Can anyone tell me about the Akashic Records please?

  • This is so interesting I have all the Edgar Case books but have not read them in years I often feel like I can connect with something that is spirit or God and I don,t know why, Example 2 yrs ago I decided I needed a gift of some sort of talent so with much prayer and meditation I asked to be helped to be artistic I wanted to draw & paint., just naturally, it was a crazy request as I could not even draw a STICK MAN. Well I started and it just kind of flowed from me and I am not a great artist or anything like that.. But I can draw and create, paint decent original pictures and I CAN,T believe that this is me. I feel as if God gave me that gift. I have a fear that one of these days I will wake up and it will be gone. Is that possible once you have been given a gift???? ... Leonida

  • I have several different authors on the Angels books. Here's what I found at my local library for Akashic books.

    Science and the Akashic field : an integral theory of everything by Erwin Lazslo.

    The Akashic experience : science and the cosmic memory field - Firsthand testimonies by 20 leaders in culture and science of their interactions with the Akashic field"--Provided by publisher.

    I just did a search for one of the major bookstores in town and it came up with 17 different books including the Edgar Cayce books. Looks like there is a lot of information out there to be tapped into.

  • Hey guys,

    Reporting back with my experience as I was drifting off to sleep last night.

    Firstly, I asked my guides and angels and God if they could assist me in "going there", seeing/feeling /knowing something that would make sense & be of relevance to any issues I have now.

    As I was drifting off, I approached a timber door in my minds eye. Behind it was a massive timber lined dim room, with a few storeys of floors around the edge of the room. There were many timber & leather inlayed reading desks with old fashioned green & brass reading lamps. (very reminiscent of the state library in Melbourne:-) My initial reaction was that I didn't want to go in there, as it was cavernous, dim and felt a bit scary. I felt somehow kind of encouraged and had another look and as if by magic, there were now a comfortable amount of people, quietly milling around, going about their business, and others sitting at the desks absorbed in their own reading. I now felt comfortable and eagerly went in the room, looking for a cue as to where to find my records. I was drawn to an area on the second floor to the NE. Don't ask me how I got up there, but before you knew it, I was up there and could see the walls were lined with filing cabinets, categorised by the year, and then the date, and then the time and finally alphbetically. My details were in brass letters on the front, which delighted me:-)

    I opened the draw and at the beginning was my baby photo which I don't know even exists as I'd never seen it before. I looked through various photos of family and other people in my young life, which was all very interesting but I really wanted to get on with finding something significant which related to me now.

    1846 came to mind, so I found that year on a tab in the files. I don't recall reading anything, but I received flashes of a life as a French-Canadian lady, quite striking, tall & slender, & I moved like a dancer, appeared cultured & educated . I was in a grand mansion which had the feel of old money, so I believe I was from a wealthy family. Cast iron staircases in the foyer, mostly cream & a bit of timber.Quebec I think? My husband was my best friend now, I man I love dearly but accept we're not to be this time around. He was of English/Canadian decent, a business man in his own right (stockbroker/banker?), however I believe the 'estate' was from my side. Not that this mattered, for I remember the feeling of being very fulfilled and happy, and confident that I was loved. We had 5 children; I vaguely remember the 'sense' of them. These details came to me as I was wondering about things as I was observing the scene of my 'husband' arriving home. and greeting him in the foyer. I think there may have been a small dog or two. It was really just a scene, but I got what I feel was a rounded snapshot of how life was for me with him at that time.

    This is very bizarre writing this on an open forum like a mad woman. Did I just make it up? Maybe. Was this something I needed to know to help me now? It felt like an "Ahh" moment, confirming where my feelings come from now, and also why I'm content not to share my life with him - it kinda feels like (you may need a bucket), our love is forever, regardless of circumstances in other lives. Or other partners who we may have. Or any other responsibilities that may seemingly interfere. It confirmed that all is as it should be. Not feeling desperate, needy, intense emotions stemming from fear of Losing him. Strange as that sounds.

    I know this doesn't sound like a typical rendition of someone 'reading' their Akashic Records, however I have endeavoured to be as close to the details I remember as possible & perhaps we each receive the information in the way that is best for us to individually receive.

    Unless I've bored you all to death with 'My' story, I would love some feedback with what you all make of it:-)

    And am looking forward to reading any other experiences you may have for us to read too!

