Can anyone tell me about the Akashic Records please?

  • Angelreader...I have the CDs now and will give it a try in the morning after the kids have left for school. When my house is all quiet. Ahhh....relaxation. The class I went to the woman may have been describing what we could be seeing but since I couldn't hear divine guidance gave me the picture that was right for me. I think I did use a little of her description when I was there but it changed to uniquely fit me....if that makes sense.

    All of us get there in good time huh? I have read books on Angels for years...but for some reason or another, I was only talking to them every once in a while and had slacked off on talking to them again. Since you have come into my life, I talk to them all the time now and thank them every night when I go to bed for being in my life and my loved ones lives. Thank you for reminding all of us that we can ask them for help at any time.

    I'll let you know what happens in tomorrow's session with the CDs. I can't wait.

    Love and Blessings to all.

  • Ascension rules. I cannot type anything completely correctly for the life of me tonight. Sorry for the

  • Hey everyone.

    I've heard about the hall of records before but was never really curious enough to go check them out.

    I've seen a couple of questions about different people experiencing different things even when talking about the same thing. I might be able to shed a little light on it though I'm not sure how correct it is. My current theory is that we are talking about psychic senses. Our minds receive the information and in order for us to make sense of this stuff it needs to translate or interpret the information for us. Most of the time this translation is routed through our normal senses so we get people that can see things or people that can hear things. There are other senses though and any one of them or a combination of them can be used by the mind to filter this information. I can't see very well myself it's like walking through a dark room and hearing for me is very spotty at best. I tend to be more of a touch sensitive and I also get a lot of information through my emotions. The basic information is the same but since it's a translation we all experience it a little different. The more training or talent we have the less we tend to loose in this translation.

    Does that make any sense?

    I have a meditation tip for anyone having a difficult time getting their minds quiet. Give scanning a try. I was taught to use a tarot card but anything physical will work. What you do is visualize the object in your mind and slowly work your way down kind of like how a printer works. When you get to the bottom work your way back up only this time try to erase the mental picture a little at a time. When you get to the top you should be in that quiet place you are trying to get to. Just remember that it takes practice and the quiet place probably won't last very long but it will get longer as you practice.

  • Thank you for that tips MasterfulGaze. I tried again this morning to get into the Hall of Records using Sylvia's CD and it did nothing for me. I only caught a glimpse of myself riding into the hall this time on a dragon. It has some significance for me since my Chinese sign is a dragon. However, once I got to the hall, I go no further. I have a very difficult time quieting my mind and thought the CDs would help me but the instruction is very short and where I had a lot of success in the class that I took, today...not so successful. Will have to keep trying and trying. It did however relax me enough (AGAIN) that I took a beautiful and restful nap for a couple hours. I'm not giving up. I will make it back there!

  • Hello all,

    I actually just read a book called ---Azrael loves chocolate

    Michaels a jock. by Chantel Lysette. Its about what some of the archangels are like and their personalities. Great book.

    Metatron and his assistant-Ramiel oversees and maintains Heavens libraries. She says Metatron told her you are trying to look at the records with human eyes. You read with your soul not your eyes.

    She says the first time she saw the records Archangel Gabriel pulled her away and told her she wasnt ready for that yet. She says it was another three years before she finally got a chance to look at the records. In her book she says that those with the gift of claircognizance can easily get to the records. She also says it doesnt matter if you are best friends with Gabriel or Michael you are not getting in without clearance.

    I have read other books about the records but this is the first time I read anything about having to have clearance.

    I have never tried to get to the records so I have no idea if this is true or not.

    But in the book she talks about how the Archangels live in I wont go into that it would take me hours to write about that. But I will tell you something interesting about Archangel Uriel,

    He has two pet Chinese Dragons called Red and Black lol. She also says Sandalphon has the granddaddy of all game rooms and she played a little skee- ball and then went outside and he has a baseball field to the left and to the right there was a river with an old fashioned riverboat. lol So if anyones interested its a great book and I learned a few things.

    I cant remember the name of the other book but it is all about the Askachic Records and I think in that book she says everyone can get to the records. So sometimes when you read books about the same thing and they all say different things it can be a little hard to know what to believe.

