Can anyone tell me about the Akashic Records please?

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    All the best with your upcoming class, and it'll be interesting to see if it confirms what you saw yourself. I've had no luck "seeing" records which is what I tried to start off with. I guess thinking a record is something you "read" so therefore I should try and read it. Can't see a thing. I do close my eyes, and turned off the lights for darkness (thanks Earthangel!) and I just see behind my eyelids...blackness if you will. Then, as I kind of 'search' behind there...I do see some swirls of white light. It looks like faces. I was thinking of my old cat, and then one of the images kind of looked like a cat. But they are miniature in size...floating by...then disappear. I look for a purple hue (Michael) but don't see any. I look for other colors, and don't see any. Once I kind of saw a profile of a young girl with dark hair and it looked like she had some type of armor top on. But it seems when I am aware of it, I consciously zoom in and then the image disappears.

    I think I may have to resort to hearing the records...versus trying to see them or read them!

    Angel blessings,


  • class turned out to be hypnosis with Reiki healing. Wonderful experience. I know this sounds weird but she said we needed to keep in mind something that we wanted healing on and I thought...intuition...psychic ability....hearing... Again...the hearing thing got the better of me so I just gave up trying to hear and let the subconscious take over. When the Reiki Healer came over to me, powerful ball of energy...just like walking in front of an old TV feeling the static. Anyway, she touched my head and I felt stuff flowing to the top, she held her hands over my ears, and the ringing went away and I could hear. She moved to my shoulders and released the knot there and then touched my heart and started whispering to me. After she moved away, get this....I know it's weird...but I literally felt my 3rd Eye open. I spent the rest of the class looking around with it and watching her heal others. It was too amazing. I asked her what she said after class because I couldn't hear her and she touched my heart again and said, you need to love yourself. You need to accept love. You hear it, you acknowledge it and thank the person for it but you don't believe it. I'd like to know what the angels say about that because I really thought I was learning to love myself. Maybe now that I love myself, I can finally accept love from others without being suspicious or in denial of it.

    Anyway, the class has me interested in Reiki and I think I'm going to go ahead and start the process of being a healer after this Retro period is over. Too many things going right now with it. lol. What's this all have to do with the Hall of I take each class I open myself up further and further to the divine and I get to experience more. I will be trying to get back into the records again. I've kind of given up in the last couple days. I bought incense to help me but I burned them all up without to do errands....will be back on later tonight. Blessings to all.

  • Oh...the past life class moved to Tuesday. I know I should keep going but the hearing thing really bothers me. I feel like I am missing something even though I trust that my subconscious is picking it up...I'd like to hear it for myself too. Find out soon about those hearing aids...hopefully this week I can put my order in for them.

    Everyone keep trying and reporting what you find. This interests me so much. I want to learn so much and everyone's experiences are so enlightening and affirming to me. :0)

  • Hey there AuntBuck,

    Happy to hear you felt your third eye open thats great.I am still trying to open mine. It is very sleepy lol and needs to wake up.

    I just wanted to say I understand about the hearing problem, I have a hearing problem also and sometimes it can be annoying not being able to hear in class. So I was sooooo lucky to have found a teacher willing to do private lessons with me when I took the angel course. She did charge me $5 more but she also spent more time with me.

    Maybe you can talk to the person teaching the class about private sessions. It makes a big difference and you wont miss out on anything.

    Since I cant use verbal meditation cds I look for the ones with just music. Can you hear the music?

    I also have a cd that came with a book and you can follow the words but then you cant close your eyes and its kind of hard to meditate with your eyes open.

    A friend of mine is taking a chakra class and they have a chakra healing cd which is all music and vibration and no talking, so I am going to copy her cd and try it.

    Try not to stress to much about the hearing, spirit with find a way to communicate with you in ways that you will be able to hear them. With that third eye open you will be able to see more and understand more.

    You could also ask the healing angels to help you hear more with your inner ear and see what happens.

    Good luck to you on your journey.

    Love and Light


  • Hello everyone,

    I'm with Mare -- my third eye won't open either! I never thought of Reiki and having it open it up. It's wild. So Mare the other night saw Archangel Michael by her bed. Here's my question: were your eyes wide open? Or were they closed and you saw him through your third eye?

