Can anyone tell me about the Akashic Records please?

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  • Angelreader!!! Where to begin!

    This is so exciting, and I am so pleased that you are available to access Michael so easily and are so generous to share what he has said to you with us.

    There are so many questions going through my mind that it's just one big cacophony in there!:-)

    When I've tried to go back for more info, I feel like there is a blockage. Is it my fear or uncertainty that I am just making it all up and it's not real causing this blockage perhaps.

    If you are able to get Michael to clear that up for me, I would be most grateful.

    When I have returned, the only bit of additional info was that it wasn't 1846, it was 1876. I got the 46 bit because thought I was about 30ish in my 'vision', so I must have had that year in mind, working out when I was born at that time. I was really suprised that when I tried to go back to the records, this date jumped out at me as if to correct me. Weird.

    I was in Melbourne on Thursday, and happened to look at a beautiful building as I was walking to the station and you could have bowled me over. There in front of me was The State Library that I mentioned in my post about my visit to the records. Of course, I had to go in and have a look. Keep in mind I haven't been there for over 20 years. The room was very similar to how I described the records, except it was very light and bright in there. I went to the area of the room (NE) to where I had seen the draws with the years on the front, except in my experience, my draw was 2 floors up. I wasn't sure how to get up there the other day, and my daughter was whining about going home, so I didn't bother, however I looked at the books on the floor level in that area. I coulnd't believe it. Some of the books were titled - "Who's who of 1980" and various other years, but not mine unfortunately. Of all the sections, it was the Biography section can you believe. I was just amazed and took photos. I don't understand why I would have imagined my draw containing my records to be in that part of the record room, which was remarkably like my memory of the state library in Melbourne, and then discover that's where all the biographies are in the actual library.

    What do you all think? Coincidence, or was I somehow astral travelling to the library in Melbourne at the same time as having my experience with Michael and my draw, to have some kind of tangible reference point in my mind? I'm interested to hear what you all think . Perhaps you have another perspective for me to consider.

    I was talking to Michael the other night about accessing the records, and he was getting me to watch myself laying in bed, which was really tricky to focus on myself. I could see Gertrude my cat, and my Emily my daughter, but it was hard to stay focused on myself without feeling like I was slipping back into the viewpoint of my body. I focused on the girls, and then gradully let myself come into the picture. I'm working on being able to hold focus on myself a little longer.

    I must mention, I was actually quite amazed with this interaction in itself. I have never had such clear messages or instruction ever, before coming onto the foru. in late December. It's like meeting all you likeminded friends and having our chats has fast tracked me a little, as I don't have anyone in the 'real' world to discuss spiritual things with. I pass it on to Em a bit, but she is a 'sharer' & I don't want her freaking her friends out or their parents!LOL!

    Beth, thank you again for sharing, it was vey interesting to read about your experience, and I can't wait to read more:-)


  • Meant to add re: last life here.............Hmmm, I don't think that's for me t o say, especially since I don't personally know anyone that's making such claims. However.......

    I would tend to think from my humble perspective, that if you were on your last life, you would be pretty much done here and wouldn't be seeking advice from mere mortals on the forum.

    Perhaps I've got it all wrong though and there are certain ones amongst us here who are generously extending their wisdom without need of payment.

    Or maybe they sense that they're done here for a while and are off to other dimentions to further their soul's growth in ways unfathomable to the likes of me at this stage of my evolution, and will return at a time many years forward or backward, or maybe even come back immediately whilst meanwhile they have been off on a grand adventure in another realm during the space of a moment by our linear understanding of time, in between lives, but an adventure spanning an undefinable period where time is not measured. Phew! Hope I'm making sense here.

    So.....Maybe they have the sense that their next incarnation is not here on Earth, but another realm or dimention and they're taking that intuition to mean that they will never be back to Earth.

    It's my understanding, which really is nothing to go on, that even if your soul has no need to come to Earth, you can choose to if you so wish to have an Earth experience. Sometimes I really wonder what I was thinking..........Lol!

    What does everyone think?


  • Dear WitchWoman,

    I'm with you on the last life. When you are on your last one, you are about as close to being Godlike as you can be. So they would be giving advice on this forum...not seeking it. For they know all the answers...or are pretty close to knowing them. And they have only love in their heart and goodness and kindness and never see anything negative. You can incarnate on Earth to help another. The true "earth angel" in the sense that you manifest on Earth for a long period of time...or just mere assist someone, and then return back to Heaven to resume your duties there.