    Beth if you see this can you ask Michael if you need permission to see the records? lol I would ask him but I still have that one more class next week which is communicating with the Archangels. And even then I problably have to spend a lot of time practicing lol.

    Love and Light to all

  • Earthangel...interesting information. I know that when I was in the records last week, I couldn't see any writing on pages. They were blank and I just saw flashes of pictures. I know that what I saw in the class I took along with what I read and heard here were all different. The dragon thing is interesting though. I love pets! LOL. I'd love to know what Archangel Michael says about this also. Thanks for the info. Love and Blessings to you.

  • Hi AuntBuck, I wonder why you didnt run into Metatron when you were in the records

    .I wonder why some people meet the angels or spirit guides in the records and some peoploe dont?

    I wonder if you meditate and try to connect with him he will tell you why the pages were blank. But you saw pictures. Thats great,do you remember the pictures?

    Theres a lot of wondering here going on in my mind lol.

  • Could it be the BLANK pages are events yet to be determined !!!!!!!!

    Angel hugs


  • EarthAngel - the first time I was there during class I had an angel wrap an arm around me and guide me forward, it seems like it was Metatron. If you go back a couple pages you will see the pictures that I saw and how the experience was for me. It was really incredible. I want to have the same type experience again but I need to practice to get back there. I am not very good a meditation on my own so I definitely need all the help I can get and need to practice...practice...practice.

    Julianna - I never thought of it that way. I just assumed it was information that I wasn't allowed to see. I'll keep practicing...let you know how it goes. Love and blessings to all.

  • AuntBuck, how wonderfull for you. That is great. I wonder why the angels show only parts of them to some people and to others they get to sit and have a conversation like sitting down at a table.

    I am going to go back and look for the pictures and experiences, I must have missed that one.

    Archangel Michael has showed me his back with his wings open in a dream. I am going to write this down and take it to my next angel class and see what the teacher says.

    Keep praticing AuntBuck and keep us all up to date. I for one am going to cheer you on every step you take.

    Julianna ---thats a great question!!!! Hopefully someone here will know the anwers to all the questions.

  • hey everyone,

    I never knew about Akashic records, until I came upon this thread... wow! After searching on Internet and finding more information about this, I was literally in tears....This is exactly what I need as I am completely lost in my life, in all areas and have been stuck for years without being able to move forward...

    I have just ordered a copy of a book by Linda Howe 'How to read the akashic records'... you can check out her site too (just google her name)....

    I suppose those who are drawn to this thread are meant to know more about themselves through the akashic records....

    Thank you Witchwoman for this gift! and thank you to all the others who have contributed to this thread, it grabbed my attention... after a little while....

    (when I first saw the title I thought it is something to do with music, haha...... )


  • Hello everyone,

    Such great information. I'm with MasterfulGaze in our interpretations via the psychic senses. I'm the hearing side of things, so I would hear someone else's descriptions. Someone claircognizant -- would just know. And the clairvoyance like AuntBuck and WitchWoman -- they see flashes and glimpses. Blank pages? YES Julianna! Perfect. Chapters left to be written.

    I've not had much success in getting much from the records. When all is quiet, I seem to go off on tangents in talking to my angels...about other things...and then I seem to sort of drift...and "see" an image...but it's nothing in the I'll see an SUV drive by in a street. But it's never in color -- always in the grays and blacks like you see behind your eyelids. And then I seem to sense I see he SUV, so I snap out of that reverie and can't return. I see it in my mind...but I don't know how to get there yet and still be full conscious at the same time. I'm going to try the scanning suggestion. I think for the have to have instruction, and then time for goodness sake to get there. I remember Sylvia saying in one of her books she doesn't understand how someone can say they don't "see" because everyone can. When you think of a "see" it. So see. Hmmm....I just think seeing should be in full color. Like you watch a movie.

    Earthangel, I did just call on Archangel Michael to ask him about if you need clearance. I just assumed it was available if we could simply figure out how to get there in our own ways. Here is what he says to say about this subject:

    "Dear followers of Divine records, each and every one of you have the abilities to visit your records. Heaven does not have secrets. Everything we know is available for you to know. The future is yet to be written. The past contains your clues. And your journey. Do you need clearance? You need God's blessing. Simply ask and it will be given to you. The records are history written and to be written. Blank pages you see may simply be a lack of ability to see at this point. And yes, they can be pages yet to be written. Ask your angels for assistance before trying to read your life's imprint. We are all here to help you with this journey. Our love to you all."

