Can anyone tell me about the Akashic Records please?

  • Hello once again my forum friends,

    I am very curious to learn about the Akashic records, read about experiences you've had, and how one would go about accessing them (in your humble opinion, of course:-)

    Any & all info please guys!:-)

    Thanks in advance, warm friendship-


  • The Soap Maker can.

  • Hi WW and Poetic! I would love to know more about this too. Also, I did see a book in the Metaphysical section at my bookstore about exactly this topic. It looked like a series of meditations. I wish I could remember the author but the the title was obvious enough...."Accessing Your Ashakic Records". Also Sylvia Browne writes a meditation for this and some description in her book -"Temples on the Other Side."

    XX SE

  • Hi all! The Edgar Cayce site has info about this also. Supposedly this is where all of our past lives information is stored. I wish I could go browsing in there, good luck! 🙂

  • ohh yes ..i would like to learn more about this topic as well....

  • This post is deleted!

  • "Temples on the Other Side", Sylvia Brown - that's the 2nd time this week someone has recommended I read that book, so I guess, I shall go & read that book!:-)

    I'm a bit unclear if the description of it being like a library with 'books' to access info on your own, or other peoples lives, is actual or how an individual has perceived it to be from our 3D, linear perspective. Do we just happen to experience or visualise things in a way that we can understand and relate to, such as the records reportedly being in a library-like room that we rummage through until we find ours, or is that one person's meditative experience or vision sent by their guides/the Universe, to help them better understand or focus on the point of accessing the records& information, instead of being confused or sidetracked by the details if it were too foreign or abstract a place/vision/experience?

    I hope my above ramblings made sense; just typing out loud, really:-)

    I wonder if this info is readily available to all - it's just a matter of tapping into the right frequency while meditating perhaps?

    I would love to hear other people's experiences; how long they had to conciously try to access the records before they were successful, can you now 'drop in there' whenever you feel like it' , what did it look like to you, could you stay there for however long you liked and read whatever you wanted?eg read your neighbours? Or would you have to justify why it would be relevant to your soul growth?

    Questions, questions,

    Not that I'm impatient, I just want to know everything now:-)


  • I have managed to get there a couple of times through meditation. For me it is like this; I see a door, I open the door and then I am in a corridore with endless doors. I go through a door and there are filing cabinets as far as i can see in any direction on either side of another corridore. I opened a filing cabinet and it was full of papers on absolutely everything. You pretty much just think of what you want to know and that is what you pull out of the filing cabinet.

    I'm not sure but I don't think it has to be like this for everyone. Someone else may not see any filing cabinets or doors at all. That's just how it is for me. I have also always known things that I don't know how or why I know them, I just know them to be true and have been told that I have gotten the information from accessing the records at times when I haven't even known I am doing it.

    Love and light xx

  • Sorry Witchwoman,

    I just realised I didn't answer the whole question. For me it wasn't about time. The amount of time it took I couldn't even tell you, except that I had to be in the right meditative state if you know what I mean. Then I just thought of the Akashic records and saw the door. The next time was quicker than the first I think. This was after I had been told that I was already doing it subconciously so I don't know if that helped at all. I haven't done it for a long time but will try to do it again as soon as I have some quiet time and will let you know how it goes. As for how long I could stay, as long as I wanted. I didn't have any sense of time but didn't feel like I had to leave until I wanted to. I didn't need a reason to be there or have to justify anything.

  • Poetic be careful what you wish for you may learn more than you were bargaining for.....LOL I just read a bit it in another Sylvia Browne book "Contacting your spirit guide". It definitely sounds like a topic worth learning more about.

  • Dear WitchWoman and Spiritual Child,

    This is interesting to me and I wanted to ask a few questions myself. If you are clairvoyant, which it sounds like you both are, then it would make sense of course to be able to see the records and read them as you open the filing cabinet drawers. In my personal case, I can't see a thing! lol Though I try, I haven't mastered that gift yet. I can hear magnificently though. In my case, I would think I could have someone in charge of the records read them to me. I must admit, I've never tried this, so it's new territory for me.

    My question is, when you see the records, can you return from there and remember everything you learned/knew? If I can "hear" I can simply type up what I hear. But are the records for one's past life knowledge only...or is it other answers as well?

    Is there any information about this that I could read for background? I assume when people want to know about their past lives, that this information is stored in the Akashic Records. I don't know that all the information is useful -- but it could explain some challenge you are facing today?

    Thank you for understanding my naivete on this!

    Angel Blessings.

  • Dearest Angelreader,

    Wow, I've got to tell you I am very surprised you have not been able to see the records. You have such a special and beautiful gift. Yes when I returned from the records I remembered everything I had read. The records hold information on absolutely anything and everything. I am always hungry for knowledge and a real bookworm so for me this is just the most wonderful place to be. It's interesting you say it could help with a challenge you are facing today because I had that exact thought about five minutes ago after ranting to God of things. I'm sorry God. I find that with you alot Angelreader. Your posts always seem to correspond to what I am thinking or what is going on with me. I find your posts to be so continually helpful that anything I can offer in return is fantastic. If you have a question you would like answered or something you want me to look for just let me know and I will give it a try.