    I have made no progress on the Akashic Records...mainly because I've been absorbed in other things! I think you are being shown the Records Hall in how you imagine them to look. When I think of them...and kind of drift...I see my old college 'stacks' in that library which was full of dark corners and mountains of books. Kind of back to my original question on will we see the same buildings and descriptions Sylvia Browne describes in her book. The way she writes, this is the way it is. I am confident this is exactly what she was told...and for her, that is the way it is. But I think for others, we may see things differently.

    Since I can't see! I am going to ask for descriptions of the buildings. I'll let you know. It won't be the same experience as seeing them...but it will be described by Michael and we'll get his take on them. I just need to start with question 1. Then 2. Then 3. And the funny thing is I really am not all that curious about ME...I'm curious about the whole concept and how it will help people in their lives today. What I was 500 years ago may be an interesting story. I'm a bit afraid of heights -- like I get kind of dizzy if I am up high and look that has to be something from a prior life. I remember dreaming of dinosaurs repeatedly growing up lol. What was that about? So I'm curious...but I would much rather find out what the purpose is and how it will help people. Then bring that help to you. How cool would that be!

    Angel blessings Andrea -- Witch Woman!


  • Very cool indeed! Can't wait to hear what you've been told.

    Does it really matter what the room/building looks like? I think not.

    I reckon any memory we can draw on is a place to start. If it so happens that your college library is relatable to you, good-o.

    Perhaps Sylvia is able to disconnect from her pre-conceived idead and doubts of her being to see, unlike I am at this stage, and therefore is accessing a truer picture. It could very well be just as she describes the buildings to be.

    I would love to know why I went to the Biography section in my semi-concious visit though. Not that it really matters, was just amazed the other day to go to that area and find books with years on the spine, just like the draws had dates on them. Hmm...

    I've been a bit too tired or preoccupied to have a focused go at the records lately, often I've fallen asleep! I must be more self disciplined and attempt entry while not too tired.

    I'm so excited to hear what Michael has to tell you, and would be curious to hear about your past lives too if you feel like sharing. Deep water freaks me out, even though I can swim. The idea of not knowing what's in there and the enormity of the ocean just terrifies me. I'm sure there is something to that. Reptiles, snakes in particular completely freak & traumatise me. I feel my throat tightening as I'm typing, and I've just put my feet up off the floor. I don't know if I'm ready to face what happend there yet, although I'm sure there was a snake episode from a past life that has scarred me. Uggh!

    I remember watching some b-grade movie when I was very young, where 2 men became slaves and there heads were turned into bulls heads/pigs? I had a million questions for mum which were brushed off, as somehow this movie triggered a memory. I remember the frutration of not knowing what questions to ask. It may have been something to do with Atlantis. That whole concept strikes a chord in me - seems very significant yet makes me uneasy.

    I'm so curious too! Want to know everything Now! (bit impatient!)

    I feel so blessed and directed to be on this forum to chat with others of all varying gifts and backgrounds - how else would we have met? I don't know another soul in my 'real' life that I can talk to like this,, so thank you!

    Warm friendship and blessings,


  • Howdy everyone I am new at all this and not sure if it is related or not to the Akashic Records but when I was in a Group Meditation one night the psychic who ran it, told me to look for my Animal Spirit guides and take note of them. I was on the wings of an Eagle flying around when he took me to a castle. I noticed my spirit guide took me to my lifes book I beleive, which was standing open for me to read On a Music like pedastal but only thing was I couldnt read it? It was in another lanuage? Looked like Latin or something? Not all of it though some was written in english but i couldnt for the life of me read it ? It was blurry? ( Maybe I wasnt meant to read it ? ) Or thats the feeling I got.

    But i do beleive we have a book with our Past Lives and history. Only If I could of read it maybe I could explain it better but It was my spirit guide that took me there. My spirit Guide transformed from an eagle to a dragon when we flew through the window of the castle and I remember I was given a dragons egg made of amber. I noticed in my meditation also I was wearing a huge piece of amber around my neck which started to glow when i got close to the egg. So i knew he was giving me the egg to look after? Not sure why this all happened but it did?