    P.S. Angelreader - thanks so much for telling me you were told I receive information clairvoyantly. This really grabbed my attention and I felt really pleased and excited at the prospect of this developing:-)

    Hugs & blessings,


  • Did Witchwoman,

    That is fantastic. Firstly I just want to say I find you anything but boring. You have just made me want to go meditate. I have had a terrible headache for the last two days so the only meditation I have done is for healing light and to follow the pain and relive the ache in my head.

    I really don't think it was all in your head at all. It can take a few times to work out what you are being shown and what you are putting there with thought but this will come with practice. As for a typical visit to the Akashic records, I personally don't believe there is one. Nor do I believe it has to be the same for each person every time. Perhaps next time you will be able to see something from where you are today but I have found with all things spiritual including tarot cards if there is something more pressing for you to see/know/experience then that is what you will get.

    Please keep posting your experiences I enjoy reading them and love the way you write. I will take a visit soon I promise and will definately fill you in. Now to go and read everyone elses posts. I read yours first and had to reply straight away. Very exciting.

    Love and light xx

  • Hello Everybody this is all so fascinating! I also am a bookworm and am just amazed at all the different gifts we all have not all of them as special as some. Witch women that dream sounds amazing. I'm going to try tonight. I have been meditating and am just a babe at it and have a long way to go, I have not seen anything yet, I believe my Crown Chakra are blocked and am trying to un-clog it.

  • P.S. I read a few of Doreen Virtue's books and found them pretty good, years ago though. I have always been fascinated by things of a Spritual Nature. We are all seekers so to speak, we search for truth with an open mind believing anything pretty much is possible. I love it!

  • I belive whatever you ask the "Universe" for u eventually get one way or another, but patience is the key. 🙂

  • exciting. Boring....uh...not at all. Very interesting and rewarding to read. I really have to work on meditating since it seems to be the one thing that I cannot get down. Too much mind chatter. However, in the coming days I will have a lot of free quiet time in my house and will be giving this a lot of try. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading everyone else's experience.

  • Dear Angelreader,

    This is so interesting. Being visual is something I have really always taken for granted and didn't realise it wasn't the same for everyone. I understand about the block however because I think I may do that a little with clairaudience and clairsentience. I used to hear my name being called all the time and thought it was my boss and when I'd check it wasn't. I used to think people were going to think I was crazy and think this may be why I have blocked it.

    I have been doing a little work removing my blocks and I feel I have had some good results. Still alot of work to do but definately getting somewhere. One of the things I have done is Reiki healing and another is visualising my chakras switching on one by one and removing the blocks as they go. Maybe you could imagine this if you wanted to give it a try.

    I think my daughter has seen Angels. She said it was on her pussy cats special tv. She was talking about a robbery we had not long ago that I had not told her about. She asked me what the beautiful white lights were that came down from the sky and made the scary bad people go away were. I told her they were Angels. Do you know if I was right?

    I haven't had a chance to visit the records yet because of my headache but am eager to as soon as I can. I will definately try to find an answer to your question.

    Love and light xx

  • Dear Auntbuck,

    Sit down somewhere nice and quiet and comfy. Light a candle if you like. White is best for meditation. Then close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breath in for a count of five, hold it for a count of five, out for a count of five, hold it for a count of five. Keep doing this until you feel you can keep a steady rythmn without counting. Doesn't have to be the count of five rythmn it just helps to give your mind something to do so as not to distract you and the breathing will help you with your frequency. Those thoughts are going to try to distract you, don't worry about them just ignore them and keep counting. Then when you have your breathing rythmn just observe your chatter. Don't try to stop it, don't try to control it, just notice it. Listen to what it is saying. You will probably notice you arguing with yourself and then you will probably comment on it. Something else you will probably notice is there are many, layers of chatter and most of them we are totally unaware of chattering away at the same time. The more you observe this the easier it will be stop it but remember don't worry about that right now. Just observe.

    If you decide to do this please let me know how it goes. Maybe we can all work together and then hopefully we can all get where we want to go.

    Love and light xx

  • Dear Poetic555,

    Image all your Chakras switched on starting from you base chakra and working your way up slowly with you colours joining and mixing in a kind of (trying to find the word and can't so I'm going to say tube) or verticle tunnel as you reach each one. When you get to your crown imaging a beautiful white light coming all the way down from as far as you can imagine all the way down to your crown chakra joining with your tunnel from your other chakra and removing the block.