    How exciting is this message! I'll keep checking in to see how everyone is progressing on this subject. Once I figure it out, I'll let you know too.

    Angel blessings,


  • Hello Beth, How are you my friend. Thank you and thank you Archangel Michael for answering that question. I have not tried to go to the records yet because I dont feel I am ready but I am so interested in everyone here who are getting to the records and I am cheering everyone on. Especially AuntBuck she has gotten so close.

    LOL watch out AuntBuck as soon as you get there and learn how to read the records we are all going to ask you to read our records lol

    Love and Light to all


  • Beth...that is a great message. I tried again today and got into the hall and had Metatron wrap a wing around me again but that was all the further I got. However, on a different note but one I think is relative here, I was in a healing store today because I was irritated and knew I needed to find some peace and I always find peace there, and I was talking with a man that was a light healer (found out later) and we were talking about pendulums. I was trying to get one to work for me since the one I have gives reverse answers. So, he tells me to take my mind off the pendulum and talk to him and wah-la, the pendulum starts swinging in the correct directions. We mentions "control" to me a couple times and that if I let go of trying to control the pendulum, it will give me answers. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong here. I want to control this and I just need to have faith and trust that the angels and guides will get me there. I'm going to have to try again in the morning.

    Beth, you have me thinking that I know the soldier I saw was in black and white as were some of the others. The Dutch Girl, I don't know that I saw her dress in color it was more the shape of her dress and hat that made me release she was a dutch girl. I know that I saw my dog in color but now I'm going to have to really think about the rest. You certainly have be thinking more on this one.

    If I can read your records....I suspect I won't be living on this side anymore but will always be happy to help when I get to the other side. LOL.

  • Yeah it can be difficult to get the right mindset sometimes to get things to work. It's like trying to concentrate without concentrating LOL.

    I've run into the permission thing a few times myself. I've asked about one thing or another and been told that THEY don't have permission to tell me about it beyond something vague. Not so much that I wasn't allowed to know about it but that they weren't allowed to give me the answer.

    Do you dream in colors? Some people say they only dream in black and white and since this is a similar state of mind it might account for that.

    You'll help from the other side.....are you saying you're going to haunt us? O.O LOL

  • I definitely dream in colors. I'm having problems remembering my dreams right now too. I tried again before I went to sleep last night to get into the hall, praying to my angels and guides for guidance to show me what I needed to see but apparently before bed is not good. I fell asleep but I can tell you for the first time in days...weeks...I'm remembering one of my dreams, vaguely. Oh well...all in the time I'm supposed to get this...not when I want it.

    As far as haunting from the other side, only in the nicest of ways. :0)

  • Hello Angelreader, Aunt Buck, Earth Angel, Masterful Gaze, Pluto Moon & Lovingsilverwings,

    & all our forum friends!

    Look what happens when I leave you alone!!!:-)

    Well, I've just had a few pages of very interesting reading indeed.

    I've been trying to revisist, but I just keep falling asleep. Perhaps if I go to bed earlier with the intention of visiting it may help.

    Angelreader, when I read thet message from Michael, it really inspired me not to lose hope or feel like I wasn't allowed, so thatnk you for that. I shall try again tonight and ask God's blessing first, and keep an eye out for Metatron and whoever else is about.

    It's fantastic that we can share all of these tips, experiences and encouragement.

    The bit about seeing not with human eyes, but spiritual eyes was something to keep in mind too.



  • Dear WitchWoman,

    Good luck tonight and let me know if you figured out how to see with your soul and not your human eyes. I wouldnt know how to do this lol. And if you run into Metatron tell him hello for me 🙂

    What happend the last time you went to the records?

    Ps. Try not to fall asleep. Go to bed lol

    Love and Light to you

  • Tomorrow night I'm attending a class on Past Life Regression via hypnosis. I'm looking forward to diving further into the past life information to see what I kind find out.

    There are just too many good classes in my area that I want to take. LOL.

  • Nope...scratch that. Tomorrow night is Reiki Healing with Meditation. Friday is Past Life with hypnosis. See, just too many things I want to try!

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