    Then After meditation, The Psychic who ran it, told me to find the book of life open had meant I had read it before and visted the place before? Which I have no recall on but had the feeling I was peaceful there with the dragon and the book. The Older Dragon I beleive is the teacher for the dragon in the egg? And the older dragon I noticed wraps himself around the Castle and looks like stone when attached properly. His aim is to protect the book from everyone but me.

    This is how I found my book my animal giude took me there not sure if this info will help anyone else but thought you could always ask them to take you.

  • Wow Beaniac, thats so interesting and just goes to show how everyone's experience can be so different, yet right for them. It certainly sounds like the Akashic Records to me, being your life record.

    I wonder if you were able to revisit your castle if you could somehow ask your guide or dragon to translate & read to you what the book said. Or maybe the amber plays a role, like a magic spyglass:-)

    It certainly feels as though you have unfinished business there though. Would be fabulous if you could go back in meditation and see what happens next - keep us posted:-)


  • interesting..

  • BUMP!:-)

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  • Well this certainly is an interesting topic to follow. Just when I thought I was receiving more than I ever realized I stumble onto this and feel like a novice all over again. Keep the info flowing, anxious to learn more. I'm with you though on how issues of the past effect us still in this lifetime. I went to a place near where my dad grew up, he'd never taken me there turns out it is a man made lake. I am drawn to that place like a moth to a flame and yet I will not go out on the water. I love fishing and boating and swimming but the thought of being afloat on this lake scares me stiff. Must be something to it.

    I've been working on my meditations but the family keeps interrupting sure makes it hard to get very far. I love hearing about all the great books too.


  • Hello witchwoman

    I wasnt going to say this but I must admit I have been back to the book a couple of times since then cause the psychic I do mediation with asked me to explore the book more if I could as well.

    I tried to read it but couldnt so I asked my spirit guide how can i read the book .... next thing i knew it was like I was being shown in picture form. Even though i knew I couldnt read the book . Funny though cause the psychic asked me to explore why I was so scared of water over my head. I tried and I was totally amazed by what I was shown. I looked young about 8-10years old a young girl who lived with her family in the forest in a wooden cabin. There were tones of herbs everywhere looks like my mother back then was a herbilist or something, anyway I was running through the woods which i believe was with my brother at the time. He seemed about 12 years old. Something startled us in the forest and we heard voices coming towards us while we were playing. My brother told me to run and I followed him. Unfortunetly running past the cliff area were there was a waterfall I slipped and fell down and landed in the water. I didnt die then but I started getting washed down stream and this long white dress I had on weighed me down in the water with the current and I slowly drowned and was then washed upon shore further down the stream. My brother came to my rescue but was too late as the cliff was pretty tall and steap. I then saw him run home and tell my parents what happened and were he had left me near the edge of the bank.

    I told my meditation teacher what had happened that evening and she said how amazing you remembered. Like she already knew? Which wasnt the reaction I was expexting from her.

    But anyway this is how I went about it.

    Not sure if it will be the same case for everyone as I heard everyones experiences can be different. We discuss what we have seen and what we heard in class with the other people and it amazing to hear other peoples stories. Unfortunetly I am the only one who's found my book so far, we have alot of new beginners in the group, so I cant tell you about other peoples stories in the group until they get there... I stumbled on mine by accident I beleive, but the psychic said if i wasnt ready for it they would not off shown me.

    Anyway this is how the book can be helpful. You can explore your own past lives and be shown things from the book .... even if you cant read it. But this is just my experience and mine only.

    The third time I went back the castle The Amber egg I was given cracked open and I was told I had to train the New Dragon with the older more wise dragon. You are both learning together the older Dragon said and you shall now grow together. Funny enough I saw myself plan as day long blondy brown hair wrapped around my head in a plat and the rest was flowing down towards my knees it was so long. I looked like I had a very long dress on that was gorgoues, and i oftern looked out the window to make sure the town was safe, I was not a princess but a sorceress I beleive, I felt I was honoured some how for doing good. But thats not all i felt. I went wondering out the castle for the first time as I was curious were I was and who I was and I went through crops of wheat or rye or something towards the town but felt i was being stalked by something, so ran back to the castle were I felt safe. I looked out the window later to find out I have a Large Cat Animal Guide a couger the same colour as the wheat .... who likes to hide in the field and only shows himself when he pleases.