    Sorry I forgot to tell you to ground yourself first. Hope this helps

    Love and light xx

  • Will try both Spirtual Child, I am hopeless! I hope you feel better! 🙂

  • Spiritualchild....thank you for the suggestions. That will definitely help me get rid of the mind chatter. Great idea....thanks. What does it means when sometimes the chatter turns into a song? A song that just repeats itself and I can't clear it out of my head? I assume that I'm just being distracted but I guess I should be paying attention to the words of the song huh?

  • Dear SpiritualChild,

    I hope this email finds you feeling much better. Children actually see angels much easier than we do because they are more open to receiving than we are. We block so much as we get older. Ever heard of "imaginary friends" where kids just chatter away with their friend? I would venture to guess that the majority of time they are seeing an angel or other spirit who hasn't made its way to the light yet. So I think your response was great!

    I have a 7 year old and I have shown her Archangel Michael's picture (she says he looks like a surfer dude lol) and how she can call on him anytime she feels she needs a strong angel to help her. I told her if she ever sees him, to run fast to get me because I want to see him too! lol

    Can't wait to hear what you see/are told when you venture to the hall of records! That is so great reading Witch Woman's she remembers all of these details are amazing to me. I'm not sure what knowing your past lives really tells you -- unless they explain something for today...your challenges or what you are still working on learning. I think I would want to know about larger things than myself on an ongoing I assume all of history is in there. And Nostradamus -- I've always wondered about his predictions and were they discovered in the Akashic records? Was he clairvoyant and saw them? And what are they today?

    Too many questions!

    Thanks again!

    Angel blessings!

  • Dear WitchWoman and all,

    I got Sylvia Browne's book on the Temples that was mentioned and am reading it now. I wanted to digest it all first, then I'll talk to my angels about it and see what they say. Here's my question to the group:

    Sylvia is talking about the Akashic Records (and the many other buildings in Heaven) you visit or can visit. She is getting her information from her spirit guide Francine. So, in theory, for any of us who can communicate with the Divine (via clairaudience or clairvoyance or our psychic gifts)...then we should all hear the same information or see the same correct? If she describes a building that is gold for example (God's house) then if someone else who is clairvoyant could go to this same place (WitchWoman?? SpiritualChild??) wouldn't you see the same exact descriptions?

    I'm interested in hearing what everyone says. In this book, there are many buildings you go to for many different things...Records are just one aspect.



  • Hey there Angelreader & friends,

    I had a quick flick through myself at the bookshop the other day, so I have a little understanding of what you're saying. (can't afford it just yet). I'm looking forward to reading what your views & insights are, once you have digested it.

    Interesting point - would our guides describe the same thing regarding the temples?

    Or - would they describe the places/temples in a fashion we could individually relate to?

    I'm not sure. If I were to read Sylvia's book, and then have a similar experience, there is a possibility I would be confused as to whether it was my experience that just happened to be the same as Sylvia's because it's accurate and therefore going to be the same for everyone, or perhaps the experience would be so very detailed and real, and maybe with a personal spin on it just for me that I would be in no doubt.

    Is it important that the physical description is the same, or is that immaterial? Can we each have a different experience and accept that our experience is right for us at that time or whomever we are 'reading' for?

    Perhaps we begin at a simpler stage of viewing - like entering a library, because that is what we can relate to, before a grander, bigger picture emerges with our developing abilities?

    Maybe like a child can draw what resembles a flower before developing artistic ability with practice, life experience and maturity until they have gathered the skills to replicate a detailed painting of a rainforest.

    I'm keen to hear what everyone thinks - I'm just typing the initial thoughts rolling around my head; tomorrow I may have a different viewpoint:-)

    Warm friendship & blessings,


  • Dear WitchWoman,

    Great points as always. I really don't know but it would make perfect sense that you experience Heaven how you envision it. It sounds in reading that it is ONE way...this is it. This is what you will see. Period.

    I see this a lot. For example, many people describe the archangels in colors. Raphael has green energy, Michael has a deep blue/purple light, etc. I can't see them myself so I can't chime in with my own images. And it seems most people either agree with this or at least share the same story. Then, another will tell me that colors are unique to you. That you may see Raphael with orange around him...and to you, that is your color for him and how you know it's him. Someone else may see green. And this would lend itself to your thoughts about it is what it is based on your experience. The main thing is just defining what it means to you. Orange is this. Green is that.

