his extra-special grandparents. We think they were extra-special....I am really thankful for them. I am especially thankful for my bestest friend in the world, who is also my soulmate--my husband.

    I am most thankful for a most loving and merciful God who hears my prayers. It is hard to understand sometimes as the song says "Some of God's Greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." Until you have experienced that like I have, you will live a life of wondering. But when you do, it answers many questions. It took me ten years to understand that,but it was a revelation I have thanked Him for ten thousand times over.

  • I am thankful for all the times i went trough hell in order to see heaven

  • I'm thankfull for being blessed with 4 beautifull kids that i faut to get back from c.p.s! i love them with my life and i'm so gratefull that i have a good cozy home for us to call our own every nite.I'm also thankfull for the family that i have because with them i would't of been so strong..sometimes i catch my self nagging about the dumn lil things that i dont have that i forget to look at all the things i DO have!! and that's were the BLESSINGS come in....just a single mom trying to get by day to day!!!!........

  • these are dangerous times with 9/11-usa & 26/11mumbai ,we r blessed not to b caught in its midsts but let us all pray for those who lost a dear one on these days my heart skips a beat if a family member has to travel by air or train, please end this mindless killing , there could be sole earning people among the dead , each of us on this forum lets send a prayer into the universe and ask for the purest of energies to surround us & protect us ... blessed be!

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