    Well Thats it .... sorry I only been there 3 times all up. If I do happen to visit it again I will let you know what else happens.

  • whatever information you have i look forward to diving into it further and further, as im sure you all would too.

  • Hi all...I'm back...from the Hall of Records. My class last night was wonderful. Once I got over my preconceived notions of what I was going to see. I had some confusion because of what I have read here, in Sylvia Browne's book and what the psychic was telling us in class. So...I took what she told us and applied that. She said that all of us would receive information in a variety of forms and not all of us would get information the same way. Some would get to read, or have spirit guides or angels tell us the information and some of us could receive flashes of pictures. All of it is relevant and just because we don't see the information the same as other people doesn't mean that it is wrong. of my issues I have in this life is a lack of hearing. I have moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and do not have hearing aids. In order for me to follow people in their conversations, I rely a lot on watching people speak. If I cannot watch them speak, I start to have anxiety over not being able to hear and well...we know what happens when we start getting anxious. So, anyway, she took us thru a guided mediation to clear ourselves and as I am listening to her, I cannot see her since my eyes are closed. So...I'm getting some of it but I can definitely feel the anxiety over not hearing. I listened as well as I could and just did what I could. I decided at some point to let go of having to "hear" her and just allow the words to reach my subconscious and just go with whatever I was feeling. After the clearing and getting to the point we needed, I remember coming up steps to huge, cathedral type doors of wood and walked into what I see as a library that extends all over. I'm seeing books, and shelves but no tables. It's very light in the room, and quiet. However, the quiet isn't like a worried that you can't talk. I was lost. I didn't know where to start looking for what I needed. I asked for help. I see an angel wrap one wing around me and move me forward. Then comes my next anxiety, I was looking for books, file drawers and scrolls all of which I understood from other people's recants were the way they saw things. For some reason, it seemed to me that looking for something with my name on it was irrelevant because my soul doesn't have the same name I do here on earth. The next thing I see is a picture of a symbol. Celtic but I knew that symbol represented me. I saw blank pages but didn't see anything on them. She then brought us out of the first trip and as people were talking about their experiences, I'm trying to tune into them but only get bits and pieces because of my hearing. I kept my experience quiet. All of a sudden, I noticed that several people are talking about Irish symbols. Hmmm...that's interesting. People are relating that they saw and one said he wasn't being told any information so she goes into helping us get around that by saying that we need to have a list of questions or ideas that we want to ask about when we are there. One guy said past lives was his goal but he was told he couldn't have that information. She told him to ask the angels/guides what information he could see. OK...all good information.

    She then took us back in for another round and it took almost no time to get back to the steps and the doors and I was back in the building. I thought waterfall and I was next to a waterfall. I think past lives and I see a flash of a soldier in uniform. Old type uniform, maybe foreign or WWI type. Then I see a dutch girl in the "stereotype" dutch girl garb, blue dress, hat, clogs, then I see a wash girl in rags scrubbing floors and finally I see a woman in the wooden shackles from the Revolutionary War so to speak. Stockcade I think is what they call it. Head and hands in wooden shackles. Hmmm...future lives...I see a woman in a glimmery gown like what a movie star would wear. I think difficulties in this life and I see myself as a child feeling alone and feeling unwanted. I think spirit guides and I see a group of people around me, 8 or 9 entities and I say that since not all seemed to have a human form. They are all circling me and I feel as if I'm in the middle of a glowing circle. I feel like they are hugging me but the picture I get doesn't show any touching me but I'm comforted by it anyway. I then saw a flash of my grandmother's face and new she was a guide. This is odd but I spent very little of my life with her and didn't speak the same language but there are times I have wondered if she is with me. And language isn't a barrier. Anyway, as I think of things that I want to see, I see flashes. I have always had this horrible time with going to animal shelters and seeing cats in cages. I have a flash of a cat in a cage with its back turned to me, and I know it has been abandoned and it hurts because of it. I think that's where my empathy for animals comes in because I think I was one of them. I then saw a flash of a dog that I know will be the next dog I get since I haven't been willing to replace my lab I put down a year ago but I KNEW this was my next dog and she was part of my old one.