    I close my eyes to see through my third eye...and all I see is behind my eye lids and some images but they are miniature ones. I look and look. Behind my eyes. And can't see anything.

    Aunt Buck -- can you open your third eye at your command now? Are your eyes open..or shut? Can you use it when your eyes are both open...or shut? I am SO jealous! How wonderful for you. If you can see in just your should be able to go check out some Akashic Records soon.

    I don't think we have any of the course you have around here...I'm going to have to start. I think you have your past life class tonight so that will be great to hear about too.

    Angel Blessings,


  • Mare - I have 58 and 62% hearing loss so I can hear lots of stuff...just not whispers or high pitches. I should have hearing aids soon...I hope within a couple weeks so that will help. I do have to let go of the anxiety of not hearing and just let my subconscious pick it up. I can hear on meditation CDs and music. I just prefer to have head phones on. I agree with you on reading them...can't close your eyes and read at the same time. LOL Or maybe I can with this 3rd eye??

    I could open my eye while my other eyes were shut. I haven't really tried to open it again but I can definitely sense it when I think about it.

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  • Hello to Everyone

    I posted a reply but I'm not sure it was within the correct forum...?? But anyway, how can I find someone to do do an ashakic reading? I haven't found anything online as of yet. I have a specific reason I'd like to have this done.

    I appreciate any feedback..........

    Blessings to all!

  • Hello AuntBuck and my wonderful friend Beth,

    When I saw Archangel Michael my eyes were closed I was half asleep and half awake and the heat from Michael was stronger than it normally is.For those of you who dont know , Michaels energy is very, very warm and sometimes hot lol. Almost like you are having hot flashes. He was closer to my energy so I felt him more than I normally do. We do not see the angels and spirit with our physical eyes, we see in our minds eye. Some people see so clearly they think they are seeing with the physical eye but really they are seeing with the third eye. I think its possible your third eye can be open somewhat but you just dont realize it.

    I learned in my angel class that the angels do not use their wings to fly, they use them to give hugs and comfort and protection. Most angels do not show their wings. I dont know why but that is what I learned. When I saw Michael he showed me his whole body, it was half solid but not completely, I didnt see his face completely I saw the outline but the body was pretty clear. It is really hard to explain. The first time I saw him it was in a dream and I saw the back of his body and this time I saw the front with the wings. I am working on trying to communicate, thats the next step for me. I am taking everything one day at a time. I am trusting Michael knows when it is time for the communication and when he thinks its time it will happen.

    AuntBuck, You have way more hearing than me lol. I have about 78 and 85% loss. But it is amazing how I hear whispers in the night lol I am hearing very low soft voices while I am meditating but they are not clear. And I cannot seem to feel who is talking to me. So I guess I need to get into more deeper meditation states. Of course this is easier said than done lol. You know the saying practice makes perfect lol I have to keep trying.

    Also my teacher says stop trying so hard. Let it come naturally and it come more easily.

    I just realize how long this post is lol sorry got carried away.

    Love and Light to all

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  • my birhtday wish to all



  • I have had another energy session since the last one and my third eye didn't open but it fluttered. I was very much aware of it. I also went to a Reiki healing circle the same day and again, could feel that eye fluttering. So, tonight I am going to a Past Lives class taught by the same woman who did the records class. I am very excited about the class. Friday...I am going to a Communicate with your Archangels class that this same woman is conducting. I'm so excited to find all of this. I still haven't made it back into the records but haven't given up on it. Just learning new tools to get there again.

    I have ordered my hearing aids and they will be in this week or early next week. The Reiki Healing circle I went to my friend that went with me asked if I heard any other noises, several people in the class cried including her sitting next to me and I didn't hear anything. I guess I am learning to get more deeper when I meditate. I love Reiki and will be going for my first attunement as soon as I can schedule it. I'm very excited about all this.

    Angelwannbe...I've not heard of anyone giving record readings. Just past lives. I know...not necessarily the same. Wish I could help.

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