    Love and light xx

  • Dear Spiritualchild,

    There are no coincidences! We are on the same wavelength for certain. God understands by the way lol. I just got done posting a long-winded message from him on the Heaven thread and He wore me out! lol

    I have never asked about the Akashic records because I didn't really know much about them. I am learning though! I won't be able to see them because I cannot see any visions. I can hear everything though, so I thought it would be a different slant to it. It's so strange for me to not have clairvoyance because I am a "visual" person here on Earth. Have to write everything down for example to "remember" to do it.

    Like you, I'm a bookworm too. I am always getting books at the library and get impatient with myself because I wish I were a speedreader to get through all of that knowledge faster.

    This may sound like an odd question, but I really would like to know what my gifts are here to do. I know what I'm told -- but it's in the future tense. I am being giving snippets if you will to, for example, do what I'm doing right now -- answering questions, doing readings. And I love to do it. But I want to know what the future holds in terms of my gifts. I KNOW there is a huge purpose for me. I can't explain it but I FEEL it and know it. That is what I would like to know if you can get into my rush and no pressure, just my curiosity!

    And I am going to work on this too. It may be as simple as asking and connecting with the "keeper" to find out. This is so very exciting to me! Thank you for sharing and alerting me to the possibilities!

    Coincidence? Pshaw.

    Angel blessings and love to you,


  • Dear Stonyeye, Georgeoustaurus, Poetic555, RCDreamer, Spiritualchild & Angelreader,

    Hello to you all! How fabulous to be hear with you all, sharing in this conversation. I feel so blessed for you to share your experiences & pass on hints&tips such as what to read.

    Don't know about you, but I really can't imagine striking up this particular conversation with my 'normal' friends!LOL!!!

    It's so interesting.

    Angelreader, I really don't consider myself to be clairvoyant (as much as I would love to be), although I have had a few insights which seem to be coming more often. Visual & audio. A number of our other friends here have just assumed I am, which has surprised me greatly. Do you mind if I ask you why you thought I am? Maybe I'm missing something, or taking something for granted. I thought maybe if I could identify what others - whom I consider to be very gifted- were picking up from me, it may help things fall into place quicker.

    Thank you for sharing that great description Spiritualchild, I could really visualise how you described it. Instead of going to bed at midnight after reading endless threads, I am going to bed Before I am exhausted tonight, so I can lay there and visualise myself going there to look up files. I'm planing on alllowing my imagination to wander, as I've heard this is the first step in allowing insights & messages to come through. I shall let you all know how it goes. Hopefully, I won't just go to sleep before anything interestin g happens. I want something to report back:-)

    Angelreader, please let us know how it goes approaching the "gate keeper" to read it out to you. I'm sure we're all Dying to know!

    (((((((((((((((((hugs & blessings & insights))))))))))))))))))))))))


  • Awesome thread....just eavesdropping if you will but learning a lot in the process.

  • Dear all,

    I fell asleep last night before I got too far along! I do know (so far) that if you are clairaudient, you can be told the information in the records. And that my guardian angel (Saint Michael) can take me there (in thought anyway) and tell me what I want to know. I don't know if there is a gatekeeper per se...but I trust Michael implicitly and will ask him to perhaps dip my toe in it.

    Witch Woman -- I said clairvoyant because I was told that is how you are communicated with. Everyone has a "method" and that is yours. You may develop other skills obviously! Mine is hearing. I'm told I will develop clairvoyancy, but I'm blocking it. I don't realize I am doing that because I keep trying to see...anything! Darkness Angel sent me a link of a TV story that aired awhile ago about a little girl who was ill and in the hospital and the security cameras of the hospital picked up a bright white light in the corner of the hospital, and it looked like an angel. Bright white image with wings. It was the greatest. I WANT to see them! But I know wanting isn't going to make it I have to listen to everyone's messages and start believing I already see them. Maybe that opens the blockage.

    I look forward to hearing more feedback from you as you enter the hall of records!

    Angel blessings,


  • This is definitely an interesting subject. I know I have intuition and I frequently dream of things that sometimes happen, not all but I know when it happens that I dreamed it. I don't know exactly what they are but I want to develop them. I have tried to meditate and I cannot calm the mind and keep out the chatter. I try but the chatter always comes thru. I did just look up this book at my local library and it is there along with a CD for meditations. Maybe by doing guided meditations I can be successful. I will be having a lot of time on my hands soon and can't wait to really explore more and this is an area that would be great to explore. Reserving my copies now.

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    Great idea! If the book is useful for you, that would be good to know. I always enjoy hearing what other books people suggest so I think I'll start a thread on that. There is so much drivel out there, but every once in a while you come across something wonderful!

    It sounds like from the other postings you have to be in that state before you fall asleep. Keep us posted!

    Angel blessings,


  • Beth, I have lots of books on angels. What do you think about Doreen Virtue?

  • Dear AuntBuck,

    She has written a lot of books! I've read some, and am reading Sonia Choquette now, and just ordered "The Four Agreements" which I was told was a great book. Haven't read it yet!

    Are there any books on the Akashic records? I saw the mention of Sylvia Browne's as she has a chapter about it. I don't think it's reserved simply for past life information, but also has information on your purpose and into your future as well.


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