    She then brought us back up and we took a quick break. One thing I did notice, when I was there, there was no physical discomfort but the minute she brought us back I felt all the discomfort of my backside being numb, my legs needed to stretch etc. The final round was for us to go back and ask for the tools that we need to help us thru this life time. She said we may not know what is being "downloaded" so to speak but that was ok because when we needed it the tools would be there. She also said some people experience a ringing in the ears or other symptoms while this is happening. So, during this round, my ears start ringing really loud which I normally have ringing in my ears due to the hearing loss, but this was way louder. When I thought too loud it stopped and I immediately felt my face flush. My body wasn't hot just my face. Hmmm...when we came out of that she asked if anyone had the ringing and a couple people did but many people commented on how there face felt flushed all of a sudden.

    Anyway, I know this post is HUGE but I just wanted to relate that I had a different experience but when I came away from it, I had a complete sense of validation that I am on the right path, doing the right thing and everything in my life is good and as long as I keep on this path...all will be well. It was a very positive and confirming experience for me. Now that I have the tools, I know how to get back there and once I have absorbed everything I have learned now...I can't wait to go back and delve deeper into everything.

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    Thank you!!!!! What a wonderful experience and journey you shared...and I for one loved the details and am so thrilled you remember them. A friend of mine who I met here on the forum mentioned to me the same experience you had -- with hearing loss. It's hard to meditate when you rely on that is the traditional method of voice and music to get you relaxed. How fortuitous you realized this midstream and just let the Divine enter into your Spirit and let it manifest in vision form. I especially appreciated your reminder to have questions (or in your case 'subjects') that will enable you to flash to various pictures. I've heard the same thing -- you are only shown what you are meant to be shown. You may want to know about past lives...but that may not be available. I loved the open-ended question of asking what information you can see...which is similar to what you should know...what I always ask in my angel readings.

    Are you aware of what "future tools" you were given? Were there any images or discussion about them? Or was it mainly your "downloading" this information...with the utter knowingness you have these.

    Also, about how long was this entire session/class for you? Part of it is in the medtiation process, but if she brought you in and out...I wonder if she talked the whole time, or just enough to let you get there...then she was quiet until so much time passed and it was time to bring you back.

    I'm So excited to venture out.Thank you so much for sharing. I think one visit will raise many questions (like why the Celtic cross, or what was the flash of the cat). You definitely can be a pet in a prior life...and with your affinity for animals, that would make sense to me. Those "unexplained" emotions you have...and sometimes fears...are because of prior life situations. Archangel Michael has always said he will help release your fears...because so many are not based on "reality" as we know it now. He knows they are previous life fears...and can erase them and help you -- I BET that is part of the tools you receive to handle your future!

    Angel blessings and thanks again for sharing,


  • Hi Beth....I do not recall what information was being downloaded. I have no clue about what it was but I am sure that there was something put there based on my physical reactions to the process. She said that we may not be aware of what it is that we are getting but when we need it, it will be available for us to use.

    The class was actually 2 hours long. She did an orientation type talk for about 15-20 minutes and then started with the guided meditation. It was then broken up into 3 segements. To my recall she talked thru most of all three trips into the records. There may have been a short period of time that she was silent but I seem to remember hearing (my hearing) murmurings most of the time.

    I think I got the flash of the cat when I asked what else I needed to know. I think that was when I saw the cat and immediately after, the dog. Here's what's funny about the celtic symbol. I'm 100% German in this life and the images I received didn't indicate any Irish history. I'm almost 46 and have never gotten a tattoo in my life because I was never sure that there was anything I wanted to place on my body for the rest of my life. It has never felt right to do it and while they are wildly popular now, and I'm not necessarily against them, I just have never found anything that suits me. That symbol...will be the tattoo that I put on my body. I have been searching for the symbol since that session and I cannot find it. I think its because it is unique to soul's name/code and it hasn't been created by anyone else. I was telling my friend that I am going to have to meditate and put pencil to paper and let my subsconscious draw it out. I don't think I can find a replacate of it anywhere.