    I think there is a lot of information there...not only past lives but also what your mission is for all of your lives. I've read here on this thread people who say it's their last life here. I would question that because to me, that means you are right next to God in everything you do on this world. Just full of white aura light and blessing everyone and anyone in your lifetime. There definitely are these in our midst...yet I haven't met any myself... and that include myself! I'm still learning just like the rest of you.

    Any thoughts on this?


  • The first time I heard about these records was from Sylvia Browne. I have also heard a lot of negative things about her and have also seen a Montel Williams show where she told some parents that their son was dead.

    She could communicate with him which meant he was on the other side.

    Then a few months later the boy was found alive, he had been held captive only a few houses away from his parents.

    HOWEVER.... I recently met a young woman who has not read or followed Sylvia Browne and she is very high up on the spirituality and psychic .

    She talked about these records too.

    I do believe they exist and they are in a hall of records on the other side and our life chart is on them.

    What we wanted to go through this time around here on earth and what we want to accomplish.

    Many people believe they are on their last lives here because there is also the belief that human life (NOT earth) is coming to an end.

    As with everything in this realm of topic... no one can say for sure yes or for sure no to anything as we have nothing tangible to show for proof.

    It is in our minds, our hearts, our souls, for us to have faith or believe in these things.

    My belief is that we do have charts and records that we planned before coming here.

    How many of us have gone on a vacation without planning somethings to do or see? well this is one long working vacation from Heaven, or the Other Side.

    I think we have a couple of road maps and tourist pamphlets for this long trip. :0)

  • Angelreader....I think you definitely have a point there. I don't think we were all meant to see things the same way. I think we are supposed to see them the way we are meant to.

    I went to our local spiritual center to look for the classes that I had seen on meeting with your angels and learning who they are. When I got there....the first class that is available coming up was on accessing the Akaschic Records. I am so excitIed that I will be able to attend. I really want to learn more about EVERYTHING. This, my guides, my angels, my purpose...everything that I am supposed to learn about and it thrills me to get this chance to move forward.

  • Dear All,

    I feel like I'm just a sponge at this point, absorbing all there is to know about the Hall of Records. I know (from this site) that Soapmaker has these skills to do past life readings. I don't think she's been online for awhile, but I would love to hear her background in how she even found them, and how she accesses them. If they are similar to Witchwoman's or something altogether different!

    AuntBuck -- how fun you will get to take a class on it? And that you have a spiritual center to go to! I've thought of doing classes locally on meeting your angels and your spiritual center a bookstore or is it something else entirely?

    I did want to chime in with a few comments on the Records. I was told in my Divine communications that Saint Michael can "take me there" and tell me whatever it is I want to know. Now I wouldn't be able to see them like Witchwoman -- I would be able to hear what is in them -- and transcribe that information for lack of a better description.

    This may sound silly...but I've discovered the answers you receive are dependent on the questions you ask. If we don't think of the question in the first place, we don't get the answer. I've never understood why an answer isn't expanded on. But it's not. You asked. Here's the answer. Next question.

    My question this evening is: What do you want me to know about the Akashic Records? (this is open-ended so I'm hoping for a general answer to start.) And I'm asking Archangel Michael. Here is what he says, and I'm sharing it with all of you:

    "The Akashic Records are real. They hold all of your Higher Spirit's lifepath in them. From your very first life all the way through today. It also has your future in it as well. Every answer you need about anything and everyone is included. You can image it's a massive amount of information, yet is there to help you with one purpose: to be the best person you can be and follow your life's purpose to the best of your ability.

    It is actually not important to learn about every single life you ever had...while it's "interesting", it's not practical. When you enter the Records, you are shown what God knows you need to see. You are there for answers. And answers you will be given. Do not worry that you do not have the questions dearest. Your mind never stops so it's only a matter of time before you think of 1,000 more. There is no stop watch ticking. Visit as many times as you want. And I will be there to help you decipher the information. Actually, if you think about it, I will be your interpreter this time! So let's begin when you are ready."

    Well, there you have it. You know what I know so far! I am the type though who needs to write it down. If I am told before I go to sleep, I'll forget a good portion of it. I've been known to get out of bed and go get paper or the word processor to type it all down because I don't want to forget!

    Would love to hear any one's thoughts on what questions to ask!

    Angel blessings to you.

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