Can anyone help me to understand Runes please?

  • Hello there forum friends,

    I know nothing about Runes, and would be most interested to read about your experiences & understanding of how they work, what are the different types & your preferences & why, how you became involved with them, how you feel they differ from Tarot, etc.

    Any & all info please guys!:-)

    Thanks in advance, warm friendship,


  • Hello Witchwoman:

    I have practiced runes quite a bit in the past. I read runes instead of tarot. Runes are very old. They are pretty easy to read you just have to know the symbols. If you decide to read runes you can pick from different stones. They also have rune cards. The runes just spoke to me more than the Tarot. It is a very facinating art if you want to do it.

    JJ Gurlz

  • Hey there jjgurlz

    Thanks for replying:-)

    Are the runes like Tarot as in, just get any old book & stones/cards that appeal to you, and start fooling around with them and as time passes, you just kinda get the 'sense' of them?

    Are the cards just as effective as the stones?

    Is one material of the stones better that another?

    Eg, plastic vs bone or wood.

    Have you a favourite author?

    How accurate do you rate runes to tarot?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Yes whatever speaks to you. I started with the rune cards. This will be easy because it is simular to tarot. Once you have he symbols down you can toss the stones. I was a so called natural for the runes. I learned from my mother. Runes are just as accurate as tarot. But, the runes are more to the point so they will say it like it is, sometimes it is harsh. I prefer this it makes more sense so to speak to me.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi JJGurlz,

    One thing that irritates me, with Anything is wishy-washy vagueness, so blunt and direct is preferable to me.

    In a week or so when I've contended with other necessary outgoings, I shall go on a hunt for runes & a book that I find resonnates with me.

    I'll keep you posted! Thanks for your assistance:-)

    Warm Friendship,


  • Hmm..I left you a post with a link to a website, where you can find all the explanations on

    Runes a few hours ago...

    I guess Admin removed my post 😞

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