    The only real phobia I have that I am aware of is my fear of heights. They make me dizzy and unbalanced. I see in my mind images of falling and it weirds me out. I can go to a viewpoint and while it weirds me out, I can adjust and be ok. I have always had a fear of heights since I can remember and prefer to be on stable ground. I went to a Mind, Body and Spirit fair this weekend and someone was selling jewelry (beaded bracelets) that were supposed to help you connect to whatever Archangel you wanted to. My friend was really looking at them and I just looked at her and don't need a bracelet to connect to them. They are there any time you ask for them. It was kind of enlightening for me. :0) Although...I do have to say that there was one for Isis and I don't know why but that one tempted me. I remember a show as a child about Isis and I was always so engrossed in the show and watched it faithfully. Maybe I should check into that

    Oh...and I finished my taxes so the hearing aids are actually going to show up in my life. Watch I'll get them and won't use

  • WOW, Aunt Buck, your experience really sounds amazing. Well done 🙂 Sounds like you found your temple just fine. Good luck and please keep us all in informed off your future progress. As I would love to share and hear about your progress, As you go along.

    Also I would like to ask AngelReader about the tools as this just jogged a memory I forgot about, I have been In a kind of temple once but I was bathing in the Spiritual Bath, I was told to cleanse myself to get rid of any unwanted negitivity, when I left that room and started to walk around, I found a Huge room with a sought of LARGE tresure chest which was locked and I was told by the keeper/angel here is the tool but your not allowed to use it know, I was told to wait. Is this what you meant by future tools Angel Reader? If so can you explain to me how and why I would off been given a Key to a chest? I totally forgot about it, until you used the word tool...

    Are we given certain tools for different stages of our life? Or are they are just random and we receive them when needed? I will try and explore it next time seening it jogged a memory and see if I am allowed to use the key or not?

    thanks for your help beaniac

  • Dear Beaniac,

    I actually don't know what the tools are...I was feeding off what AuntBuck said who mentioned in her class that her instructor mentioned they would get tools to use for the future but they may not be aware of what they were. It sounds like there was time allotted for this tool transfer...but AuntBuck wasn't aware exactly what they were. I am going to go attempt the Records Hall with Archangel Michael for starters and see what he says...I'll ask on the tools too as it is supposed to help you with this life you are in. It may also be the assignment of more angels to you...because they provide a buffer of sorts and can assist in many different areas. It also may be assignment of spirit guides as they change as well.

    I do know you are only allowed to see/know what you are meant to see/know. So for you to be told you were not allowed to use was not your time to know what it was. If you were given a key to the would be for a future visit. I would work on trying to reconnect and see where you pick up. I definitely understand the cleansing of the negativity. When you pass over, you are cleansed and all illnesses and scars and physical disabilities are removed as well, so you are reborn in essence with no pain, no regrets, not anger, etc. Just love is left.

    I believe (though I need confirmation) you are given tools as you need them. It doesn't do any good to have them...when you don't know what to use them for. To me, the tool is Divine guidance. It's not like you are given a rake lol. You are given guidance, and angels and guides.

    Would love to know what others think the tools are. Also psychic gifts.

    Angel blessings,


  • Beaniac....she didn't tell us what the tools were. She just said that we may not know what they were or we may, in my case, I don't know but she did say that they would be available for when we needed them.

    I think you seeing the treasure chest and having a key but not being able to use it is actually like Angelreader said. You know it's there for you to use, when you figure out how to use the key. I see it kind of like video games, once you get to a certain level, more tools unlock for you. Maybe you need to unlock some more information before you get to see what's in the treasure chest?

    Angelreader...I agree, I think the tools are divine guidance. I think that as situations unfold in your life, you will instinctively know what direction to go in because you have the tools?

    As I mentioned, I do better with guided meditations and just not notice that the CD that goes with Sylvia Browne's book are now available. I can't wait to go pick it up tomorrow and start doing some more exploring. I'll let you know what happens. Love and blessings!

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    Can't wait to hear. I know the books are cumbersome because you can read Sylvia's meditation for example...but then you'd have to record it just hear the words. She is basically describing her vision though of what she saw...or what her guide's description of the various buildings (temples) are. Know that your experience...your vision...may not look like hers. In her meditation, she describes the buildings as she knows them to be. If you see something different...I just say it's okay. WitchWoman and I were corresponding about this earlier. What she sees may be different than what you see.

    I am making this seeing thing too difficult I think. I can hear descriptions all day long for example...and it's wild because here I'm so visual -- making lists for example or needing to read something...and I can't see clairvoyantly at all. All in good time I'm told lol.

    Definitely your divine guidance is a present tool...and a future tool. I think future tools are also being exposed to this in different formats. And there could be a whole host of other tools!

    Keep us posted on your visits!

    Angel blessings to you,


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